The Stoics, Epicureans and Sceptics

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Longmans, Green, and Company, 1892 - 585

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Strona 466 - Epicurean philosophy, and borne out by the testimony of the founder. The main thing according to Epicurus, is not the state of the body, but the state of the mind ; bodily pleasure being of short duration, and having much about it to unsettle ; mental enjoyments only being pure and incorruptible. For the same...
Strona 149 - Quid est deus ? Mens universi. Quid est deus ? Quod vides totum et quod non vides totum.
Strona 222 - ... can be considered an evil. All other things, however great their influence may be on our state, belong to a class of things neither good nor evil, but indifferent...
Strona 470 - ... withal a means so certain and necessary that virtue can neither be conceived without happiness nor happiness without virtue.
Strona 206 - The principle of the Stoic morality might be compressed into the sentence, " Only Virtue is good and Happiness consists exclusively in Virtue " (p. 229.) The individual soul bears the same relation to the soul of the universe that a part does to a whole. The human soul is not only a part, as are all living powers, of the universal power of life, but because it possesses reason it has a special relationship to the divine being.
Strona 162 - Generative Reason " or " Seed Power " (Arnold). By the term " Generative Reason " must be understood the creative and forming forces in nature, which have collectively produced the universe, and particular exercises of which (nrepparuroi Aóyoi) produce individual things (Zeller).
Strona 83 - ... Some of our perceptions are ... of such a kind that they at once oblige us to bestow on them assent, compelling us not only to regard them as probable, but also as true and corresponding with the actual nature of things. Such perceptions . . . are . . . termed conceptional perceptions. Whenever a perception forces itself upon us in this irresistible form, we are no longer dealing with a fiction of the imaginato our discussion whether it was ever held. It is a plausible doctrine and for that reason...
Strona 116 - And finally, on Stoic logic: Hence the whole contribution of the Stoics to the field of logic consists in their having clothed the logic of the Peripatetics with a new terminology, and having developed certain parts of it with painful minuteness, whilst they wholly neglected other parts, as was the fate of the part treating of inference.
Strona 493 - According to Zeno virtue, according to Epicurus pleasure, is the highest and only good; but the former in making virtue consist essentially in withdrawal from the senses or insensibility; the latter in seeking pleasure in repose of mind or imperturbability, are expressing the same belief. Man can only find unconditional and enduring satisfaction, when by means of knowledge he attains to a condition of mind at rest with itself, and also to an independence of external attractions and misfortunes. The...

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