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It was with a light heart and term had pulled me down, a a pleasing consciousness of holi- week of modest enjoyment thereday that I set out from the inn after in town had finished the at Allermuir to tramp my fifteen work; and I drank in the sharp miles into the


I moorish air like a thirsty man walked slowly, for I carried my who has been forwandered equipment on

my back — my among deserts. basket, fly-books and rods, my I am a man of varied tastes plaid of Grant tartan (for I and a score of interests. boast myself a distant kinsman undergraduate I had been filled of that house), and my great with the old mania for the comstaff, which had tried ere then plete life. I distinguished mythe front of the steeper Alps. self in the Schools, rowed in my A small valise with books and college eight, and reached the some changes of linen clothing distinction of practising for had been sent on ahead in the three weeks in the Trials. I shepherd's own hands. It was had dabbled in a

of yet early April, and before me learned activities, and when lay four weeks of freedom - the time came that I won the twenty-eight blessed days in inevitable St Chad's fellowship which to take fish and smoke on my chaotic acquirements, the pipe of idleness. The Lent and I found myself compelled


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to select if I would pursue a hill, and over this lay the head scholar's life, I had some toil of another glen, with the same in finding my vocation. In the doleful accompaniment of sunend I resolved that the ancient less lochs, mosses, and a shining life of the North, of the Celts and resolute water. East and and the Northmen and the un- west and north, in every

direcknown Pictish tribes, held for tion save the south, rose walls me the chief fascination. I had of gashed and serrated hills. acquired a smattering of Gaelic, It was a grey day with blinks having been brought up as a of sun, and when a ray chanced boy in Lochaber, and now I set to fall on one of the great dark myself to increase my store of faces, lines of light and colour languages. I mastered Erse sprang into being which told of and Icelandic, and my first mica and granite. I was in book a monograph on the high spirits, as on the eve of probable Celtic elements in holiday; I had breakfasted exthe Eddic songs— brought me cellently on eggs and salmonthe praise of scholars and steaks ; I had no cares to speak the deputy-professor's chair of of, and my prospects were not Northern Antiquities. So much uninviting. But in spite of for Oxford. My vacations had myself the landscape began to

. been spent mainly in the North take me in thrall and crush me. —in Ireland, Scotland, and the The silent vanished peoples of Isles, in Scandinavia and Ice- the hills seemed to be stirring; land, once even in the far limits dark primeval faces seemed to of Finland. I was a keen sports- stare at

from behind man of a sort, an old-experienced boulders and jags of rock. fisher, a fair shot with gun and The place was so still, so free rifle, and in my hillcraft I might from the cheerful clamour of well stand comparison with most nesting birds, that it seemed

April has ever seemed to a temenos sacred to some oldme the finest season of the year world god. At my feet the even in our cold northern alti- lochs lapped ceaselessly; but the tudes, and the memory of many waters were so dark that one bright Aprils had brought me could not see bottom a foot up from the South on the night from the edge. On my right before to Allerfoot, whence a the links of green told of snakedogcart had taken me up Glen like mires waiting to crush the Aller to the inn at Allermuir; unwary wanderer. It seemed and now the same desire had set to me for the moment a land me on the heather with my face of death, where the tongues to th cold brown hills.

of the dead cried aloud You are to picture a sort recognition. of plateau, benty and rock- My whole morning's walk strewn, running ridge - wise was full of such fancies. I lit above a chain of little peaty a pipe to cheer me, but the lochs and a vast tract of in- things would not be got rid of. exorable bog In a mile the I thought of the Gaels who had ridge ceased in a shoulder of held those fastnesses; I thought



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