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Page 344.

Rossetti. The passage of prose on p. 456

is Mrs. Shelley's. Whose love was as a bond to all our loves The needful word as was supplied by

Page 460.
Mr. Rossetti.

Charles the First.
Page 347

| These fragments were in part printed by The Mask of Anarchy.

Mrs. Shelley, in part deciphered from

MS., and constructed in their present Several readings different from those of

form by Mr. Rossetti. The list of Drathe edition of 1832 are derived from al!

| matis Persona was drawn up by Mr. MS. mainly in Mrs. Shelley's handwriting,

Forman. Two or three emendations are and used by Mr. Forman in his edition of

due to Mr. Forman, Shelley's Poetical Works.

Page 474.
Page 360.

The Triumph of Life.
To bully one another's guilt.

| Emendations of the text as originally The original edition has out for one, cor

printed were derived from MS. by Dr. rected by Mr. Forman.


Page 476.
Page 369.

| Tempering the light. Upon the chariot Letter to Maria Gisborne.

beam The text as first printed has been Mr. Rossetti's emendation. Mrs. emended with the aid of readings supplied Shelley readby Dr. Garnett from Shelley's draft, and - Tempering the light upon the chariot by Mr. Forman from a transcript in Mrs.

beam ;" Shelley's handwriting.

Page 478.
Page 374.

Said the grim Feature (of my thought

aware). The Witch of Atlas.

So Mr. Rossetti, emending Mrs. Some readings are derived from a trans- Shelley's cript in Mrs. Shelley's handwriting used |

“Said the grim Feature of my thought : by Mr. Forman.

* Aware ... Page 377.

Page 489. It was their work to bear to many a saint

So Mr. Rossetti; previous edd. its work. | Named "November 1815" in the

Literary Pocket-Book for 1823.
Page 445.

Page 491. Revenge and Wrong bring forth their I never saw the sun ? We will walk here kind,

Mr. Forman makes the ingenious sugDr. Garnett (Relics of Shelley) had gestionprinted “For Revenge." The correction I never saw the sun-rise? We will wake is Mr. Rossetti's.

here ..."
Page 455.

Page 498.
Fragments of an Unfinished Drama. The flames were fiercely vomited

These fragments were in part printed by Flames is Mr. Rossetti's emendation on Mrs. Shelley, in part obtained from MS. the line as previously printed—“The by Dr. Garnett, and first printed by Mr. waves," etc.

Page 500.

Page 522.
To the Lord Chancellor.

Marry Ruin, thou Tyrant ! and G

be thy guide In this poem and that To William

A MS, of Shelley gives “Hul" in pizda Shelley some readings are derived from

of “God." transcripts in Mrs. Shelley's handwriting,

Page 528. consulted by Mr. Forman.

And the stars are shining brigét: Page 500.

The Harvard College MS. reads "burnNo, Music, thou art not the food of Love,"|"

Loving bright." So “The Liberal," So Mr. Forman, no doubt rightly : pre

Page 528. vious editions “god of Love.

As I must on thine

The Harvard MS, gives-
Page 503

“As I must die on thine"

(Mrs. Shelley's reading, 1839). Otho. These two stanzas were printed by Mrs.

Page 528. Shelley. The Fragments which follow Of sweet flowers and sunny grass were printed by Dr. Garnett. Mr. Forman So Harvard College MS of the and Dr. Garnett think it very likely that sweet flowers."—Mrs. Shelley's edition. they belong to Otho.

Page 537
Page 507.

Leaf by leaf, day after duy,
To the Nile.

The reading by instead of after is sup.

Jplied by the MS. in Shelley's handwriting First printed by Mr. Townshend Mayer

in the Library of Harvard College. in the St. James's Magasine, March 1876.

Page 539.
Page 514.

Cancelled Stanza
The purple noon's transparent might, | This stanza originally printed before
The breath of the moist earth is light, that beginning “Spawn, weeds, and filth,

a leprous scum " was omitted in Mrs. The words earth and might are given on Shelley's edition. It is cancellei in Dr. Garnett's authority from Shelley's Shelle

Shelley's own copy in the Harvard ColMS. In the Posthumous Poems the lege MS. second of these lines does not appear,

Page 539. and light stands in place of might. Air appears in some editions instead of earth.

One deck is burst up by the waters beloa,

This is the reading of the Harvard Page 516.

College MS. Printed editions have from Marenghi.

for by.

Page 542. In part given by Mrs. Shelley ; in part

The sweet buds every one, obtained from MS. by Dr. Garnett, and

In the original printed text we bave first printed by Mr. Rossetti.

birds. The correction is from Mrs.

Page 522.

Page 545.
And their mothers look pale-like the

Ode to Liberty. white shore

| The Harvard College MS. in Shelley's A MS. of Shelley gives the reading handwriting is decisive as to the punctua" death-white shore,

tion of the first two lines.

Page 549.

Page 571. Of King into the dust! or write it there,

Song: " King" is found in a fragment of the I have left this among the Poems of rough draft. Shelley and Mrs. Shelley 1821, but it seems probable that it was put four asterisks in place of the word. earlier, for in the Harvard College MS, a

copy made by Mrs. Shelley is dated in Page 549.

Shelley's handwriting “Pisa, May 1820." Or what if Art, an ardent intercessor,

It is not likely that Shelley erred, even

though his entry of the date of transcripSo Mrs. Shelley. In Shelley's edition tion may have been made at a later time "O," is printed in place of “Or." than the copy. Page 553.

Page 572. Its mother's face with heaven's collected

Sonnet : Political Greatness. tears, :

Named by Shelley in the Harvard The Harvard College MS. in Mrs. College MS., Sonnet, To the Republic of Shelley's handwriting has this reading.

Benevento. Later editions, “heaven-collected."

Page 573.

Page 554

In a MS. copy by Shelley followed by My moonlike flight, thou then may'st mark | Mr. Forman, we read, 11. 5-8—

So in the Posthumous Poems. “Moon “ As the wood when leaves are shed, light flight" in Mrs. Shelley's later As the night when sleep is fled, editions.

As the heart when joy is dead.”
Page 559.

And, 1. 10–
The Tower of Famine.

"" The owlet night resumes his reign." It is uncertain whether the following note be Mrs. Shelley's or Shelley's : “ At

Page 583. Pisa there still exists the prison of Ugolino, | Through seas and winds, cities and wilderwhich goes by the name of La Torre

nesses, della Fame;' in the adjoining building

Mr. Forman suggests lands in place of the galley-slaves are confined. It is

| winds; or should we read woods ?
situated on the Ponte al Mare on the

Page 585.
Page 560.

The Boat on the Serchio.
And many pass it by with careless tread,

| Partly given by Mrs. Shelley; additions Mrs. Shelley reads passed. The emenda- and corrections made from Shelley's MS. tion is Mr. Rossetti's.

by Mr. Rossetti.
Page 560.

Page 587.

Readings in this Sonnet are derived

derived Given first in Posthumous Poems. Two from a copy in Shelley's handwriting sold 10

in Shelley's handwriting sold forms are printed in Mrs. Shelley's second at the Ollier sale, and from the Harvard | editi

ood edition of 1839. College MS.

Page 587.
Page 569.

Sonnet to Byron.
And the weary Day turned to his rest

The sonnet as here given was obtained Mr. Rossetti suggests “her rest." from MS. by Mr, Rossetti.

Page 588.

Page 618. Under a heaven of cedar boughs; the And steed-subduing Castor, heirs of f=84 drouth

Mr. Rossetti corrected the error ** stoc I adopt Mr. Forman's suggestion drouth subduing " in previous editions. instead of drought.

Page 620.
Page 594.

Tritogenia, town.preserving mais
To Jane: The Invitation.

Misprinted in Mrs. Shelley's edities A version of part of this poem and part |

" Trilogenia." So on p. 662 " Althus. of the next with variations of text is given in the Posthumous Poems.

was misprinted “Athæa" in editions

previous to Mr. Forman's. On p. 624 Page 594.

“ Papaiax" was erroneously "PanazzSit by the fireside with Sorrow. | pæx" until Mr. Forman set it right So MS. ; in Mrs. Shelley's collected

Page 627. editions “ of Sorrow."

Ai! ai! I have escaped the Trejur tiks Page 597.

In Mrs. Shelley's editions, " Ay! ay!“
Bare woods, whose branches stain, | Corrected by Mr. Rossetti.
Mr. Rossetti suggests "strain" for

Page 628.
Page 609.

The ravin is ready on every side, Shall hurl you into dismal Tartarus, 1 In Mrs. Shelley's editions, “The ravine

“ Hurl" is the reading of the Harvard Corrected by Mr. Rossetti.
College MS. ; printed editions, “haul."
Cf. stanza lxiii. l. 1.

Page 628.
Page 615.

As would contain ten amphora, end As now. I wonder at thee, son of Jove;

bound it The full stop after "now" is from the In Mrs. Shelley's editions, “ four amHarvard College MS.

| phoræ." The correction was suggested

by Mr. Swinburne,
Page 616.
The soul with sweetness, and like an adept

Page 633.
Harvard College MS, and Posthumous ! Semichorus I. We are too far,
Poems read

In Mrs. Shelley's editions, “100 few." " The soul with sweetness, as of an adept." | Corrected by Mr. Rossetti. Page 618.

Page 635. Thou dost alone the veil from death uplift.

From his struck thigh stains her rekite So Harvard College MS. ; printed edi

navel now, tions " of death."

The MS. of Shelley has "her" for Page 618.

"his," in this and the following line

With Mr. Rossetti I change it in its first In truth, and Jove covered their love with

occurrence to “his." So the Harvard College MS. ; printed

Page 656. editions incorrectly". In truth, and Jove covered them with

The trunks are crushed and shattered love and joy."

Mr. Rossetti reads “scattered."


Page 662.

Page 676.
A Dialogue,

Bigotry's Victim. The title is from Shelley's MS., where From Hogg's Life of Shelley, given in the poem is given in a later and revised

a letter dated 28th April 1811.

Dated text. I introduce from the MS. the cor- 1810 in a later revised MS. rection “o'er Eternity's vale" (in place of "on"). The date given is 1809.

Page 677
Page 663.

On an Icicle, etc.
To the Moonbeam.

The title is from Shelley's MS., where Like "A Dialogue," this is given both

the poem (given in a revised text) is dated in Hogg's Life of Shelley (in a letter of |

1809. It is given also in a letter to Hogg, 17th May 1811) and with a revised text

dated 6th January 1811, where Shelley in a MS, of later date. In the MS. the

he says that he had been most of the previous date 230 September 1809 is given. I

night pacing a churchyard.
correct from the MS. the last line of the

Page 679.
Page 663.

To Mary, who Died in this Opinion.
The Solitary.

From a letter to Miss Hitchener, 23d Dated 1810 in Shelley's MS.

November 1811. Mr. Esdaile's MS. Page 664.

contains three poems“ To Mary," with To Death:

an Advertisement prefixed, and one “ To

the Lover of Mary." The date of these The title is from Shelley's MS., where

is November 1810. They are selected, it appears with a revised text. I correct

Shelley says, from many written during the word “murders" (1. 10) in Hogg's

three weeks of an entrancement caused by text to “murderer," MS. Hogg says hearing Mary's story. Probably the poem the poem was written at Oxford (1810). There

..11010). here printed is one of those from among The MS. gives twenty additional lines.

which he made his later selection.
Page 664.

Page 679.
Love's Rose.

A Tale of Society, etc.
The title is Mr. Rossetti's. The poem
appears in a revised text in Shelley's MS.,

The title is from Shelley's MS., where with the date 1810. The second line, the poem appears in a later text, and hitherto given erroneously, I correct from extends to ten stanzas. The present text the MS.

is from a letter to Miss Hitchener, 7th Page 665.

January 1812. I make a few corrections Eyes : A Fragment.

from the later MS. This is from a MS. copied by Mr. Gar

Page 680. nett. A MS, of later date gives the com To the Republicans of North America. plete poem-five eight-lined stanzas. The date in the later MS. is 1810. I correct

The title is from Shelley's MS. ; the text,

from a letter to Miss Hitchener, dated 14th lighten (1. 1 st. 2) to light from this MS.

February 1812. The later MS. contains Page 665.

an additional stanza. I make one or two Poems from St. Irvyne

corrections of text from this MS. Following Mr. Rossetti's example 1

Page 681. supply a title for each of these poems.

To Harriet: A Fragment.
Page 676.

The poem from which this fragment is Stanza from a Translation, etc. | taken will be found in the Life of Shelley, The entire poem is given in a later MS. | by Edward Dowden, vol. i. pp. 286-288.

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