Memoirs and correspondence, ed. by L. Horner, Tom 1

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Strona 378 - When, wildered, he drops from some cliff huge in stature, And draws his last sob by the side of his dam.
Strona 378 - I CLIMB'D the dark brow of the mighty Hellvellyn, Lakes and mountains beneath me gleam'd misty and wide ; All was still, save by fits, when the eagle was yelling. And starting around me the echoes replied. On the right, Striden-edge round the Red-tarn was bending, And Catchedicam its left verge was defending, One huge nameless rock in the front was ascending, When I mark'd the sad spot where the wanderer had died.
Strona 494 - Committee appointed to examine and consider what regulations and checks have been established in order to control the several Branches of the Public Expenditure in Great Britain and Ireland, and how far the same have been effectual, and what further measures can be adopted for reducing any part of the said Expenditure, or diminishing the amount of Salaries and Emoluments, without detriment to the Public Service, 1807-12 (13 reports).
Strona 66 - Had you any conversation with Brougham? He is an uncommon genius, of a composite order, if you allow me to use the expression; he unites the greatest ardour for general information in every branch of knowledge, and, what is more remarkable, activity in the business, and interest in the pleasures of the world, with all the powers of a mathematical intellect.
Strona 386 - ... absolute ruin at the pleasure of an informer. ' To obviate this hardship Mr. Bathurst, in the last autumn session, moved for leave to bring in a bill to suspend for a limited time the proceedings in actions under the act above-mentioned, which passed both houses.
Strona 287 - ... so artfully clear that you think every successive inference unavoidable ; so rapid that you have no leisure to reflect where you have been brought from, or to see where you are to be carried, and so dry of ornament or illustration or refreshment, that the attention is stretched — stretched — racked. All this is done without a single note.
Strona 154 - ... shackles of theory as well as of prejudice. This information is likewise communicated not only with the most unaffected ease, and with an air of perfect liberality and candour, but with a mixed sensibility and pleasantry which I have seldom seen so well blended together. If I should be fortunate enough to become acquainted with Alison, I persuade myself his conversation would contribute to the melioration of my character. When I recollect the lights which my understanding has received, and the...
Strona 300 - Soon after, in 1805, Horner wrote as follows:— " This morning I returned from a visit to our poet Campbell. He has fixed himself in a small house upon Sydenham Common, where he labours hard, and is perfectly happy with his wife and child. I have seldom seen so strong an argument from experiment in favour of matrimony, as the change has operated on the general tone of his temper and morals.
Strona 334 - Sheridan is very little consulted at present ; and it is said will not have a seat in the cabinet. This is a distressing necessity. His habits of daily intoxication are probably considered as unfitting him for trust. The little that has been confided to him he has been running about to tell ; and since Monday, he has been visiting Sidmouth. At a dinner at Lord Cowper's on Sunday last, where the Prince was, he got drunk as usual, and began to speak slightingly of Fox.
Strona 153 - ... the effect of familiarizing his reader with the idea that genius is an acquisition rather than a gift ; while with all...

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