The Leeds Correspondent: A Literary, Mathematical, and Philosophical Miscellany, Tom 5

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Strona 13 - Humour can prevail, When Airs, and Flights, and Screams, and Scolding fail. Beauties in vain their pretty Eyes may roll ; Charms strike the Sight, but Merit wins the Soul.
Strona 140 - ... but for the prompt and well-timed assistance of his shipmates — who, observing that the affair had assumed a dangerous aspect, sallied out to his rescue. The little phalanx opened him a passage, and then closed to receive the bold assailant. Though now beyond the reach of his adversary, the dismayed fugitive continued onwards, impelled by his fears, and never relaxed his exertions until he fairly reached the shelter of his ship.
Strona 193 - I have done. Your heart is very pure; your feelings are quick and strong; your intentions are always kind. I will not thwart your affections, but only pray to Heaven that they may be rendered the source of lasting happiness to yourself.
Strona 184 - And say besides, that in Aleppo once, Where a malignant and a turban'd Turk Beat a Venetian and traduced the state, I took by the throat the circumcised dog And smote him, thus.
Strona 92 - ... the ship itself being entirely beyond the horizon. Appearances of this kind I have before noticed, but the peculiarities of this were, — the perfection of the image, and the great distance of the vessel that it represented. It was so extremely well defined, that when examined with- a telescope by Dollond, I could distinguish every sail, the general •
Strona 138 - One of the ship's company, emboldened by an artificial courage, derived from the free use of his rum, which, in his economy he had stored for special occasions, undertook to pursue and attack the bear that was within view. Armed only with a whalelance, he resolutely, and against all persuasion, set out on his adventurous exploit. A fatiguing journey of about half a league, over a...
Strona 13 - And trust me, dear ! good-humour can prevail, When airs, and flights, and screams, and scolding fail Beauties in vain their pretty eyes may roll ; Charms strike the sight, hut merit wins the soul.
Strona 93 - I could distinguish every sail, the general " rig of the ship," and its par. ticular character ; insomuch that I confidently pronounced it to be my father's ship, the Fame, which it afterwards proved to be ; though, on comparing notes with my father, I found that our relative position at the time gave...
Strona 122 - From the brow of this curious wall of snow, and immediately above the outlet of the stream, large and hoary icicles depend ; they are formed by the freezing of the melted...
Strona 49 - The sound, however, so far from being augmented, was at least as feeble as in atmospheric air of that extreme rarity, and 'decidedly much feebler than when formed in air of its own density, or rarified ten times.

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