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your Lord

life. But with God all things are possible. There is no undertaking, whatever be its difficulty, which to His power is not easy. There is no corruption, be it ever so closely interwoven with the human heart, which His grace cannot extirpate. Direct

your earnest fupplication to the Father of mercies for ability to restrain your lips from evil: for a disposition uniformly to endeavour to follow the steps of in word no less than in deed. Offer

up your prayer in fincerity and truth; offer it in the name and through the mediation of Jesus Christ, who ever liveth at the right hand of God to make intercession for

you; and you

shall receive the assistance needful to salvation.

But think not that God will shower down His grace to abolish the necessity of your own exertions, or to justify you in sluggish unconcern. Though except the Lord build the house, their labour is but loft that build it; he expects that the builders should perform their office. Though except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain: he requires that the watchman should be faithful in circumspection. From you, would obtain from Him

power over your tongue, he demands vigilance,


if you

taution, forbearance, forethought, perfevering struggles against fin. He demands that, through the grace which He has already supplied, you exercise your tongue in the employments and language of devotion; that in the business of your station, in the hour of leisure, you converse as befits those who know that they speak in the hearing of God: that amidst allurements and provocations, amidst unhallowed principles and corrupt example, you daily confefs Christ in the government of your lips : that you redouble


efforts and your prayers, when the pressure of temptation increases : that you faint not under discouragements, nor be weary in well-doing: that, if betrayed into transgression with your lips, you labour the more strenuously against transgression for the future: that you depend not on yourself, but exclusively upon Him : that, when you have been enabled to preserve your tongue void of offence, you ascribe not to yourself but to Him the praise. Shun then, my brethren, , as you value present peace and eternal happiness, every offence of the tongue. Avoid vain babblings and foolish and unlearned questions. Be not hasty with your words; nor fret against the Lord. Abhor


T 2


strife, railings, perverse difputings of men corrupt minds and destitute of the truth. Be not desirous of vain-glory. Let all bitternefs and clamour and evil-speaking be put away from you. Putting away lying, Speak every man truth with his neighbour : for we are members onerof another. Lay aside all guile and hypocrisy. Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth; but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the bearers. Give unto the Lord the honour due unto His name. The God of patience and consolation grant that, according to Christ Jesus, ye may with one mouth glo

rify God.


On the Identity of Wisdom and Religion.

Psalm cxix. 34.

Give me understanding, and I shall keep thy law, yea, I fall observe it with


whole heart.

IN the book of Proverbs, and in other

parts of Scripture, men are earnestly exhorted to pursue wisdom. It is evident that by wisdom the sacred writers intended religion. They were in fact so steadfastly convinced that religion is real wisdom, and the greatest wisdom, and the only true wifdom; that the term wisdom continually presented itself to their minds as peculiarly. adapted to designate a life of faith and hoļiness: and folly appeared to them the appropriate denomination of sin. In com


I 3

mon with many other positions of Holy Writ, the identity of wisdom and religion is by no means universally recognised as a faithful saying, and worthy of all accepta. tion. The infidel sneers at the doctrine as fanatical. The licentious encounter it with broad derision as refuted by daily expea rience. And among those who are untainted by scepticism and decent in their characters, numbers, especially of the young, while they acquiesce in it as a scriptural declaration, regard it as a strange and mysterious truth :: and though not prepared to affirm with the unbeliever and the profiigate that the servants of religion are in this life of all men the mof miserable, rest inwardly of opinion that the sphere of their own happiness would be considerably en. larged if, without forfeiting the future recompense of holiness, they were at liberty to expatiate in the present gratifications of the sinner. Let us then survey, one by one, the characteristic marks of wisdom: and examine whether they are not singly and collectively exemplified in the conduct of the man, who fixes his heart upon God through Jesus Christ.

1. Wisdom,

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