Bulletin, Tomy 1-33

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The Library, 1888
Consists of "accessions" and "books in foreign languages".

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Strona 11 - vi Eastward Ho! 2. Wild Woods Life. 3. Down the West Branch. 4. Up the North Branch.
Strona 7 - Association for the Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations. New York,
Strona 13 - The Anatomy of Pattern; The Planning of Ornament; The Application of Ornament.
Strona 12 - For the Fourth Time of Asking; by Author of "Miss Toosey's Mission."...
Strona 4 - Narrative and Legendary Poems. 2. Poems of Nature; Poems Subjective and Reminiscent; Religious Poems.
Strona 2 - Big Wages and how to earn them ; by a Foreman. New York, 1887. 16°
Strona 3 - 1. Sidney De Grey. 2. Nellie Warren. 3. Louis Sinclair. 4. Cousin Clara.
Strona 2 - SAINT-SIMON, L. de R., Duc de. Mémoires sur le Siècle de Louis XIV.

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