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3. Cain the Wanderer, &c. By

4. Vallery, or the Citadel of the Lake. By C. D. Sillery.

5. Adra, or the Peruvians, &c. By G. P. R. James, Esq.

6. Oliver Cromwell, a Poem. In three Books.

7. Poems, original, &c. By the Rev. W. Shepherd.

8. Repentance, and other Poems. By Mary Ann Browne.

9. Portraits of the Dead, &c. By C. N. Deakin, Esq.

10. The Portfolio of the Martyr Student.

11. The Pilgrim of the Hebrides; a Lay of the North Coun-

trie. By the Author of " Three Days at Kilkenny."

12, The Traveller's Lay. By Thomas Maude, Esq. A.M..

13. Montmorency, a Tragic Drama. By H. W. Montagu. 123

XII. The History and Antiquities of the Abbey, and Cathedral

Church of Bristol. By John Britton, F.S.A. M.R.S.L., &c. 140

XIII. The Family Library, Nos. 11, 12; and No. 1 of the Dra-

matic Series.


XIV. Elements of Natural History; or an Introduction to Sys-

tematic Zoology. By John Howard Hinton, M.A. 144

XV, Conversations on the Natural Geography of Europe and

Africa, &c. &c.' By Mrs. Matthias


XVI. The right of Dom Miguel to the throne of Portugal, incon-

trovertibly established, and his character vindicated from

the calumnious charges of usurpation, perjury, and cruelty.

By Wr, Esq.


XVII. Reasons in favour of a Moderate and Constitutional Reform

of the Comnions House of Parliament, in a Letter to Vis-

count Althorp, M.P. from Charles Eyston, Esq.


XVIII. The Tradesman's Law Library. By.G. H. Tompson.

XIX. The Ecclesiastical Polity, and other Works of Richard

Hooker, &c. By Benjamin Hanbury.


XX. Rouge et Noir, and Versailles. Poems by Wm. Read, Esq. 150

XXI. The Veracity of the Five Books of Moses. By the Rev.

J. J. Blunt.

XXII. 1. A System of Geography for the Use of Schools. By

Thomas Ewing.


2. A Compendium of Modern Geography. By the Rev. A.



XXIII. A Statement of the Principles and Objects of a proposed

National Society, for the Cure and Prevention of Pau-

perism, by means of Systematic Colonization.


XXIV. Popular Lectures on the Study of Natural History and the

Sciences, &c. By W. Lempriere, M.D.


XXV. Letters to the Right Honourable the Lord K


E. Lockhart.


Literary and Miscellaneous Intelligence

- 153

Monthly List of Recent Publications

- 157

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Art. I.--Notes on Haiti, made during a Residence in that Republic.

By Charles Mackenzie, Esq. F.R.S. F.L.S., late his Ma-

jesty's Consul-General in Haiti, and now his Majesty's

Commissioner of Arbitration in the Havannah, &c. &c. 159

II. Literary Recollections. By the Rev. Richard Warner,

F.A.S. &c., &c.


III. Picture of India: Geographical, Historical, and Descriptive 191

IV. The Correspondence and Diary of Philip Doddridge, D.D.

illustrative of various particnlars in his Life, hitherto un-

known; with notices of many of his contemporaries; and

a Sketch of the Ecclesiastical History of the times in which

he lived. Edited from the original MSS. by his great

grandson, John Doddridge Humphreys, Esq. -


V, Notes on the Bedouins and Wahabys, collected during his

Travels in the East. By the late John Lewis Burckhardt 213

VI. The First Book of the Iliad ; the Parting of Hector and

Andromache; and the Shield of Achilles. Specimens of

a New Version of Homer. By William Sotheby. · 222

VII. Catalogue of the Sixty-second Exhibition of the Royal



VIII. Lectures on the Apocalypse. By William Jones, A. M.

Author of the History of the Waldenses


IX. Levi and Sarah; or the Jewish Lovers. A Polish Tale.

By Julius Ursinus Niemcewicz. Translated from the

German Edition, with a Preface and Notes by the Editor 251

X. 1. Paul Clifford. By the author of “ Pelham," “ De-

vereux,' &c.

2. The King's Own. By the author of the “ Naval Officer”

3. The Mussulman. By R. R. Madden, Esq.

4. The Armenians, a tale of Constantinople. By Charles

M'Farlane, Esq.

5. Traits of Scottish Life, and Pictures of Scenes and


6. The Game of Life. By Leitch Ritchie

7. The Barony. By Miss Anna Maria Porter

8. Fitz of Fitz-Ford; a Legend of Devon. By Mrs. Bray

9. The Fugitives; or, A Trip to Canada. An interesting

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tale, chiefly founded on facts, interspersed with observa-

tions, on the Manners, Customs, &c., of the Colonists and

Indians. By Edward Lane


XI. Narrative of an Ascent to the Summit of Mont Blanc on the

8th and 9th August, 1827. By John Auldjo, Esq. of

Trinity College, Cambridge


XII. A Letter on the Present Neglect of the Lord's Day, addressed

to the Inhabitants of London and Westminster.

Blomfield, D.D. Bishop of London.


XIII. 1. Sketches from Nature. -By John Mc Diarmid

2. Studies in Natural History.-By William Rhind 303

XIV. A Letter to Thomas Greene, Esq. M. P. on his Bill for a

Commutation of Tythes into Corn Rents. By R. H. Jago,

Land Surveyor


XV. Three Courses and a Dessert. The Decorations by George



XVI. A Guide to the Practical Reading of the Bible. By

William Carpenter


XVII. A New Topographical Dictionary of Great Britain and Ire-

land, &c. By John Gorton


XVIII. Leigh's Guide to the Lakes and Mountains of Cumberland,

Westmoreland, and Lancashire ; illustrated with a map of

the country, and maps of Windermere, &c. -


XIX. The American New First Class Book. By John Pierpoint,

Boston, and re-edited by E. H. Barker, Esq. of Thetford,



XX. The Family Cabinet Atlas, constructed upon an original

plan, and engraved on steel. By Mr. Thomas Starling ib.

XXI. The Affairs of the Nation represented to the Duke of Wel-

lington. By Common Sense


XXII. Sweepings of Parnassus; a Collection of Poems, with

Essays in Prose on Miscellaneous Subjects. By Steropes - ib.

XXII. 1. Plain Instructions to Executors and Administrators,

&c. &c. By John H. Brady

2. The Executor's Account Book ; exhibiting a safe and

easy method of keeping Executorship Accounts. By John

H. Brady


XXIV. Why and Because: being a collection of Questions and

aswers on subjects relating to Air, Water, Light, and

Fire. Altered from the French. By W. S. Kenny ib.

Xid. Leigh's New Picture of London


XXVI. A Call on Women of All Ranks in the British Empire, on

the Subject of the National Debt


Literary and Miscellaneous Intelligence -

- 311

Monthly List of Recent Publications

. 315

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Art. 1. The Life of Richard Bentley, D.D., Master of Trinity Col-

lege, and Regius Professor of Divinity in the University

of Cambridge; with an account of his Writings, and Anec-

dotes of many distinguished Characters, during the period

in which he flourished. By James Henry Monk, D.D.,

Dean of Peterborough


11. Travels in Kamtchatka and Siberia : with a Narrative of a

Residence in China. By Peter Dobell, Counsellor of the

Court of his Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Russia 335

III. The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Vol. XI.,

Parts I. and II.


IV. Four Years' Residence in the West Indies. By F. W. N.


• 360

V. 1. Papers relative to the Affairs of Greece.

A. Protocols of Conferences held in London.

B. Protocols of Conferences held at Constantinople.

C. I.. -Convention of Alexandria.

11.-Blockade of the Dardanelles.

-Raising of Greek Blockades.

2. Communications with his Royal Highness Prince Leo-

pold, relating to the Sovereignty of Greece.

Presented to both Houses of Parliament, by command

of his Majesty, May, 1830.

3. Observations on an eligible Line of Frontier for Greece

as an independent state. By Lieut.-Gen. Sir Richard

Church, late Generalissimo of Greece. With a Preface,

by the Right Hon. R. Wilmot Horton, M.P.


VI. The British Naturalist; or, Sketches of the more interesting

Productions of Britain and the surrounding Sea, in the

scenes which they inhabit; and with relation to the general

economy of nature, and the wisdom and


of its

Author. Volume second. The Year-Spring, Summer 391

VII. The Lives of the Most Eminent British Painters, Sculptors,

and Architects. Vol. iii. British Sculptors. By Allan

Cunningham, Esq.--(Being vol. iii. of the Family Library) 408

VIII. Original Letters of Locke, Algernon Sidney, and Lord

Shaftesbury, author of the “Characteristics." With an

Analytical Sketch of the Writings and Opinions of Locke

and other Metaphysicians. By T. Forster, M.B., F.L.S.,

M.A.S., &c.


IX. Travels through the Crimea, Turkey, and Egypt, performed

during the years 1825—1828, including particulars of the

last illness and death of the Emperor Alexander, and of

the Russian Conspiracy in 1825. By the late James

Webster, Esq. of the Inner Temple


X. Remarks on the Disease called Hydrophobia : Prophylactic

and Curative. By John Murray, F.S.A., F.L.S., F.G.S. 449

XI. A Familiar Treatise on Life Assurances and Annuities, com-

prising a Historical Sketch of the Science, and of Life

Assurance Offices, &c.; to which are appended Original

Tables of the Probabilities and Expectations of Life in the

City of Bristol. By Robert Rankin, Secretary to the

Bristol Union Fire and Life Insurance Company


XII. On Commercial Economy. In Six Essays.

By E. S.

Cayley, Esq.


XIII. L'Astronomie; Poeme en Six Chants. Par P. Daru, de

l'Acadamie Francaise


XIV. The Book of the Priesthood. An Argument in Three Parts.

By Thomas Stratten


XV. Introduction to the Study of the Greek Classic Poets,

designed principally for the use of Young Persons at

School and College. By Henry Nelson Coleridge. Part I. 468

XVI. The Christian Expositor; or, Practical Guide to the Study

of the New Testament. Intended for the use of general

readers. By the Rev. George Holden, M.A.


XVII. The New Bath Guide; or, Memoirs of the B-N-R-D-

Family: in a Series of Poetical Epistles. By C. Anstey,

Esq. A new Edition, with a Biographical and Topogra-

phical Preface, and Anecdotal Annotations.

Britton, F.S.A.


XVIII. Recherches Sur la Langue Nationale de la Majeure partie

des Pays Bas. Par le Baron Van Westreenen Van



XIX. On the Portraits of English Authors on Gardening, with

Biographical Notices. By S. Felton. Second Edition,

with considerable Additions


Literary and Miscellaneous Intelligence


Monthly List of Recent Publications

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