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"dereth. Let mine outcafts dwell with thee, "Moab, be thou a covert to them from the "face of the fpoiler." That these calamities came upon the Jews immediately before their converfion and restoration, is evident from the following expreffions, which mark the time: "For the extortioner is at an end, the spoiler "ceafeth, the oppreffors are confumed out of "the land. And in mercy shall the throne be "established; and he shall fit upon it in truth, "in the tabernacle of David, judging and feek"ing judgment, and hafting righteousness ;" verfe 4, 5. The inftant approach of the battle of Armageddon, and the Millennium, is offered as an argument, to induce Moab to show lenity in the perfecution. The perfecution, therefore, immediately precedes these events.

It is probable, from a circumftance I fhall af terwards mention', that this perfecution fhall prevail over a great part of Afia and Africa. The motive by which the blafphemous king is influenced, in carrying on this perfecution, is likewife revealed. It is a defire to fecure the poffeffion of the land of Judea, where he now refides, to himself and his fucceffors, accompanied with a jealoufy, that the Jews may fome day lay claim to it. He wishes to exterminate the Jews, upon the fame principles that any ufurper

(1) See pofteà.

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ufurper defires the deftruction of the Royal Family, whofe throne he has feized. Thus, in the 35th chapter of Ezekiel, (a paffage which I have already proved, refers to this perfecution) God fays to Edom, "I will make thee perpetual "defolations, because thou haft faid, Thefe two "nations, and these two countries (of Judah "and Ifrael) fhall be mine, and we will poffefs "it, whereas the Lord was there: Therefore, as "I live, faith the Lord God, I will even do "according to thine anger and according to "thine envy, which thou haft used out of thy "hatred against them;" ver. 9, 10, 11. “I "have heard all thy blafphemies which thou "haft fpoken against the mountains of Ifrael, faying, They are laid defolate, they are given. "us to confume," (or to eat their produce, as it might be rendered), ver. 12. "Alfo, thou "fon of man, prophecy unto the mountains of “Ifrael, and fay, Thus faith the Lord God, Be"cause the enemy hath faid against you, Aha, "even the ancient high places' are ours in pof"feffion;" chap. xxxvi. 1, 2. "They have "made


(1) High places in Scripture fignify places of worship, as the ancient Edomites had no great veneration for the religion of the Jews, it is not likely that they would rejoice much in the poffeffion of their places of worship. But the fentiment fuggefted is exceedingly defcriptive of


"made you defolate, and swallowed you up on every fide, that ye might be a poffeffion to the "refidue of the heathen;" ver. 3. " which "have appointed my land into their poffeffion, "with the joy of all their heart, with defpiteful "minds, to caft it (the nation) out;" ver. 5. Here the reafon of Edom's violence is faid to be a desire to secure the poffeffion of the land of Ifrael and Judah, while that defire arifes chiefly from a veneration for the ancient high places. The time of this poffeffion is immediately be-fore the battle of Armageddon and the resettlement of the Jews in their own land, as appears from the following verfes: Therefore, thus "faith


the fpirit of Popery. To recover Jerufalem out of the hands of the infidels, has coft Europe, by the instigation of the Popes, millions of men and of money; and all proceeded from a reverence for the high places. We may therefore eafily conceive, that the poffeffion of these will conftitute the chief joy of the Pope and his adherents, when refident in Judea ; and no wonder, fince it will prove the chief fource of his authority and influence. If we fuppofe the word Bamoth to be a fingular noun, and not the plural of Bama, (and doubtlefs it is connected with a fingular verb,) it fignifies a height, a facred inclofure, is the fame word ufed, Ifa. liii. 9. for our Saviour's tomb, according to Lowth, (fee his Tranflation of Isaiah, notes, ad totum) it might be rendered alia, "The ancient fe"pulchre is ours in poffeffion." To recover the holy fepulchre was the profeffed defign of the Crufades,

"faith the Lord God, I have lifted up mine "hand, Surely the heathen that are about you, "they fhall bear their fhame. But ye, O moun"tains of Ifrael, ye fhall fhoot forth your "branches, and yield your fruit to my people "of Ifrael; for they are at hand to come." Ver. 7. 8,


The great Body of the Jewish Nation expelled from their Dwellings by the Perfecution, are gathered together in the Deferts of Curdistan.

THE effect of this perfecution is to expel the Jews from their refidence, in the feveral countries where it rages, to feek fecurity for their lives. By this means, the bulk of the nation is collected together into one place. In that fituation, their condition is deplorable, the fword behind, famine before, nothing but inevitable deftruction in their view. But the defign of this distress in the fecret council of God, is to bring them to a sense of their great national fin, as the brethren of Joseph in Egypt, when threatened with imprisonment and death, were made to cry out, "Verily we are guilty concerning our brother;" to induce them likewife to have recourfe


courfe to the God of their fathers for deliverance, by fincere and ardent fupplication. So God intimates by the prophet Ifaiah, chap. xxvi. 16. "Lord in trouble have they visited thee they poured out a prayer when thy chaftening was upon them." And by Hosea, chap. v. 14, 15. "I will be unto Ephraim as a lion, and as er a young lion to the house of Judah; I, even "I will tear and go away; I will take away, " and none shall refcue him. I will go and re

turn to my place, till they acknowledge their "offence, and feek my face: in their affliction "they will feek me early." In a word, his design is to convert them to the Christian faith, and bestow a fpiritual deliverance from infidelity and delufion, as a prelude to a temporal deliverance. So God afferts by the prophet Ezekiel, in the most explicit manner: "As I live, "faith the Lord God, furely with a mighty "hand, and with a stretched out arm, and with fury poured out, will I rule over you: and I "will bring you out from my people, and will "gather you out of the countries wherein ye "are fcattered, with a mighty hand, and with "a ftretched out arm, and with fury poured 66 out. And I will bring you into the wilder"nefs of the people, and there will I plead "with you face to face. Like as I pleaded "with your fathers in the wilderness of the


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