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unto righteousness: fret not thyself because of the ungodly, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. Quietly pursue thy course in godliness: rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him. For evil-doers shall be cut off : but those that wait upon the Lord, they shall inherit the earth. Commit thy way unto the Lord; and thou shalt enjoy, even in the midst of many forrows, the greatest blessings attainable on earth, peace of conscience in Christ, and cheerful dependence on the Almighty. Fret not thyself because of the man who prospereth in the way of wicked devices. Yet a little while and thou shalt be transplanted from the wilderness of this world into the land of promise ; from the thorny field of tribulation into the garden of God. Health and riches and worldly success are bounties which it pleases God to bestow even upon his inveterate enemies. He maketh his fun to shine on the evil and on the good ; and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. Earthly enjoyments are not the rewards which he has fet apart for his fervants. For them he has prepared a kingdom yet to be revealed; a kingdom purchased for them by the blood of his Son; a kingdom of honour and glory


- and happiness at his right hand for ever. Be patient in faith and holiness; and that kingdom shall become thine inheritance. Thou shalt enter into peace: thou shalt stand in thy lot at the end of days. Thou shalt behold thy Redeemer face to face. Thou shalt be in blessedness with him throughout eternity.



On Occupation.

Gen. xlvi. 33.

What is your occupation ?

ACTIVITY is the life of nature. The

planets rolling in their orbits, the earth revolving on her axis ; the atmosphere purified by winds, the ocean by tides; the vapours rising from the ground and-returning in freshening showers, exhaled from the sea, and poured again by rivers into its bosom, proclaim the universal law. Turn to animated existence. See the air, the land, and the waters in commotion with countless tribes eagerly engaged in attack, in defence, in the construction of habitations, in the chase of prey, în employment suited to their sphere and conducive to their happiness. Is man born an


exception to the general rule? While the whole creation toils around him, is he to flumber in supineness ? Man is born to labour. For labour, man while yet innocent was formed. The Lord God took the man, and put him into the Garden of Eden, to dress it and to keep it. To that exertion which was ordained to be a source of unmitigated delight; painful contention and overwhelming fatigue, when man apostatised from his God, were superadded. In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread. By toil must thy daily food be purchased. To toil must thou look as the instrument of security, of accommodation, of comfort, of improvement. Such was the decree. And are none exempted ? None. To Adam, as virtually including the whole human race, of whom he was to be the progenitor, was the mandate issued. Of bread, as the representative of earthly acquisitions among which it is pre eminently necessary, did the mandate speak.

On every individual labour is enjoined. Through labour is cvery blessing to be fought.

In the early ages of the world employments now confined to the lowest classes were deemed not unbecoming persons of the most elevated rank. The wearifome cares 03


of agriculture, and the humble offices of domestic life, occupied princes and kings. Thus speaks the voice of profane history: and thus, even on a subject of comparatively small importance, bears testimony, unsuspicious because incidental, to the veracity and inspiration of the Sacred Records. Of the wealth of the Patriarchs flocks and herds formed a distinguished branch: and to the superintendence of flocks and herds was their daily folicitude devoted. Abraham, who was very rich in cattle, in filver and in gold; Abraham, whose household was so numerous, that he had already produced in arms on a critical occasion three hundred and eighteen of his trained servants born in his own bouse ; when he beheld three travellers approaching him as he sat in the door of his tent in the heat of the day, dispatched not an attendant with offers of hospitality, but ran himself to invite them to pause and refresh themselves; and hastening to the herd, with his own hands selected the calf for their entertainment, while his wife prepared the cakes


the hearth. His grandfon Jacob is now gone down with his family into Egypt. Joseph, the ruler of the land under Pharaoh, foreseeing that the king, to whom his brethren are about to be pre



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