China and International Relations: The Chinese View and the Contribution of Wang Gungwu

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Zheng Yongnian
Taylor & Francis, 9 sie 2010 - 364

Despite Beijing’s repeated assurance that China’s rise will be "peaceful", the United States, Japan and the European Union as well as many of China's Asian neighbours feel uneasy about the rise of China. Although China’s rise could be seen as inevitable, it remains uncertain as to how a politically and economically powerful China will behave, and how it will conduct its relations with the outside world. One major problem with understanding China’s international relations is that western concepts of international relations only partially explain China’s approach. China’s own flourishing, indigeneous community of international relations scholars have borrowed many concepts from the west, but their application has not been entirely successful, so the work of conceptualizing and theorizing China’s approach to international relations remains incomplete.

Written by some of the foremost scholars in the field of China studies, this book focuses on the work of Wang Gungwu - one of the most influential scholars writing on international relations - including topics such as empire, nation-state, nationalism, state ideology, and the Chinese view of world order. Besides honouring Wang Gungwu as a great scholar, the book explores how China can be integrated more fully into international relations studies and theories; discusses the extent to which existing IR theory succeeds or fails to explain Chinese IR behaviour, and demonstrates how the study of Chinese experiences can enrich the IR field.

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Informacje o autorze (2010)

Zheng Yongnian is Professor and Director of the East Asian Institute at the National University of Singapore. His many books include (as author) Technological Empowerment, De facto Federalism, Globalization and State Transformation in China, Discovering Chinese Nationalism in China, and Will China Become Democratic, and (as co-editor) The Chinese Communist Party in Reform, and China and the New International Order.

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