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The Past
Sonnet (“Li
Invocation t
Stanzas, wri
To Mary («

here ”j
Song, on a F
The Woodma
Fragment of
Fragment to i
Fragment (“T
Fragment (“M
Fragment (“T
Scene from “7
Song for “ Tas
Marenghi ..


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vric, Paris, and
und Mrs. Lefanu,

ward Payne, and
us obscure ? Are
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Jod. Nor shall it be 800N THE DELTE rer as you are, you have Power UTHOR opit used none.

* 01.ces of the closing scene of ODHYPERIG were not made known to me

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s exasperated by the bitter
1821. ed benefits; the poor fellow

in hooted from the stage of
'e on whom he had wasted

nius, than those on whom
ortune and his care. He
Rome, and attended in his
Severn, a young artist of
who, I have been informed,
s own life, and sacrificed
unwearied attendance upon

Had I known these cir-
Selle completion of my poem,
Ettempted to add my feeble

to the more solid recom

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most base
to Endymi
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