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Baedeker, K.

Travellers' Handbook for Great Britain. Leipzig, 1887. 16°.


Bailey, R. W.

Ballou, M. M.
Bampton Lectures:

Scholar's Companion; Derivation of Words. Phila., 1869. 12°. J,1018
Under the Southern Cross. Boston, 1888. 12°..


[blocks in formation]

1805. Nares, E. Evidences of Christianity in the Age of Reason... M,3073
1809. Carwithen, I. B. S. View of Brahminical Religion
1820. Faussett, G. Claims of the Established Church.............
1821. Jones, J. Moral Tendency of Divine Revelation.
1846. Short, A. Witness of the Spirit with the Spirit.....
Marsh, E. G. Christian Doctrine of Sanctification











1848. Bangs, J. K. and F. D. Sherman. New Waggings of Old Tales. Bost., 1888. 16°. E,1972 Banister, H. C. Lectures on Musical Analysis. London, 1887. 12°. Bank of England; Organization of Credit in England. London, 1866. 12°. Baptist Harp; Collection of Hymns. Phila.. 1849. 32°. Barnard, F. A. P. Reform in Presidential Elections. N. Y., 1885. 12° pamph.*L,3205,6 Barnes, W. Poet and Philologist; Life; by L. Baxter. London, 1887. 12° Barrett, W. Old Merchants of New York City. N. Y, Barrows, W. The Indian's Side of the Indian Question. United States of Yesterday and To-morrow. Batchelor, G. Social Equilibrium and other Problems. Bath, England, Rambles about. London, 1876. 16° Battershall, J. P. Food Adulteration and its Detection. New York, 1887. 8°.. K,6410 Bazancourt, C. de. Baron. Crimean Expedition and War in the East.

1856. 2v.

1885. 5 v. 8°..

Boston, 1SS7. 12°.... B,720 Boston, 1888. 12°. 1,5175 Boston, 1887. 12°.... E,1967 1,6265



8°.... M,2821

8°.... A,3145

Beal, S. Buddhist Records of the Western World. Lond., 1884. 2 v.
Beamish, N. L. The King's German Legion. London, 1832-37. 2 v.
Beaumarchais, P. A. de. La Folle Journée. Paris, 1785. 8°..
Bede, Venerable. Works in Latin; with English translation of Historical Works;

by J. A. Giles. London, 1843-4. 12 v. 80..



Bemrose, W.

Beecher, C. E. Domestic Receipt-book. New York, 1852. 12°..
Bélidor, B. F. de. La Science des Ingénieurs. Paris, 1830. 4°.
Bell, G. Rough Notes by an Old Soldier. London, 1867. 2 v.
Bell, W. Authority, Nature, etc., of the Communion. Boston., 1809. So.
Bellamy, E. Looking Backward, 2000-1887. Boston, 1888. 12°.
Manual of Buhl-Work and Marquetry. Lond., n. d. 4o-
Bengel, J. A. Gnomon of the New Testament. Edinburgh, 1858. 5 v. 8°.
Best Hundred Books. Boston, n. d. r 8°.

[blocks in formation]

Best Hundred Books. London, n d. sm. 4°

Bhagavad Gîtâ; or, the Lord's Lay; tr. by M. M. Chatterji. Bost., 1887. 8°.. J,2300 Bible, The (Kimber and Sharpless' Stereotype Ed.) Philadelphia, 1824. 4°.....*v,1047 La Sainte Bible; avec les dessins de G. Doré. Tours, 1866. 2 v. *P,935 New Testament, (In Fonetik Spelling). Cincinnati, 1885. 120



English Version, (Am. Bible Union). N. Y., 1867. 8°. Translated from the Latin Vulgate. Baltimore, 1863. 32°.... M,2533 Bigandet, P. Life of Gaudama, the Buddha of the Burmese. Rangoon, 1858. 8° M,2817 Binet, A. and C. Féré. Animal Magnetism. New York, 18SS. 120. 1,2516 Blaine, J. G. Life and Public Services; by R. H. Conwell. Boston, 1884. 8°. C,2200 Blandford, G. F. and A. M. Hamilton. Insanity and its Treatment. N. Y., 1886.*N,3073

Boardman, G. D. The Divine Man. New York, 1887. 12°.
Böhm, T. The Construction of Flutes. London, 1882. S°.
Bogy, L. V., Memorial Addresses on Life of. Washington, 1878. r8°.
Bonney, H. K. Historic Notices of Fotheringhay. Oundle, 1821. 8°.
Bookmart, The v. 4. Pittsburg, 1887. r. 8°.







Boutell, C. Monumental Brasses of England. London, 1849. r. 8°.
Boutwell, G. S. The Lawyer, the Statesman and Soldier. New York, 1887. 12° C,2330
Bowne, E. S. A Girl's Life Eighty Years Ago. New York, 1887. 8°.
Bradbury, E. All about Derbyshire. London, 1884. 12..
Bradbury, W. B. Devotional Hymn and Tune Book. Phila., 1864.

C,294 1,6268

16°.... K,3837
Golden Censer for Sabbath Schools. New York, 1864. obl. 32°.. K,3833
New Golden Trio; Sabbath School Melodies. New York, 1866. obl.32° K,3834
Sabbath School Melodies. New York, 1850. obl. 320

Young Melodist; Collection of Songs. New York, 1846. obl. 32°.. K,3832

Bramwell, B. Diseases of the Spinal Cord. New York, 1886. 8°.


Brannt, W. T.

Brassey, T. Lord.



Animal and Vegetable Fats and Oils. Phil., 1888. 8°. The Naval Annual, 1886. Portsmouth, 1886. 8°.. Brewster, H. B. Theories of Anarchy and Law. London, 1887. 12°. Brinton, B. Behold the Woman. Milwaukee, 1886. Brooks, H. M. Olden-Time Music. Boston, 18S8. Brown, M. A. Icelandic Discoverers of America. Browning, C. A. England's Exiles; Penal Colonies. Brunner, A. W. and T. Tryon. Interior Decoration. Brydges, H. Uncle Sam at Home. New York, 1888. Buck, W. C. Baptist Hymn Book. Louisville, 1842. Buffalo, N. Y., Commerce and Financial Resources of. Buffalo, 1887. fol....*R,4259 Bullen, A. H. (Ed.). More Lyrics of the Elizabethan Age. London, 1888. 8°. E,6956 Bullions, P. Grammar of the English Language. New York, 1849. 12°.






London, 1887.
London, 1842. 120.
New York, 1887. 4°.





[blocks in formation]

Lessons in English Grammar and Composition. New York, 1849. 12° J,812
Principles of English Grammar. New York, 1844. 12°.

[blocks in formation]

Bunyan, J. The Holy War; ed. by J. Brown.
Burdick, C. R (Ernest). Who Shall Wear the
Burge, L. Pre-Glacial Man and the Aryan Race. Boston, 1887. 120.

Crown? Chicago, 1886. 12°... E,7178

[blocks in formation]

Burleigh, C. Genealogy of the Guild, Guile and Gile Family. Portland, 1887. So. C,2244
Burnett, F. H. Sara Crewe. New York, 1888. sm. 4°
Burns, W. Scottish War of Independence. Glasgow, 1874. 2 v. 8°
Burton, W. E. Yankee Among the Mermaids. Phila., 1843. 120.
Butler, C. The Silver Bell; Songs and Hymns. Boston, 1864. obl. 32°.
Butlin, H. T. Operative Surgery in Malignant Disease. Phila., 1887, 8°.
Byford, W. H. Diseases and Accidents Incident to Women. Phila., 1865.
Theory and Practice of Obstetrics. New York, 1873. 8°.
Byrnes, T. Professional Criminals of America. New York, 1886. 4°.
Cable, G. W. Bonaventure; a Prose Pastoral. New York, 1888.
Caillié, R. Travels through Central Africa, 1824-28. London, 1830. 2 v.
Caine, H. The Deemster; a Romance New York, 1888. 120
Canada. Canadian Archives, Report on, 1881-'6..........

Carpenter, W. B. The Microscope and its Revelations. Phila., 1856. 8°.
Carter, J. Ancient Architecture of England. London, 1887. fol...

F,2705 . Doc. *N,2190 *P,897

Carter, J. Ancient Sculpture and Painting in England. Lond., 1887. fol.... *P,S98

Carrera, D. P. Treatise on the Game of Chess. London, 1822. 8°.

Cass Co., Indiana, Atlas Map of. Chicago, 1878. fol.
Catafago, J. English and Arabic Dictionary. London, 1873. 8°.
Caunter, J. H. Lives of the Moghul Emperors. London, 1837. 120.
Scenes in India. London, 1834-38. 4 v. 12°.

Chicago, Half-Century's Progress of, 1837-87. Chicago, 1887. sm. 4°.
Child's Paper, The. v. 2. New York, 1853. fol....
Choctaw Hymn Book. Richmond, 1872. 24°.

Cibber, S. M.,

Cicero, M. T.

[ocr errors]

K, 1900 *R,5026










16°. L,2838





Christian Diadem, The. New York, 1854-55. 3 v. in 2.
Churi, J. H. Sea Nile, the Desert and Nigritia. London, 1853. 8°..
Account of Life of. London, 1887. 12°.
De Officiis; item de Senectute et de Amicitia. Phila., 1848.
Select Orations; ed. by C. Anthon. New York, 1842. 12°.
Select Orations; ed. by P. Bullions. New York, 1851. 12°.
Select Orations; ed. by A. Harkness. New York, 1877. 12°.
Select Orations; tr. by C. D. Yonge. New York, 1887. 120.
Clapperton, J. H. Scientific Meliorism and Evolution of Happiness. London,

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

Clark, C. C. P. The Commonwealth Reconstructed. Oswego, 1872. 8° pamph. . *L,3205
Clarke, S. Christians' Inheritance; Promises of Scripture. N. Y., 1823. 32°. M,2252
Clayton, G. Pleasant Waters; a Story of Southern Life. Phila., 1888.
Cleaveland, N. Handbook for Greenwood Cemetery. New York, 1873.
Clinton, Co. Indiana, Atlas Map of. Chicago, 1878. fol..
Collyer, R. Talks to Young Men. Boston, 18S8. 12°.

Cook, J. Three Voyages round the World. London, 1821. 7v. 8°.
Cook, K. The Fathers of Jesus. London, 1886. 2V. 8°
Cooke, B. Rifted Clouds; or, Life Story of. London, 1886. 12°.
Cooley, W. D. Negroland of the Arabs; Central Africa. London, 1841.
Corbett, J. For God and Gold. London, 1887. 12°.

Cornell, S. S. Grammar School Geography. New York, 1871. 4°.
Intermediate Geography. New York, 1874. 4°.

16°.. B,3965





..0 C,2991

8°.. 1,8685




Costello, A. E. Our Firemen; New York Fire Departments. N. Y., 1887.
Cotton, S. (Viscount Combermere). Memoirs and Correspondence; by Cotton

8° B,3966





12° L,4105

and Knollys. London, 1866. 2V. So... Creagh, J. Over the Borders of Christendom and Eslamiah. Lond., 1876. 2 v. 8° 1,7717 Crozier, J. P., Memorial of. Philadelphia, 1866. 12° Cumming, J. G. Rushen Castle and Abby, Isle of Man. Lond., 1857. 8°. Cunningham, A. Ancient Geography of India. London, 1871. 8°. Cusack, M. F. (Nun of Kenmare). Anti-Poverty and Progress. N. Y., 1887. Cutler, M. Life, Journals and Correspondence; by Cutler. Cin., 1888. 2 v. Cyclopædia of Obstetrics and Gynecology. New York, 1877. Daviess Co., Kentucky, History of. Chicago, 1883. 8°. Davis, H. F. A. Building Societies; their Management, etc. Davis, P. M. (Ed.). Baptist Hymn Book. Binghampton, 1830. 320 Davy, H. M. Mouvements de l'Atmosphere et les Variations du Temps. 1877. 8°

[blocks in formation]

Dawson, Sir J. W. Geological History of Plants. New York, 1888. 12°.
Day, L. F. Anatomy of Pattern. London, 1887. 120.
Debater's Book, The. Boston, 1887. 16°.




Delsarte, F. System of Oratory. New York, 1887. 12°.


Democratic National Convention, 1876; Proceedings. St. Louis, 1876. 8°..... L,3300 Denison, T. S. The Man Behind; a Novel. Chicago, 1888. 8°



De Vere, A. Essays chiefly on Poetry. London, 1887. 2V. 120.
Devotional Sonnets on Gospels of Matthew and Mark. New York, 1831. 24°. E,7141
D'Ewes, Sir S. Journals of the Parliament of Queen Elizabeth. Lond, 1682. fol. *v,845
Diaz, Mrs. A. M. Bybury to Beacon Street. Boston, 1887. 120.




Dickens, C Life; by F. T. Marzials. London, 1887. 80
Dictionnaire des Langues Française et Hollandaise. Leip., 1848. 2 v. in 1. 16° *R,2149
Dictionnaire Français-Italien et Italien-Français. Leip., 1869. 2v. in 1.
16°.. *R,2148
Divine Humanity, The; its Origin, Nature, etc. Manchester, 1868. 8°.
Dixon, H. The London Prisons. London, 1850. 16°...
Dixon, W. G. Land of The Morning; Japan and its People. Edinb., 1882. 12° 1,8133
Dragendorff, G. Plant Analysis. New York, 1888. 8°.
Drake, S. G. Catalogue of rare Books. Boston, 1864. sm.

don, 1810. 4°.





Discovery of America with Biography of N. Am. Indians. Bost. 1854. 8°*B,2005 Drummond, Sir W. Herculanensia; or, Archæological Dissertations. Lon*v,389 Dujardin-Beaumetz, G. Diseases of Stomach and Intestines. N. Y., 1886. 8° *N,3071 Dunlop, R. H. W. Hunting in the Himalaya. London, 1860. 12°.

Durfee, J. Complete Works of; ed. by T. Durfee. Providence, 1849. 8°.............. Duryea, J. T. (Ed.). Selections from Scriptures for Responsive Reading. Boston, 1886. 8°.






Dwight, T. Essay on the Stage. London, 1824. 16°.
Eastlake, C. L. Notes on Pictures in Old Pinakothek at Munich. Lond., 1884. 12° K,3471
Ebers, G. An Egyptian Princess. London, 1887.
Edison, T. A.
Eichhorst, H.
Elbert, S. Maj. Gen. Life and Services; by C. C.
Ellis, T. J. On a Raft, and Through the Desert.
Endlich, G. A. Law of Building Associations. Jersey City, 1886. 8°.
Ernesti, J. A. Principles of Interpretation. Andover. 1838. 12°.
Erwood, J. Short Talks by an Engineer. Chicago, 1887. 16°.
Etty, W. Life; by A. Gilchrist. London, 1855. 2 v.
Euripides. Alcestis; ed. with Notes by J. R. Major. London, 1838
Evans, J. M. Baptist Hymn and Tune Book. Philadelphia, 1871. 8°.
Everhart, J. B. Speeches, etc. New York, 1888. 12°.
Principles and Practice of Medicine. Phila., 1886.
2 v. 8°
Fairholt, F. W. Rambles of an Archæologist; Papers on Art. Lond., 1871.
Feller, F. E. New Mercantile Correspondence. Leipzig, 1881. 8°.
Fenn, G. M. Story of Antony Grace. New York, 1888. 120.
Féval, P. Lagardere; or, the Hunchback of Paris.
Fichte, J. G. Characteristics of the Present Age.

Life; by V. B Denslow and J. M. Parker. London, 1887. 16° C,3112
Handbook of Practical Medicine. New York, 1886. 4 v.
Jones. Cambridge, 1887. 8°.*c,1696,6
London, 1881. 2 v. sm. 4°.

Fagge, C. H.

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The Destination of Man. London, 1846. Field, G. Chromatography; new ed. by T. W. Salter. London, n. d. 8°. Finati, G. Life and Adventures; tr. and ed. by W. J. Bankes. Lond., 1880 2 v. 16° C,3337 Findlay, A. G. List and Description of Lighthouses and Coast Fog Signals of

the World, 1885. London, 1885. 8°...

Fitzsimons, T. Pennsylvania's Catholic Signer of the Constitution; by Griffin.
Philadelphia, 1887. 8°...


*c, 1696,6

Fletcher, M. R. Our Home Doctor Boston, 1884. S°.

Forbes, D. Hindustani and English Dictionary. London, 1866.

[blocks in formation]

Forbes, G. Lectures on Electricity. London, 1858. 12°.

Ford, W. H.

Foulke, W. D.
France, L. B.
Francis, H. E.
Frankl, L. A.

Boiler Making for Boiler Makers. New York, 1887. 24°........
Slav or Saxon; Russian Civilization. New York, 1887. 12°.
Mountain Trails and Parks in Colorado.



Denver, 1887.



[blocks in formation]

Franzɔs, K. E.

For the Right. New York, 1888. 8°.


Frith, W. P. My Autobiography and Reminiscences. New York, 1888. 12°. c,2999 Frost, J. Lives of Eminent Christians. Hartford, 1850. 8°.



Froude, J. A. The English in the West Indies. New York, 18SS. 12°.
Fuller, R. and J. B. Jeter. The Psalmist, with Suppl. Bost., 1847. 2 v. 16° and 32° E,7300
Galdos, B. P.

Leon Roch; a Romance. New York, 1888. 2 v. 160

Gallaudet, T. H. Life; by E. M. Gallaudet. New York, 1888. 8°.
Gardiner, W. Catalogue of Ancient and Modern Books. Lond., 1812.
Gardner, C. E. A Twisted Skein. New York, 1881. 120.
Gastein, A Month at; or, Footfalls in the Tyrol. London, n. d. 16°.
Geikie, C. Entering on Life; a Book for Young Men.
Genlis, S. F. Mme. de. Alphonse; ou, le Fils naturel.

Belisaire. Paris, 1809. 8°.

New York, 1888.



8°...- *0,379



120 E,3126

Paris, 1809. 2 v. 16° ..C,12489


K,3845 12° C,3079

Giffe, W. T. The Song Clarion. Cincinnati, 1879. obl. 16°
Gilbert, E. M. M., and her Work for the Blind; by F. Martin. Lond., 18S7.
Gilbert, S. Lesson System; its Origin and Inauguration. N. Y., 1879. 12°... M,3608
Glanvill, J. Blow at modern Sadducism. London, 1668.
Glimpses of the Nation's Struggle. St. Paul, 1888.

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History of the Prominent Banks of Europe. N. Y., 1831. 8. L,3696 Life; by A. H. Currier. New York, 1887. 12°. Gouge, W. M. Fiscal History of Texas. Philadelphia, 1852. 8°. Graham, J., Life and Writings of. New York, 1816. 8°. Grahame, J. The Sabbath, Sabbath Walks and other Poems. Lond., 1857. 8° E,7337 Grant, U. S. In Memoriam; by C. A. Humphreys. Boston, 1885. 8° pamph.*c,1696,6 Great Southern Railway between the North and the Tropics. N. Y., 1878. 8°. 1,5256 Griffin, J. History of the Press of Maine. Brunswick, 1872. 8° Gronlund, L. Ça Ira; or, Danton in the French Revolution. Bost., 18S8. Gross, S. D. Autobiography; with Sketches of Contemporaries.

[blocks in formation]

Guild, R. A. Librarian's Manual; Treatise on Bibliography. N. Y., 1858. 8°. *0,632
Guillemard, F. H, H. Cruise of the Marchesa. London, 1886. 2 V. 8°.
Guinness, H. G. Light for the Last Days. London, 1886. 8°.
Gunter, A. C. Mr. Potter of Texas; a Novel. New York, 1988.
Guyot, A. The Earth and its Inhabitants; Geography. N. Y., 1868. 4°.
Hadley, J. Greek Grammar for Schools. New York, 1878. 12.
Haines, E. M. Laws of Illinois relating to Township Organizations. Chicago,

1883. Hale, S. J.

Ladies' Book of Cookery. New York, 1852. 120.
Baltimore, 1SS6 8°

Hall, C. C.
Hall, Mrs. N Through the Tyrol to Venice. London, 1860.

[blocks in formation]

London, 1862-71. 3 V.

Hamersley, T. H. S. Army and Navy Register, 1776-1887. N.Y., 18SS. 3 v. in 1. 8°*R,3899
Hamerton, P. G. The Saône; a Summer Voyage. Boston, ISSS. sm. 4°
Hardy, E. J. How to be Happy though Married. Leipzig, 1887. 16°
Hardy, T. D. Catalogue of Materials relating to the History of Great Britain.




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