The WWE Championship: A Look Back at the Rich History of the WWE Championship

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Simon and Schuster, 29 lis 2011 - 320
Now in paperback—a celebration of fifty years of no-holds-barred sports entertainment!

Suddenly it’s over, and in the center of the ring, one man is victorious. The referee raises his hand, and from somewhere (you’re not quite sure where because you’re still cheering), the shining symbol of this momentous win appears. With the crowd still roaring, the winner stands alone in the ring and raises the championship belt high over his head. The lights shine off the WWE Championship title belt, and in that instant, the winner’s life will be changed forever.

For over half a century, Superstars have battled to win the WWE Championship. While the name may have changed, the prestige attached to the champion­ship has exploded. That is due in no small part to the immortals of wrestling who have held this coveted title—Bruno Sammartino taking the title from the first holder, Buddy Rogers...the totally unexpected win of “Superstar” Billy Graham...Hulk Hogan’s win over the Iron Sheik, who had refused a payoff to injure Hogan...Andre the Giant’s surrender of the title to Ted DiBiase...the newcomer win of the Undertaker...the commanding wrestling abilities of Bret Hart...Shawn Michaels’s win in Montreal...the stunning victories of Stone Cold Steve Austin...the triumph of the People’s Champion, The Rock...Triple H playing the game...the never-surrender attitude of John Cena.

This is the chronicle of how the title that is now known as the WWE Championship became sports-entertainment’s most coveted prize.

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Informacje o autorze (2011)

Kevin Sullivan is a retired New York State Police investigator. From uniform patrol to undercover narcotics to investigative case squads, Kevin settled in as the state money laundering investigations coordinator assigned to the NY HIFCA El Dorado Federal Task Force in Manhattan. The HIFCA El Dorado Task Force is a multiagency task force established and coordinated by Homeland Security that comprises members from federal, state, and local law-enforcement agencies. The unit specializes in large-scale money-laundering investigations. Kevin was responsible for case reverse engineering, SAR review and analysis, and special projects consisting of developing intelligence on the latest money-laundering threats, trends, and patterns.

Kevin was first exposed to money laundering while assigned to an undercover narcotics detail. Following that, he was assigned to a money laundering and financial crimes unit detailed to the FBI White Collar Crimes Task Force before joining the NY HIFCA El Dorado Task Force. Kevin was also one of the lead instructors for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Operation Cornerstone, which assisted financial institutions with their AML and BSA compliance programs and provided a liaison between private financial institutions and law enforcement.

Kevin holds a masters degree in Economic Crime Management from Utica College of Syracuse University, and a certificate in executive management from Cornell University. Kevin is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist, a founding member and past president of the NY Chapter of ACAMS, the Association of Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialists, the Chairman of the ACAMS Education Task Force, and a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Experts.

Kevin currently is the director of the AML Training Academy ( specializing in AML, BSA, and compliance training; consulting; and AML independent reviews. He has created unique training sessions that are designed to engage the attendees and make learning enjoyable. Also, Kevin is an adjunct professor at Utica College and an instructor for ACAMS. He has spoken at seminars, conferences, and webinars globally. Kevin has been interviewed and quoted by numerous magazines and has been interviewed on CNBC television.

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