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9 *B. Nicholas de Gorcum, and Comp. 1st Order, Martyrs. 1572, at Briel, in Holland.

10 B. Marie of Jesus, W. 3d Order. 9 July 1620, at Toledo. 11 B. Bernard of Quintaval, Disciple and Comp. of St. Francis, Conf. 1st Order. 10 July 1241, at Assisium.


B. Frances de Burgare, V. 3d Order. 16 July 1425, at


13 S. Faithful of Sigmaringa, Conf. Martyr 1st Order. 11 July 1622, at Brecticola, in Switzerland.

14 S. Bonaventura, Doctor of the Church, Cardinal Archbishop of Alba, Conf. 1st Order. 1274, at Lyons. 15 B. Angelica, Countess of Marsciano, W. 3d Order. July 1435, at Florence.


16 *B. Jolente, daughter of Bela, King of Hungary, W. 2d Order. 1299, at Gnesne, in Poland.

17 B. Angelica, Countess of Civitella, V. 3d Order. 14 July 1435, at Rome.

18 *B. Simon Lipnice, Conf. 1st Order. 1482, at Cracow. 19 *B. John de Dukla, Conf. 1st Order. 29 Sep. 1484, at Lemberg, in Russia.

20 B.Margaret Bichi, W. 3d Order. 22 July 1535, at Siena, Italy. 21 B. Onuphrie, Countess de l'Apruce, V. 3d Order. 7 July 1430, at Florence.

22 B. Agnes Viotte, V. 2d Order. 15 July 1497, at Alençon. 23 B. Hortulana, Mother of St. Clare, W. 3d Order. 2 Jan. 1253, at Assisium.

24 S. Francis de Solane, Conf. 1st Order, Apostle of Peru. 14 July 1610, at Lima.

25 S. Bridget, Princess of Sweden, W. 3d Order. 23 July 1373, at Rome.

26 B. Philip Dulcet, Hermit 3d Order. 25 July 1554, on Mount Guidica, in Sicily.

27 *B. Cunegonde, Queen of Poland, V. 2d Order. 24 July 1292, at Sandecz, in Poland.

28 B. Agnes de Castaneo, W. 3d Order. 27 July 1634, at Murcia, in Spain.

29 B. Sanctia, Queen of Sicily and Jerusalem, 2d Order. 28 July 1345, at Naples.

30 B. Catherine Vannini, Penitent, 3d Order. 1606, at Siena, in Italy.

31 *B. Aime Ronconi, Conf. 3d Order. 8 May 1266, at Saludez, in Romagna.


1 B. Amedeus of Portugal, Count of Viana, Prince of Ceuta, Conf. 1st Order. 10 Aug. 1482, at Milan.


2 Our Lady of the Angels, called the Portiuncula. 3 B. Francis Sichio, Conf. 3d Order. 5 Aug. 1350, at Mount St. Marie, in Italy.

4 *B. Beatrix de Silva, Princess Royal of Portugal, Foundress of the Conceptionists, 2d Order. 17 Aug. 1490, at Toledo. 5 B. Bonna, wife of the B. Luchesio, in whose house the 3d Order was first established.



B. Charles de Montgranel, Count of Romandiole, Conf. 3d Order. 6 Sep. 1419, at Venice.

B. Marie, Viscountess of Clermont, V. 2d Order. 13 Aug. 1544, at Avignon.

8 B. Francis de Beccarie, called of Pavia, General Commandant of the Armies of the Duke of Milan, Conf. 1st Order. 16 Aug. 1454, at Spoletto.

9 B. Cecilia, Marchioness of Mantua, V. 3d Order. 8 Aug. about 1470, at Mantua.

10 B. Richard, Bishop of Alexandria, Conf. 3d Order. 8 Aug.


11 B. Adrianna, sister of S. Margaret of Cortona, 3d Order.


12 S. Clare, Foundress of the Poor Clares, 1253.

13 *B. Peter of Molean, Conf. 1st Order. 13 May 1490.

14 *B. Sanctes du Mont-Fabrice, Conf. 1st Order. 1290, at Picena, in Italy.

15 B. Marie, Duchess of Gonzaga, W. 3d Order. 5 Aug. 1660, at Mantua.

16 S. Roch, Conf. 3d Order. 17 Aug. 1327, at Montpellier. 17 B. Euprasius Rodriguez, V. 3d Order. 15 Aug. 1560, at Veaz, in Spain.

18 *B. Clare of Montfaucon, V. 3d Order reg. 17 Aug. 1308, in Umbria.

19 S. Louis, Archbishop of Toulouse, Conf. 1st Order. 1297, at Brignola.

20 B. Catherine de Quadia, V. 3d Order. 13 Aug. 1594, at Ulmeta, in Spain.

21 B. Antoinette Miceli, Governess, V. 3d Order. 22 Aug. 1632, at Siacca, in Sicily.

22 B. Dominic d'Alexio, Conf. 3d Order.

Real, in Italy.

23 B. Beatrix of St. Francis, W. 3d Order.

Longville, in Portugal.

1510, at Mont

28 Aug. 1566, at

24 B. Philippine, Princess de Vega, V. 2d Order. About 1531, at Belalcazar.

25 S. Louis IX., King of France, Conf. 3d Order, patron of the Congregations of Brothers and Sisters of the 3d Order. 1270, at Tunis.


26 B. Cunegonde, Duchess of Bavaria, W. 3d Order. 6 Aug. 1532, at Munich.

27 B. Marie Gonzales de Fuente, W. 3d Order. About 1525, at Toledo.

28 B. Vincent Mussart, Priest, Conf. 3d Order. 13 Aug.1630, at Paris.

29 B. Julien Donat, Conf. 3d Order. 21 Dec. 1580, in Spain. 30 B. John de Gretio, Conf. 3d Order. About 1225, in Italy. 31 *B. Isabella, sister of S. Louis, V. 2d Order. 1269, at Longchamps, near Paris.


1 B. Jane Godoja, V. 3d Order. 1622, at Calosa, in Spain. 2 B. Aldonse de Pantoxe, V. 3d Order. 9 Sep. 1566, in Biscay.

3 *BB. John of Perouse, and Peter de Saxo-Ferrato, Martyrs 1st Order. About 1231, in the kingdom of Valence. 4 S. Rose of Viterbo, V. 3d Order. 1251.

5 *B. Gentil, Martyr 1st Order. 1340, at Torre, in Egypt. 6 *B. Vincent d'Aquila, Conf. 1st Order. 20 Aug. 1504. 7 B. John Tesserand, Conf. 3d Order. 8 Sep. 1494, at Lyons. 8 *B. Thomas, or Thomasuccius, Hermit. 15 Sep. 1377, at Foligny.

9 *B. Seraphin de Sforce, Duchess d'Urbin, W. 2d Order. 8 Sep. 1478, at Pesaro.

10 B. Marie of Jesus, the African, W. 3d Order. 8 Sep., at Murcia, in Spain.

11 B. Didacus of Sinagra, Conf. 3d Order. 9 Sep. 1612, at St. Philip's, in Sicily.

12 B. Louisa of St. Philip, V. 3d Order. 8 Nov. 1641, in


13 S. Veronica de Giulano, V. 2d Order. 9 July 1727, at


14 B. Euphrosine, W. 3d Order. 15 Sep. 1484, at Biturgia, in Umbria.

15 B. Beatrix Veniera, Servant, V. 3d Order. 7 Sep. 1509, at Venice.

16 B. Francis, Duke of Brittany, Conf. 3d Order. 9 Sep. 1488, at Coiron, Nantes.

17 B. Clare de Bugni, W. Stigmata, 3d Order. 1514, at


18 S. Joseph of Cupertina, Conf. 1st Order. 1663, at Osimo,

in Italy.

19 *B. Joseph de Leonisse, Conf. 1st Order.

20 Dec.

20 B. Marie de Bourbon, V. 3d Order. 7 Sep. 1445, at



21 B. Robert Malatesta, Prince d'Arrimini, Conf. 3d Order, died at the age of 22. 10 Oct. 1432.

22 B. Alexander of Perouse, Conf. 3d Order. 10 Sep. 1242. 23 B. Hugoline, V. 3d Order. 22 Sep. 1300, at Vercelles. 24 B. Bernardine de Montemajor, W. 3d Order. 21 Sep. 1520, at Villeneuve.

25 S. Pacific of S. Severin, Conf. 1st Order. 14 Sep. 1721, in the Marche of Ancona.

26 *B. Lucy de Salerno, V. 3d Order. 1400, at Calatagirine. 27 S. Elzear, Count d'Arian, Conf. 3d Order. 26 Sep. 1323,

at Pavia.

28 *B. Bernardin de Feltre, Conf. 1st Order. 1494, at Pavia. 29 B. Barbara, Princess of Bavaria, V. 2d Order.

1472, at Munich.

30 B. Felicia de Meda, V. 2d Order. 1444, at Pesaro.



1 *B. Louisa of Savoy, W. 3d Order. 24 July 1503. 2 B. Margaret, wife of S. Louis, King of France, W. 3d Order. 2 Dec. 1285, at Paris.

3 B. John, King of Armenia, Conf. 1st Order. About 1310. 4 S. Francis of Assisium, Founder of the Three Orders. 5 *B. John of Pinna, Conf. 1st Order. 3 April 1271, in the Diocese of Fermo.

6 *B. Marie Frances, V. 3d Order. 6 Oct. 1791, at Naples. 7 B. Thadeus Olobardi, V. 3d Order. 2 Oct. 1649, in Tus


8 B. Henry, King of Cyprus, Conf. 1st Order. About 1316, in the Isle of Nixos.

9 B. John Matthew, named Bishop of Deventer, Martyr, 1st Order. 4 Oct. 1572, at Audenard, in Flanders. 10 B. Martius de Pavia, Hermit, 3d Order. 1 Oct. 1301, near Gualdo, in Italy.

11 B. Marie Louisa du Four, V. 3d Order. 1662, at Rouan. 12 *B. Eustochiona, W. 3d Order. 17 Oct. 1456, in Sicily. 13 SS. Daniel, Samuel, Angel, Donule, Leon, Hugolin, and Nicholas, Martyrs, 1st Order. 9 Oct. 1221, at Cepte, in Mauritania.

14 B. Thomas Salvatius, Prince of the Holy Empire, Count de Cesa, Bishop of Arreze, Conf. 3d Order. 15 Oct. 1671.

15 B. Leonora Portocarrero, Countess of Palma, V. 2d Order. About 1570.

16 B. Isabella of Peace, V. 3d Order. 1640, in Murcia. 17 S. Ludgard de Wittigstein, V. 2d Order. 16 Oct. 1347, at Wittichen, in Germany.


18 B. Frances Farnese, V. 2d Order. 17 Oct. 1651, at Albano. 19 S. Peter of Alcantara, Conf. 1st Order. 18 Oct. 1562, in Castille.

20 B. Vincent de Nicose, Conf. 3d Order. 1602, at Palermo,

in Sicily.

21 B. Gaultier, Bishop of Trevise, Conf. 3d Order. 24 Aug. 1323, in Italy.


B. Ladislas de Gielniow, Conf. 1st Order. 4 May 1505, at


23 S. John of Capistrana, Conf. 1st Order.

in Spain.

24 B. Francis Martinez, Conf. 3d Order.


25 *B. Francis Calderole, Conf. 1st Order.

in Italy.

1456, at Villach,

27 Oct. 1640, at

1407, at Colfani,

26 *B. Bonaventura de Potenzie, Conf. 1st Order. 1657, at


27 B. Frances of Jesus, daughter of John II., Duke of Gandia, V. 2d Order. 28 Oct. 1557, at Valladolid.

28 B. Lucrecia, Duchess of Ferrara, V. 2d Order. 28 Nov.


29 B. Catherine, Duchess of Milan, W. 2d Order. 1404, at Modetia.

30 B. Teresa Enriquez, Duchess of Castille, W. 3d Order. 31 Oct. 1409, at Methymia.

31 *B. Thomas of Florence, Conf. 1st Order. 1447, at FonteColombo, Naples.


1 B. Lucretia Brunelli, V. 3d Order. 19 March 1347, at Massa, in Italy.

2 B. Marie, Countess of Rofales Alarçon, V. 3d Order. 27 Jan. 1645, at Loxa, in Spain.

3 B. Margaret of Lorraine, Duchess of Alençon, W.2d Order. 1527, at Argentan.

4 B. Helen of Enselmine, V. 2d Order. 1242, at Padua. 5 *B. Rainier of Arreto, Conf. 1st Order. 1 Nov. 1304, in Umbria.

6 B. Sybille Rosenbaumin, V. 3d Order. At Treves.

7 *B. Bernardin de la Fosse, Conf. 1st Order. 26 Nov. 1503, at Aquila.

8 B. Francis Ximenes de Cisneros, Archbishop of Toledo, Cardinal and Regent of Spain, Conf. 1st Order. 1517. 9 The heroic Princess Marie Ferdinandine Coroneli, W. of John de la Cerda, 2d Order. 1340, at Gualda-fagiata, in Spain.

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