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In this there was wisdom, gra- of obtruding himself upon them. cious wisdom, such as we are in- They may be very estimable, and spired with sometimes, however even of very high rank in a foreign foolish we may generally be. For way, as George supposes. But whatever opinion my father might when they pack themselves up inform, he would have my mother side a wall, without even a bell, looking at him, and then she would or if they have one with only fierce be sure to give a glance at me, and dogs to answer it, all we can do is the experience of years would be to leave them to the Police, or the belied unless she gave utterance to Government, or the Newspapers. a conclusion not directly counter, The right of asylum is sacred in but sub-contrary, hypenantious—if England. Of Continental intrigues such a word is pardonable—to the we know nothing, and we refuse view which her husband had ven to be mixed up with them. Even tured to form without waiting for with a Radical Government in her suggestion. For they had power-my dear, you quite agree grown so much alike, that both of with me?" them doubted about the joint-stock “In every word that you have wisdom ; as we all despise home- said, my dear. But when our produce.

George, without asking his mother, Seeing myself in the right way goes out of his way to make strange thus, while indulging in all duo acquaintance, and people who predeference, I did my very best to let tend to look down upon usthem know that I had striven after “You have no right to say that, things above me. My father was my dear. We must not think that ready to concede that point ; but my they are so absurd. They have mother could not conceive it, and the highest opinion of this Counwas eager to branch out into a long try, as of course they are bound to discourse, about all the great people have, except as to our one great akin to us in body, but in mind mistake. And there, if I undernot as yet awake to it. My father stand George aright, Prince—what's joined me in abbreviating that~ his name, Mari? It sounds like though at such a time it was hard New Zealand, but at any rate his measure — but he heard the old views do him very high credit. Grandfather Clock strike one; and He spoke of Free Trade with very if mother got wound up on that fine contempt; I think you told chain, the hour - hand might go me so, George ?” round the dial before he got any “Sir, he could not find any word luncheon! Therefore he spoke de- strong enough to describe our folly. cisively.

And the testimony of an outsider“What we have heard from but you never use such language, George is not altogether what I ex- sir." pected. Everybody knows, though “No, I leave that to younger he seems to imagine that nobody people, who may live to see the ever dreamed of it, that he had worst of it. But this gentleman found some attraction among those must have great perception, as well very strange people that live in the as much integrity. You think that dell. Who they are, or what they he draws a large revenue, and this do there, it has never concerned me young lady is his only child.” to enquire. When strangers come “My dear, you forget how they into a neighbourhood, and desire to live out there,” said my mother, keep themselves to themselves, no who was above lucre, and my father English gentleman would ever think as well too superior to show it.


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“ Who can tell how many wives not care a fig about me yet. And they have? And their laws not too I am very much afraid that she respectable, I am half afraid, upon never, never will. Only I thought such points.”

that I had better let you know." “I was very well up in Geo- “ This sort of thing has never graphy once," my father replied with happened to you before, and that is a smile at her, “I could construe very greatly to your credit, George." some of Prometheus Vinctus, and I My father looked stealthily at my have a coin, with the rock and the mother, lest her conscience should chain and the vulture, but the involve her in some misconstruction Titan has been eaten to nothing by here. “But we must talk it over time. It is extremely valuable; first, your Mother and myself. We yet the British Museum failed to could have no idea that such a thing steal it. That Prince comes from was happening on our property, I the very same spot. It may have mean--of course, what used to be been struck by his ancestors.

It seems to be departing George says that they come in a from the proper way so much, and direct line from Noah's own great- the practice of the family, I am grandson.”

sure there are plenty of nice girls “In that case, indeed, who are round here." we to talk of our own children? “I am not so sure of that," said Who, indeed, are we?” My mother my mother rather quickly, and givglanced upward, as if to watch the ing me a signal to leave the rest to whole of creation sliding.


“English girls are not at all as though to a reasonable mind the they were in my time. They have Heptarchy is as much as one re- dropped all their modest looks and quires to be sure of. But I should delicacy. They talk slang, and they like to see that girl, George.” speak without being introduced, and

“Stop,” said my father, “I am they call one another Jack and not a sceptic; Mama, you must Jemmy, and they let young men not set a bad example. I had my give them pairs of gloves, and they little doubts about the Ark, I must come into a room with both arms confess, until so many people at- swinging; and as for their dresses, tacked it, among them a Bishop of and the way they do their our Church, who continued to en

hair-" joy his income. If he was in ear- “Your opinion upon all these nest, he scarcely could be honest, points, dear mother, has influenced and in that case, who would listen me beyond all doubt, even more to him? And if the Ark rested than I was aware of. But you upon Ararat, that would be the must remember that Dariel is also neighbourhood to know all about of the most ancient English lineage, it. I will not contradict Prince gone by quite as much as you could Maori.”

wish — Crusaders, probably our “But it is the girl I care about;" Richard the first, and some of my mother made a great point of his devoted paladins. What can be the tempers of young women. nobler than to carry on a peaceful “George is so peaceable, and he crusade of education, literature, never argues. I cannot risk his Christianityhappiness with a wife who may “They could never do that withbe descended from—from even the out plenty of money,” said my father, females mentioned in the Bible." a man as free from mercenary views

“My dear mother, what a hurry as ever tried to raise a shilling. you are in. The young lady does “And you spoke of some emerald


mines, I think. But we must be of a pensive character just now. careful, very careful, and insist My duty was clearly to allow my upon verifying everything, quite dear parents plenty of time to disindependently of their reports. cuss me from my birth up to the Let me

e! I have met the present moment; and finding myRussian ambassador—but no, there self just a little in the fidgets and have been two more since then. unfit for steady work, off I set However I am not without influ- through the park to our old house, ence altogether."

to enquire whether Stoneman hapHe waved his hand for me to go, pened to be at home. For he had and I slipped off, after a good kiss taken his holiday, and was come from my mother, who always gave back; and so far as one could judge way to the sentimental vein, when him by his looks and walk, he found my father fell into the financial. himself better suited in his native And sure enough our finances were land than elsewhere.


“Gone to the City, sir," said the snarl at a good friend, for enjoying man, who opened the door which I the marrow.

w.bone, which has dropped knew so well, and it had a few betwixt his paws. Jackson Stonereasons for remembering my child man was not without his faults ; hood, impressed or indented upon but it would have been mean to its lower panels; “but he wanted make them greater than they were, to see you particular, Master George; just because he was able to pay for and he will be home by two o'clock. them. I was to send down, and ask you “Just the man I wanted—the to step this way by two o'clock, very man, ,” he said, as if I was if you could any way spare the worth all the Stock Exchange ; time, for he thinks to have a bit " what luck I have had all day! of a treat for you."

And you are come to crown it. How small are our natures ! I Here, you shall have my new was pleased with Biddles for mak- Dougall, and I shall shoot with my ing a “he” of his master; when at old Lancaster." every breath it would have been

“What a deuce of a hurry you “Sir Harold," while we could afford are in !” I answered, for his mind his livery. A fine old Englishman could give me ten yards from scratch was this, full of pure feeling, and at any time. “I am not come here in heart disdainful of gold in com to shoot. I have no time for such parison with rank; though com trifles. I want to have a serious pelled by his stomach to coerce the

talk with you." higher organ. “How is your little “Who do you think looked at Bob, Biddles?" I asked; and it me over the palings ?” he spoke as was better than half-a-crown to if he had quaffed a fine Magnum of him.

Champagne, although he was a man Before I had time to pick more of very great discretion. “Over the than fifty holes in the stockbroker's palings, my boy; and after putting taste as compared with our own, in me down so the other day! I ascame the man himself, full of high sure you it has quite set me up spirits, and alive with that vigour again; though I am afraid it was which the sparkling metal gives. only an accident." Any man must be à cur who can "You may be quite certain of


that," I replied, for he wanted a spaniels at Ponder's cottage. Best little quenching; "she went to get foot foremost !” the last of the globe-artichokes, and It was a bright autumnal afterof course when she heard a horse noon, after a touch of white frost, she looked up. Old Sally looks up and against the sky every here and whenever any one goes by.” there some bronzy leaf would swing

“I tell you there was no looking and glisten like the pendulum of a up about it. Globe-artichokes are clock at winding-time. But most of as high as any woman's head. You the foliage now had finished its career are not going to put me down about of flaunt and flutter, and was lying that. And she kissed her hand to at our feet in soft brown strewage,

What do you think of or pricking its last crispage up, that?"

where a blade of grass supported it. “ If you took off your hat, she While at every winding of the could do no less to a kind friend meadow path (which followed the of her mother. My affairs in that hedge like a selvage), how pleasant line are not flourishing. But I it was to see afar the wavering don't want another fellow to be sweeps of gentle hill, and plaits of made a fool of, Jackson. Can't rich embosomed valley, with copse, you try to show a little common and turnip-field, and furzy common sense ?"

patched with shadow. It made me Grapes sour, George? Well, I bless the Lord at heart for casting am sorry. But I fear you have my lines in a quiet land, where a not invested well, my son. What man beholds no craggy menace, are those foreign girls ? Do you black rush of blind tempests, botthink I would ever look at them, tomless gulfs, unfathomed forests, with a ghost of a chance of a and peaks that would freeze him thorough English maiden ? When into stone. For the people that it comes to an English girl, you live there must be in a wild conknow where you are, and no mis- dition always; to tremble at nature's take.”

fury, or to shudder at her majesty, "All this is below contempt," or look around on all that wraps I answered, for he had taken alto- them up, with desolate indiffergether the wrong tone with me. " Let me hear no more of such I glanced at Stoneman walking stuff; we are not boys. What is it briskly with his gun upon his you want me to shoot ?"

shoulder, and death to at least a “Well, that is a gracious way dozen woodcocks in the keen flash of putting it, when I offer you a of his eyes; and I said to myself chance anybody else would jump “Please God, I will take a gameat. Guy Fawkes' day not come, certificate, next August; there is and behold three woodcocks marked nothing like a good day's shooting down in the Pray-copse !”

to save one from blood-thirstiness." “I don't believe a word of it. “Jackson, my boy!" I said, with They never come here yet. The the refrain of a fine old Yankee earliest I ever shot was

song arising in my memory, "you fifteenth. But if you can swallow have been over half the world ; it, I don't mind going with you." but have you ever been in the

" Well said. And back to dine Caucasus?" with me at six o'clock. No scruple “No, and don't want,” he anabout certificate in this, though to swered shortly; "get robbed enough my mind the woodcock is the best in London village. But they strip of British game. We'll call for the you naked there, I hear, and send


on the

you down a waterfall. Shamyl did ing after us, and whether it was it to some young chap, who might that Jackson's hand shook after have set up against him.”

menacing “the eyes of Grace," or “That is a fiction of his enemies. that mine was extra steady through The Avar Chief was dry in his that firm assertion of Dariel, it manner to strangers; and who can came to pass that I knocked over wonder at it? But he never harmed both of the birds that we put up, one of his own race. I wish we when they were sailing away from had a few such patriots."

Jackson's gun. The other longbill Very well. You start the saved his bacon, by keeping it out band. You are qualifying well, of human eyes. These lucky shots, with all those Egyptian fellows and the pleasant walk, and very in the valley. But George, you fine behaviour of the dogs — who are much too good for that. There were children of the animals I had are pretty girls in every caravan; loved and chastened, in the better but we don't jump over the broom- days both for them and memput stick with them."

me into so noble a frame of mind, Dariel and a broom-stick! In that after an excellent dinner and dignation may flash as fast in the a glass or two of Port wine with meadows as in the mountains. the violet bouquet in it, I up and “You idiot! You talk like an told Stoneman my own love-story; utter cad,” I cried ; and he being for I knew that the whole of it quick of temper too, stood his gun must come out now. against a tree, and looked at me. He, being pretty much in the I set my gun by the side of his. same condition, though without “Let us have it out," was all I anything like my excuse for it, said.

listened as if he had never heard But a gleam of reason came anything half so surprising and enacross him. He might have pol- grossing and inspiriting. In fact, ished me off perhaps, though he he seemed to take the whole of it would not have found it very easy, as applicable to his own case, for I was the heavier of the two, though it was beyond my power to and in tidy rural condition. “What perceive even the faintest analogy. rot this is!” he said, lowering his His was an ordinary love-affair with hands. “If you like to have a nothing remarkable about it, unless good smack at me, you can. But it were that money, which is the I won't hit a fellow with Grace's usual obstacle by its absence, was eyes." I knew that he had meant the obstacle here by its presence. business, and that there was no But in my case money was the last white feather in his nature. thing thought of. Sur Imar had

He begged my pardon, and we never mentioned it; and as for me, shook hands; and I felt just a little I only hoped that Dariel might ashamed of myself, although when never own a shilling, because then I think of what he said, I see no she would appreciate my few halfmisbehaviour on my part.

crowns. And I still possessed her Without another word, we ruby cross, and meant to keep it, dropped the question, and went until it should be mine by legal on to look after the woodcocks. right. Ah, who can spy any chance We crossed the long “pray," with of that through all the gloom imthe keeper and three spaniels com- pending?


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