Dictionary of Celtic Mythology

Przednia okładka
Oxford University Press, 1998 - 402
This accessible new work explores the whole of Celtic mythology, legend, saga, and folklore. Subjects covered in the 4,000 alphabetically arranged entries include characters in Celtic myth such as Deirdre, Cuchulainn, and Branwen; places, real and imaginary, revealing the mythological and legendary associations of places such as Anglesey, Bath, and the river Shannon; creatures from folklore such as the glaistig, brownie, and leprechaun; gods and goddesses and their classical parallels; tale cycles and narratives such as Y Gododdin and the Tain Bo Cuailnge; real and legendary figures such as St Brigid, Caradog, and Geoffrey of Monmouth; animals and plants such as the deer and foxglove; Arthurian parallels such as Percevel, Galahad, and Tristan; artefacts such as cauldrons and the Sheela-na-gig; regions and countries from Brittany and Caerphilly to Galatia in Asia Minor; archaeological sites such as Dinas Emrys and the Uffington White Horse; and vital concepts and ideas including flood legends, the dead, female warriors, kingship, druids, and the Otherworld.

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James MacKillop is a former Professor of English at Syracuse University, New York.

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