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Cleaning or scaling metallic
surfaces, impd. mode of, Sy-
monds and Monchet's patent 179
Cocks and valves, impts. in,

Roe's patent 34

Coiling rovings, impd. machi-
nery for, Lucas' patent 21

Combing sliver, impts. in, Law-
son's patent 194

Copper, impts. in obtaining from
their ores, Trueman's pa-
tent 37

Cranks for steam-engines, &c.,

impts. in, Baddeley's patent 260
Cultivating or digging land,
impd. machinery for, Bethell's

patent 89

Cutting rocks, &c., impts. in
machinery for, Newton's pa-
tent 14

——roots and other vegeta-
ble substances, impts. in,

Barter's patent 407

Dampness in walls, mode of

preventing, Combres' patent 28
Digging and cultivating land,
impd. machinery for, Bethell's

patent 89

Door-knobs, &c., impts. in the
manufacture of, J. and J.

Whitehouse's natent 337

Drying and heating, impts. in

apparatus for, Oxley's patent 109
Dyeing textile fabrics, impd.

mordants for,Higgin's patent 277
Eggs, impd. apparatus for hatch •

ing, Martin's patent 254

Engineers, transactions of the
Institution of Civil:—Speed
of ocean steamers, 438;—and
measurement and ships' ton-
nage 439

, Mechanical:—India-
rubber springs for railway
engines, carriages, &c., 41;
— railway axle lubrication,
49 ;—new lubricating mate-
rial, 125;—portable self-act-
ing steam-engine, 127; go-
vernorfor steam-engines, 291;
—railway joint chair, 297;—

hollow railway axles 364

Engines, impts. in cranks for,

Baddeley's patent 260

Excavating or boring rocks,
mountains, &c., impd. ma-
chinery for, Newton's patent 14 , Bethell's patent... 89

Extracts of malt and hops,
impd. mode of treating,

Moore's patent 355

Fabric for ventilating hat bo-
dies, White's patent 256

, impd. machinery for

testing the strength of, Per-

reaux's patent 325

of a novel description

for hats, caps, and bonnets,

Sievier's patent 199

, waterproofing woven

and felted, Cooley's patent... 207
Fats and oils, impts. in treating,

Gwynne and Wilson's patent 111
Files, impts. in machinery for

cutting, Davis' patent 267

Fire-arms, impts. in, Moore and

Harris'patent 10

Fire-places and grates for ge-
nerating heat, Finlay's pa

tent 105

Flax and other fibrous mate-
rials, impts. in preparing,—

Lawson's patent 194

, impts. in drawing the

sliver and rove of, Fairbairn

and Mather's patent 402

Fuel, impts. in manufacturing

peat, Rotch's patent 8

, impts. in the manufac-
ture of artificial, Ducayla's

patent 437

Furnace fires, impts. in increas-
ing the draft of, Newton's

patent 101

Furnaces and boilers for gene-
rating steam, Huddart's pa-
tent 170

for melting metals,

Ommauney's patent 110

, impts. in, Stevens'

patent 104

, impts. in, Stevens'

patent 176

Furniture, panels, &c., impts. in
decorating, Cunnington's pa-
tent 345

Fusee boxes and fusees, impts.

in, Benda's patent 266

Gas, impts. in purifying, Clay's

patent 424

, impts. in the manufacture

of, Shepard's patent 113

Gas-burners, impts.in, Warren's

patent 178

Glass, impts. in ornamenting,
Iglesia's natent 357

Governors for regulating the
speed of machinery, impts.
in, Jenning's patent 397

Grain, vegetable substances,
&c., impd. mode of preserv-
ing, Boilesve's patent 271

Gridirons, impts. in, Robinson's

patent 348

Gutta-percha, impd. material

which may be employed as a

substitute for, Warren's pa-

tent 193

Hat bodies, impd. fabric suit-
able for, White's patent 256

Hatching eggs, impd. apparatus

for, Martin's patent 254

Hats, caps, and bonnets, novel
fabric for the manufacture of,
Sievier's patent 199

Heating and drying, impd. ap-

paratus for, Oxley's patent.. 109 Hops and malt, impts. in treat-

ing the extracts of, Moore's

patent 355

Horses, impd. preparation for

removing humours and ossifi-

cations from, Major's patent 247 Iron and sulphur, impts. in

treating compounds of, Bell's

patent 283

, impts. in the manufacture

of, Lea and Hunt's patent... 190 Irons for smoothing linen, &c.,
impts. in, Bellford's patent.. 173 Kilns for burning cement, lime,
and plaster, impts. in, Lamb
and Monday's patent 261

Knobs for doors and other like
uses, impts. in the manufac-
ture of, J. and J. Whitehouse's
patent 337

Lamps, &c., impts. in camphine,
Newton's patent 271

, impts. in shades or

chimneys for, Hely's patent 256 Leather, impts. in the manu-
facture of artificial, Cooley's
patent 200

, Welch

and Margetson's patent 115

Letter or bill-holders and ad-
hesive protectors, impts. in,
Charlesworth's patent 343

Lock, improved construction of,
Jenning's patent 165

spindles, impts. in, Cava-

nagh's patent 13

Locomotive engines, impts. in
arresting sparks from the
chimneys of, Newton's patent 101

Looms for circular weaving,
impts. in, Collins' patent ... 412

, impts.

in, Durand's patent 415

•, impts. in weft-forks for,

patent 435

Medicine for curing diseases of

horses, Major's patent 247

, impd. apparatus forad-

ministering, Huckvale's pa-
tent 12

Metallic alloys, impts. in de-
positing, Morris and John-
son's patent 123

Metals, impd. furnace for melt-
ing, Ommanney's patent ... 110

, impts. in obtaining from

their ores, Trueman's patent 37

, impts. in separating

fromtheirores,Napier'spatent 419

Mordants for printing and dye-
ing textile fabrics, Higgin's
patent 277

Mortice lock-spindles, impts. in,
Cavanagh's patent 13

Moulding peat,impts.in,Rotch's
patent 6

Oils from tar, impts. in obtain-
ing, Shand and Me Lean's
patent 274

Oily and fatty matters, impts.
in treating, G wynne and Wil-
son's patent Ill

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ogWarcp^a; 4

. new, 54 136, 221, 303 ^1^^^^ *

• - 7«- ft*TM ' S 'ngartincialle^ 200

- of Nova ocotia ... 444 t K on,
Patents^tof new grant di oSSSf^-to'ta^'ta *

England, 67,151.233.316.^8. 463 decorating furniture .. ....... 345

— , m bwU^d, 67 Curti w ^ for j in ^^

151, 16A, dS7, 4?, Qr rai]roadBi &c ................ 331

- Davis, W., for impts. in cutting

Patektb, Bepobtm or Eecekt. ^^TL^^^SSS!^ TM
AmnR P F for thp ronstrnp- ture of artificial fuel ......... 437

Aron'oCf-centrifugaie^TM. 171 Dunlop J.M,forthemanufac-
fiuldeley, W., for impts. in ture of carnage wheels . ..... 107

steam-engine cranks . ........ 260 Durand' F- for « ^P*1' Clrcu- ., _

Barrett,B.,forimpts.intreating T,,rt1(^m 'j"^ ..... ii" w"V"

natural and artificial stone 434 Elliot G., and EusseU, W., for
Barter, B., for impts. in cutting H*8' m manufactunng al-

roots &o 407 ka" .............................. 404

Beart, R., for'them^nufactuye Fairbairn, P. for impts. in self-

of bricks, &c ................... 423 acting reeling machinery ... 342

Bell, I. L. for treating com- , . , . .a"dMathcr,b.R..,

pounds of iron and sulphur... 283 for impts. m drawing the sh-

Bellford, A. E. L., for impts. in ver and rove of flax' «*• - 402

smoothing irons ............... 173 Fensom, J., and Gale, T.B.W.,

Benda, G., for manufacturing for impts. in coupling bands

fusees, &c ...................... 266 and straps ........................ 108

Bethell, J., for impts. in dig- Finlay, J., for impts. in appa-

ging and cultivating hind ... 89ratus for generating heat ... 105

Bielefeld, C. F., for mipts. inFox, Sir C, for impts. in roads 259

billiard and bagatelle tables 198Gale, T. B.W., and Fensom, J.,
Boilesve, J., for preserving ve-for impts. in coupling bauds

getable substances, &c ....... 271 and straps ........................ 108

Gardner, J. H., for impts. in toilet tables 36

, J. L., for impts. in

bottles and other vessels ... 8 Glover, R. M., for impts. in coating ships and vessels ... 277 Goodman, J., for impts. in fountain pens 252

Greenshields, T., for the manufacture of alkali 191

Griffin, C, for fixing type or printing surfaces in a chase 258 Gwynne, G., and Wilson, G. K., for impts. in treating fatty matters Ill

Harris, W., and Moore, U .. for impts. in repeating pistols and rifles 10

Hely, A., for impts. in chimneys for lamps, &c 256

Higgin, J., for preparing woven fabrics for dyeing, printing, &c 277

Hill, C, for the manufacture of lubricating matters 362

, W., and Myers, M., for

impts. in pens and pen-hold-
ers 350

I luckvale, T., for impd. instruments for administering medicine to horses 12

Huddart, G. A., for impts. in boilers and furnaces for generating steam 170

Hughes, E. J., for purifying and concentrating the coloring matter of madder, &c.... 178 Hunt, W., and Lea, J. W., for the manufacture of iron 190

Iglesia, A. M. A., for producing ornamental glass surfaces ... 357 Jennings, L., for an impd. governor 397

, for an impd. construction of lock 165

Jimenez, I >.. for the manufacture of soap 30

Johnson, W., and Morris, T., for depositing alloys of metals 123

Kendall, G., for the manufacture of mould candles 117

Lamb, J., and Monday, J., for the construction of kilns ... 261 Lawes, T., for an impd. quilt or coverlid 116

Lawson, E., for impts. in spinning machinery 194

Lea, J. W., and Hunt, W., for the manufacture of iron 190

Loseby, E. T., for impts. in the construction of time-keepers 85 Lucas, R., for preparing cotton, &c., for spinning 21

Major, J., for a preparation for removing ossifications and humours from horses 247

Maniquet, J. B., for winding and cleaning silk, cotton, &c. ... 410 Margetson, J. S., and Welch, J.J, for manufacturing portmanteaus, &c 115

Martin, J., for an impd. apparatus for artificial hatching 254 Mather, S. K., and Fairbaim, P., for impts. in drawing the sliver and rove of flax 402

Maugham, W., for rendering wood fireproof 281

McLean, A., and Shand, G., for obtaining products from tar 274 Menday, J., and Lam li. J., for the construction of kilns ... 261 Mitcheson, K. W., for impts. in anchors 257

Moore, E. D., for treating the extract of malt and hops ... 355 , W., and Harris, W., for impts. in repeating pistols and rifles 10

Morris, T., and Johnson, W., fordepositiugalloysofmetals 123

Moseley, E., for the manufactureofteeth 92

Mouchet, G., and Symonds, J., forcleaning metallic surfaces 179

Myers, M., and Hill, W., for impts.in pens and pen-holders 350

Napier, J.,for impts. in treating metals 419

Newton, A.V., forimpts. in manufacturing railway chairs.. 183

, for urging fires and arresting sparks 101

, for separating

substances of different speci-
fic gravities 175

, F., for impts. in producing photographic pictures 95 , W. E., for impd. apparatus for veneering surfaces 346

, for impts. in

sewing machinery 263

, for impts. in

bearings for shafts, &c 353

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the manufacture of carbon-
ates of soda 213

, for impts. in

the manufacture of carpets.. 285

, for the manufacture of paper 428

Ommanney, II. M., for an improved furnace for melting metals 110

Otams, J., for the manufacture of manure 270

Oxley, W., for impts. in heating and drying 109

Paterson,J.,forimpts.in buckles or fastenings 328

Perreaux, L. G., for impts. in testing the strength of yarn, &c 325

Pidding, W., for the manufacture of woven and other fabrics 418

Pink, W., for an impd. stirrupbar 94

Poole, M., for the manufacture of elastic ribs for umbrellas 289

Pooley, H., for impts. in weighing machines 334

Pope, W., for impts. in the ventilation of ships 399

Rhodes, T., for the manufacture of manure 361

Roberts, J., for preserving animal and vegetable matters, &c 245

Robinson, F. R., for impts. in gridirons 348

Roe, F., for impts. in valves and cocks 34

Rotch, T. D., for impts. in treating peat, &c 6

RugseQ, H., for impts. in pianofortes 26

, W., and Elliot, G., for

impts.in manufacturing alkali 404

Sayers, J., for impts. in ships' tables 185

Shand, G., and McLean, A., for obtaining products from tar 274

Shepard, E. C, for the manufacture of gas 113

Sievier, R. W., for the manufacture of hats, caps, &c 199


Soulby, S., for impts. in machinery for letter-press printing 1

Stevens, J. L., for impts in furnaces 104

, for impts. in furnaces 176

Stevenson, W., for impts. in weft-forks for power-looms.. 247

Stiff, G., for impts. in manufacturing paper 425

Stringfellow, J., for impts. in galvanic batteries 329

Symonds, J., and Mouchet, G., for cleansing metallic surfaces 179

Taylor, H., for ornamenting surfaces or fabrics 426

Trueman, T., for obtaining metals from ores 37

Tucker, E., for the manufacture of starch 282

Tuck, J. H., for impts. in stuffing-boxes, packing, &c 17

Vallee, F., for spinning flax, cotton, &c. 24

Ward, P., for the manufacture of sal-ammoniac, &c 195

Warren, F., for impts. in gasburners 178

, P., for a substitute for

papier-mache, &c 193

Webster, J., for treating animal matters and manufacturing manure 435

Welch, J. J., and Margetson, J. S., for manufacturing portmanteaus, &c 115

White, W., for an impd. fabric for ventilating hat bodies ... 256

Whitehouse, J. and J., for manufacturing knobs for doors, &c 337

Wilkinson, W., for the manufacture of ropes, bands, &c. 409

Wilson, G. F., and Gwynne, G., for impts. in treating fatty matters Ill

Peat, impts. in treating and moulding, Rotch's patent ... 6

Pendulums for time - keepers, impts. in, Loseby's patent... 85

Pens and pen-holders, impts. in, Myers, M. and M., and Hill 350

Pens for holding a supply of ink, Goodman's patent 252

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