Empty Pockets: A Novel

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Harper & Brothers, 1915 - 606
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Strona 273 - Tis Chastity, my brother, Chastity: She, that has that, is clad in complete steel ; And, like a quiver'd Nymph with arrows keen, May trace huge forests, and unharbour'd heaths, Infamous hills, and sandy perilous wilds ; Where, through the sacred rays of Chastity, No savage fierce, bandite, or mountaineer, Will dare to soil her virgin purity...
Strona 254 - He rolled the papers into a tight ball and looked up and down the street. There was no one in sight.
Strona 428 - Hospital, for the period of life, the entire management and control of such child, and do hereby assign to and invest said Corporation with the same powers and control over said child, as those of which I am possessed.
Strona 584 - ... and the next thing I knew I was on my hands and knees and trying to tear myself free.
Strona 378 - PETER (coming over and shaking hands). Good-bye — I can never tell you how grateful I am to you for having been so kind and hospitable to my wife MRS. WADHURST. Next time, I hope you'll come and call on us too. PETER. I should love to. MRS. WADHURST. Good-bye. CLARE. Good-bye Everybody says good-bye and shakes hands, PETER opens the door for the WADHURSTS and they go out on a wave of popularity.
Strona 495 - a scrap for life, London rules, and every round a knockdown.") But his second wife brought contentment with domesticity, and they settled down in a farm-house in West Abington. Here he proclaimed to the press that he was as happy as J. Pierpont Morgan. . . "JP and me— we're both fat, and we can only wear one suit of clothes at a time, and eat one meal— so what's he got that I ain't?
Strona 427 - It is dangerous to ask a question that can be answered by a Yes or...
Strona 245 - You came out with a one-dollar bill; You've got eighty cents left of it still.
Strona 465 - Won't you come up and have a cup of tea with me when you leave here?
Strona 579 - Worthing was too confused to know what to say or do. So he said and did nothing.

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