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Strona 26 - Vive, vale. Si quid novisti rectius istis Candidus imperti ; si non his utere mecum.
Strona 118 - Protracted proceedings took place in the House of Commons as well as in the House of Lords ; committees were appointed and hearings were held.
Strona 375 - This Indented Bill of Twenty Shillings due from the colony of Connecticut, in New England, to the possessor thereof, shall be in value equal to money, and shall be accordingly accepted by the Treasurer, and Receivers subordinate to him, in all public payments, and for any stock at any time in the Treasury. "Hartford, July the Twelfth, AD, 1709. " By order of the General Court.
Strona 114 - Corporation, instituted for the relief of the industrious poor, by assisting them with small sums upon pledges at legal interest.
Strona 306 - An account of the rise, progress and consequences of the two late schemes...
Strona 407 - Though it be certain, that that part of the world which bred most of our gold and silver used least of it in exchange, and used it not for money at all. 19. That therefore, in any country, that hath commerce with the rest of the world, it is almost impossible now to be without the use of silver coin ; and having money of that, and accounts kept in such money...
Strona 330 - Times ; and even this is further reduced, by obliging him to take one half in Shop Goods at 25 per Cent, or more Advance above the Money Price : this Iniquity still grows, by reducing the Goods Part to the least vendable ; the Shopkeeper refusing to let them have Provisions, West India Goods, or Goods of Great Britain that are in...
Strona 285 - For the pleasing Entertainment of the Polite part of Mankind, I have Printed the most beautiful Poems of Mr. Stephen Duck, the famous "Wiltshire Poet. It is a full Demonstration to me, that the People of New England have a fine Taste for good Sense and polite Learning, having already Sold 1200 of those Poems.
Strona 461 - Silver rose from 22 s. to 27 s. per Oz. this was a Loss of 23 per Cent, of the Principal. II. The repeated large Emissions of Paper Money are the Cause of the frequent rise of the Price of Silver and Exchange ; that is, of the publick Bills of Currency depreciating in all the Paper Money Colonies ; which do as regularly follow the same, as the Tides do the Phases or course of the Moon.
Strona 113 - Society, a pamphlet bearing the title "Five Speeches as they were spoken in the House of Commons. By WS , Esq; [Price One Shilling]." A second title-page read as follows: "Four Speeches against Continuing the Army, &c. As they were spoken on several occasions in the House of Commons. As also, A Speech for Relieving the Unhappy Sufferers in the Charitable Corporation; as it was spoken in the House of Commons, May 8, 1732. By WS, Esq. London. 1732.

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