The History of Meteoritics and Key Meteorite Collections: Fireballs, Falls and Finds

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Gerald Joseph Home McCall, A. J. Bowden, Richard John Howarth
Geological Society of London, 2006 - 513
This Special Publication has 24 papers with an international authorship, and is prefaced by an introductory overview which presents highlights in the field. The first section covers the acceptance by science of the reality of the falls of rock and metal from the sky, an account that takes the reader from BCE (before common era) to the nineteenth century. The second section details some of the world's most important collections in museums - their origins and development. The Smithsonian chapter also covers the astonishingly numerous finds in the cold desert of Antarctica by American search parties. There are also contributions covering the finds by Japanese parties in the Yamato mountains and the equally remarkable discoveries in the hot deserts of Australia, North Africa, Oman and the USA. The other seven chapters take the reader through the revolution in scientific research on meteoritics in the later part of the twentieth century, including terrestrial impact cratering and extraordinary showers of glass from the sky; tektites, now known to be Earth-impact-sourced. Finally, the short epilogue looks to the future. The History of Meteoritics and Key Meteorite Collections should appeal to historians of science, meteoriticists, geologists, astronomers, curators and the general reader with an interest in science.

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Spis treści

Early beginnings
The end of classical meteorology c 1800
Key meteoritic collections
Russell S Grady M M A history of the meteorite collection at the
Consolmagno G J A brief history of the Vatican meteorite collection
A Nazarov M A History of the meteorite collection of
Clarke R S Jr Plotkin H McCoy T J Meteorites and the Smithsonian
Be van A W R The Western Australian Museum meteorite collection
a history
Contemporary meteoritics
De Laeter J R The history of meteorite age determinations
Bowden A J Meteorite provenance and the asteroid connection
M The history of research on meteorites from Mars
Hooke Gilbert Barringer and beyond
McCall G J H The history of tektites

S History of the American Museum of Natural History
Kojima H The history of Japanese Antarctic meteorites
McCall G J H Bowden A J Wood J A Marvin U B Epilogue
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