Picturesque Sussex: A Volume of Sketches

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Robinson, 1903 - 143
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Strona 28 - These shall down for our second work. As it goeth forward I will advise your lordship from time to time and that your lordship may know with how many men we have done this, we brought from London 17 persons, three carpenters, two smiths, two plumbers, and one that keepeth the furnace.
Strona 28 - A Tuesday they began to cast the lead, and it shall be done with such diligence and saving as may be ; so that our trust is that your lordship ahall be much satisfied with what we do.
Strona 12 - I loved the parish church of my childhood and the college chapel of my youth, and the little church under a green hillside where the morning and evening prayers and the music of the English Bible for seventeen years became a part of my soul.
Strona 115 - I have been long and still am purposed to build and erect an Hospital or College in the said Town or Parish of East Grinstead, in the County of Sussex, and to bestow on the building thereof the sum of one thousand pounds, or such a sum as shall be necessary, and to endow the same with a rent charge of £330 by the year, to be issuing out of all and singular my lands and tenements in the said Count...
Strona 28 - Smiths, 2 Plummers, and one that keepeth the furnace : every one of these attendeth to his own office : ten of them heweth the walls about, among the which are the three carpenters.
Strona 102 - ... came to the same monasterie, and brought with them the chanons, and put them in their place againe, and promised them that whensoever they rang the bell, that they would come with a great power and defend them.
Strona 28 - ... pulling it down. I told your lordship of a vault on the right side of the high altar, that was borne with four pillars, having about it five chapels, which be compassed in with walls seventy steps of length, that is 210 feet.
Strona 28 - Underneath here your lordship shall see a just measure of the whole abbey : length of the church 150, height 63 foot; the circumference about it 1558 foot; the wall of the fore-front thick 10 foot. The thickness of the vaults 4 foot. There be in the church 32 pillars standing equally from the walls — an high roof made for the bells — 8 pillars very high, thick 13 foot, about 45 foot. Th' other 24 are for the most part 10 foot thick and 25 about.
Strona 36 - It consists of two streets, one for shops, the other for fishermen. On one side of the latter the houses are built on the side of the hill with a terrace before 'em, six or seven feet above the street. There is a church at each end of the town.
Strona 36 - They have a great trade in sending fish to London, and export iron pigs from the neighbouring forges. It is no harbour, but a gravelly beach, and they draw up vessels of 70 tun on the land.

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