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which God has formed for the use of man, and

say to the little boy or girl, how much superior is the world we inhabit, to that house! Can the universe, then, have organized its own structure. How ought our souls to glow with gratitude and admiration for the Author of such wisdom and goodness.---Paraphrase from Fenelon.


absolute name of persons. All names of persons are mixed or complex ideas, including the union of body and mind.

House, sensible object.
Fact, attendant circumstance of matter.
It alludes to some operation on material substan-


Edifice, sensible object.

This name is general and always in some degree relative, as implying what is raised, built, or constructed.

Proof, attendant circumstance having a mixed relation to matter and mind.

Opinion, attendant circumstance of mind.
Masons, relative name of persons.
Carpenters, same as masons.
Work, attendant circumstance of matter and mind.
Attention, attendant circumstance, chiefly of mind.
Orbs, sensible objects.

This name is always in some degree relative, as implying a body rolling in a circle.

Earth, sensible object; but extensive and complex in its idea.

Animals, class of sensible objects, including the relative idea of life.

Vegetables, sensible objects; but the name always relates to the manner of growth.

Minerals, sensible objects; but always relative, as being found in mines.

God, highest mental object,

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