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publish separately all that can be learnt respecting the Rajah's last days, while on the scene of his labours. It is at their request that this volume has been prepared. The privilege of paying such a tribute to the memory of so noble and excellent a man, is highly valued by one who knew him personally, and who has always treasured with reverence the recollection not only of his devoted efforts in the cause of religion and virtue, but of his estimable qualities and purity of life. She regrets that she cannot make this work more worthy of him, from causes which will appear in the course of the narrative; she hopes, however, that this volume will be kindly received both by his countrymen and by those who respect his name in England, and that its very deficiencies may give rise to a more complete memoir of him, and lead to a greater knowledge of his works.

For this his countrymen are now prepared. The following words of one of them express the sentiments of all who know and respect their greatest man, the Rajah RAMMOHUN ROY:

“ It is now more than fifty years, that, in Bengal, there arose a genius, like a solitary star in a night of darkness, who, in spite of great opposition and persecution, gave the death blow to gross idolatry and superstition, which had degenerated the great Hindoo nation. When we consider the debased state of religion and society in those days, we find that RAMMOHUN ROY was one of those men who have made their appearance from time to time in this world to be the enlighteners of nations and to protect men from forsaking truth.

We can trace the infinite wisdom and mercy of Providence in the fact, that at times, when nations sink in vice and error, individual men are sent, who, by the force of their intellect, the purity of their character, and the earnestness of their motives, succeed in bringing men to

the paths of virtue and righteousness. In order to judge rightly of such men, , we should carefully consider the times in which they lived, the state of society in which they were brought up, and the obstacles and difficulties which surrounded them ;-—thus we find RAMMOHUN Roy to have been, not only a great and good man, but one whom future generations of his countrymen must regard as the FIRST HINDOO REFORMER.”

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