The Angel Jon

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Tate Publishing, 2007 - 271
Satan, the Master puppeteer, and 'Ruler of this Dark Age, ' brooded on his throne. Messages had been received by the Archdemon, Torath, who with others of his ilk were Overlords of Lieutenants such as Baloth. Torath was the final authority over demonic activity on the North American continent, accountable only to the dread Master himself. Baloth's area of endeavor, being the west coast of Torath's principality put him directly under the Archdemon. As with human authorities, they had a chain of command. Also as with human authorities, 'Power corrupted, and absolute power corrupted absolutely.' Of course the very nature of demons is that their primary function was that of corrupters of mankind through tempting man to follow his own sinful nature, so saying demons were corrupt or corrupted, was stating the redundant. But, could not levels of skillful rottenness be the odor of the day in even such as these? Torath had received second hand, the messages sent regarding the Lord's activity and reports of some kind of Angelic action by one of the Seraphim Angels of Light, in particular. He was apprising his Master of what little he knew of events in his jurisdiction, cursing expletives to himself about his ignorance of just what exactly Baloth was up to. "Excerpt from The Archangel Michael, second in this series, and soon to be out in print: " The two giant figures faced each other warily across the small clearing in the woods. Hosts of the enemy minions were ranked in phalanxes high into the heavens. Michael was undaunted by the lord of Hell and his hosts, and stood with his sword imbedded several inches in the mossy earth, his hands resting one atop the other on the pommel.

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