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28 *B. Thomas of Cora, Conf. 1st Order. 11 Jan. 1729. 29 B. Marie Elizabeth, Countess of Spain, V. 3d Order. 5 Feb. 1660, at Bressinone, in the Tyrol.


1 B. Mathasie de Nazarei, V. 2d Order. 1513, at Camerino. B. Berengaria, Princess of Castille, W. 3d Order. 3 March, at Leon.


3 *B. Antoninus de Stronconie, Conf. 1st Order. 6 March 1452, at Urbino.

4 B. Jane, Queen of Castille and Leon, W. 3d Order. 5 March 1381, at Madrid.



S. John Joseph of the Cross, Conf. 1st Order. 1734, at


S. Colette Boilet of Corbie, V. 2d Order. 1447, at Ghent. 7 B. Andrew of Tuderto, Conf. 3d Order. 5 March 1242, at


8 *B. Agnes, Princess of Bohemia, 2d Order. 6 March 1282, at Prague, in Bohemia.

9 S. Catherine of Bologna, V. 9 March 1463.

10 B. Uladislas, Duke of Lithuania, Conf. 3d Order. 22 March


11 S. Frances of Rome, W. 3d Order. 9 March 1440.

12 B. Marie Isabella Gisala, Marchioness of Gibelin, 24 April 1630, at Palermo.

13 *B. Roger, Conf. 1st Order, about 1236, at Todi, in Italy. 14 B. Peter of Monticulo, Conf. 1st Order, about 1285, at Pisena. 15 *B. Henry, son of Haquin, King of Denmark, Conf. 3d Order. 1415, at Perouse.

16 *B. Peter of Siena, Conf. 3d Order. 4 Dec. 1289.

17 B. Pauline of Malatesta, Marchioness of Mantua, 2d Order. 1449.

18 B. Salvata de Horta, Conf. 1st Order. 1597, in Sardinia. 19 B. Petronilla d'Emelveerdegem, Flanders, V. 3d Order. 18 March 1472, at Ghent.

20 *B. John of Parma, 7th General of the Orders. 1289, at Camarino, near Assisium.

21 B. Blanche, Queen of Sicily, W. 3d Order. 22 March 1343. 22 *B. Bienvenu, Bishop of Osimo, Conf. 1st Order. 1276, at


23 S. Angela de Mericie, V. 3d Order, and Foundress of the Ursulines. 21 March 1540, at Brescia.

24 *B. Gandolfi de Binasco, Conf. 1st Order, about 1260. 25 *B. Rizzarius, Conf. 1st Order, about 1236.

26 S. Ferdinand, King of Castille, Conf. 3d Order, about



27 *B. Peregrin, Conf. 1st Order, about 1240, at San-Severino, in La Marche.

28 *B. Mark de Mont-Gallo, Conf. 1st Order. 19 March 1497, at Vicenza, in Sicily.

29 B. Pauline, Countess of Gambara-Costa, W. 3d Order. 1505, in Piedmont.

30 *B. Angela de Foligny, W. 3d Order. 4 Jan. 1309. 31 B. Maria de Maille, W. 3d Order. 28 March 1431, at Tours.


1 *B. Hippolitus Galantini, Founder of the Order of Christian Doctrine, Conf. 3d Order. 20 March 1619, at Flor


2 B. Leopold de Gaiche, Conf. 1st Order. 1815, at Monte Lugo, near Spoletta.

3 St. Benedict of Philadelphia, Conf. 1st Order. 4 April



B. Beatrix, Countess of Ruscons, W. 3d Order. 14 March 1551, at Milan.

5 B. Clare Martinez, W. 3d Order. 1594, at Villasicos. 6 S. Catherine, Princess of Sweden, W. 3d Order. 24 March 1381, at Watzen.

7 *B. Julien of St. Augustine, Conf. 1st Order. 8 April 1606, at Alcala, in Spain.

8 B. Frances de Serrona, V. 3d Order. 7 April 1607, near St. Severin, Italy.

9 B. Jeremiah Lambertenghi, Priest, Conf. 3d Order. 25 March 1513, at Forli.

10 B. Marie Pennalosa, V. 3d Order. 1589, at Segovia, in Spain.

11 B. Andrew de Vega, Priest and Conf. 3d Order. 1 April 1584, at Santarem, in Portugal.

12 *B. Angel de Clavasio de Saone, Conf. 1st Order. 25 April 1495, in La Marche.

13 B. Francescina, V. 3d Order.


4 March, at Eugubia, in

14 B. Gonsalve Marinus, Count of Altamira, Conf. 1st Order. 1405, at Viana, in Portugal.

15 *B. Jane de Signia, Shepherdess, V. 3d Order. 7 April 1350, in Etruria.

16 B. Leonora of the Holy Ghost, Marchioness of Serolvo, V. 2d Order. 29 April 1597, at Madrid.

17 B. Marie Magdelin, Duchess of Brittany, V. 3d Order. 29 March 1462, at Longchamps, near Paris.

18 *B. Andrew Hibernon, Conf. 1st Order. 1602, at Gandia,

[blocks in formation]


19 *B. Conrad d'Ascoli, Conf. 1st Order. 1289, at Ascoli, in


20 B. James, Marquis of Oldi, Widower 3d Order. 1404, at Lauda, in Spain.

21 B. Elizabeth Pontia, V.3d Order. 30 April 1520, at Lorca, near Carthage.

22 B. Joannin de Calle, Conf. 3d Order. 21 April 1372, in Umbria.

23 *B. Giles, Conf. 1st Order. 1262, at Perouse.

24 B. Beatrix de Belmont, Princess of Navarre, V. 3d Order. 11 April 1520, at Granada.

25 B. Ubald, Hermit, 3d Order. 13 April 1301, at Mantua. 26 B. Anne de Ponce de Leon, Countess of Feria, W. 2d Order. 1601, at Montilia, in Spain.

27 *B. James de Bitecto, Conf. 1st Order. About 1485, in the kingdom of Naples.

28 *B. Luchese, first Member of the 1st Order at Pozzi Bonzi. 29 B. Marie of Bavaria, mother of the Emperor Ferdinand II., 2d Order. 22 April 1608.

30 B. Marie Kellen, V. 3d Order. 27 April 1661, at Treves.


1 B. Vivalde, Hermit and Conf. 1300, in Italy.

2 B. Constance of Jesus, V. 3d Order. 1635, at Lisbon. 3 B. Jane of the Cross, V. 3d Order. 1534, at Cuba, near


4 B. Isabella, Widow of Henry III., King of England, 3d Order. 1285, at London.

5 B. Emanuel Rego, Priest, 3d Order. 1626, in Spain.
6 B. Frances Rodriguez, 3d Order. 1544, in Spain.
7 B. Bela, King of Hungary, Conf. 3d Order. 1269.


8 B. Bonaventura de Chieti, Hermit, 3d Order. 1627. B. Antony of Hungary, Conf. 3d Order. 1398, at Foligny. B. Eulalie Gomez, W. 3d Order. 1583, at Toledo. 11 B. John de la Puebla, Count of Belalcasar, Conf. 1st Order. 1495.


12 B. Isabella, wife of Ferdinand, King of Aragon (also a Tertian), 3d Order. 1400.

13 S. Peter de Regalate, Conf. 1st Order. 1456, at Aquilera. 14 B. Francis Venimbeni, Conf. 1st Order. 1322, at La


15 B. Bienvenu of Reccini, Captain, then Conf. 1st Order. 1232. 16 B. Gerard, Knight of St. John of Jerusalem, Conf. 3d Order. About 1267, in Tuscany. 17 S. Pascal of Baylon, Conf. 1st Order. 18 S. Felix of Cantalice, Conf. 1st Order.

1592, in Valencia. 1587, at Rome.


19 S. Ives, Priest and Conf. 3d Order. 1347, at Lohanec,




S. Bernardin of Siena, Conf. 1st Order. 1444.

B. Violente of Cordova, V. 3d Order. 1576, at Murcia. 22 B. Humiliana, W. 3d Order. 1246, at Florence. 23 B. Rostan, Knight, Conf. 3d Order. 1282, in Provence. 24 B. John de Prade, Martyr, 1st Order. 1632, at Morocco. 25 B. Payen, Knight, Conf. 3d Order. 1478, at Assisium. 26 B. Magdalen of Constance, Conf. 3d Order. 1545, in Naples. B. Peter Marquerius, Conf. 3d Order. 1557, in Portugal. 28 B. Jane, Queen of Castille, Widow of Henry II., 3d Order. 1382, at Toledo.


29 B. Eleu, Conf. 3d Order. 1251, at Rome.


B. John, Prince of Bonvisi, Conf. 1st Order. 1472, at

31 B. Vital de Vaste, Conf. 3d Order. 1491, at Assisium.


1 *B. James of Strepa, Archbishop and Conf. 1st Order. 1411, in Russia.

2 *B. Baptist de Varese, Princess of Camerino, V. 2d Order. 31 May 1527.

3 *B. Andrew Caccioli de Spello, Conf. 1st Order. 1294, in Umbria.

4 B. Pelingo, Tradesman, Conf. 3d Order. About 1399, at Urbino, in Italy.

5 *B. Pacific de Ceredane, Conf. 1st Order. 1482, in the Island of Sardinia.

5 June

6 B. Isabella Marie of the Passion, Princess of Trabia, and Marchioness of Gibellina, W. 3d Order. 1630, at Palermo.

7 B. Uraca Rodriguez, W. 3d Order.

Ulmete, in Spain.

8 B. Alice Burgotte, Recluse, 3d Order.


29 June 1534, at

29 June 1466, at

9 B. Achaz, an Infant, 3d Order. 11 June 1230, at Tour

nout, Flanders.

10 B. Vincent de Nicose, Conf. 3d Order. 9 June 1601, at Palermo.

11 B. Owida Griffina, Princess of Hungary, Duchess of Cracow, W. 3d Order. 1309.


13 June 1440.
June 1496, at Ul-

12 *B. Guy of Cortona, Conf. 1st Order. 13 S. Antony of Padua, Conf. 1st Order. 14 B. Margaret of Foligny, V. 3d Order. 15 B. Agnes de Fer, W. 3d Order. metta, in Spain.


16 B. Constance de Castre, W. 3d Order.

at Viviers, in Galicia.

15 June 1287,

17 *B. Cornelius, Martyr, 3d Order. 9 July 1572, at Briel,

in Holland.

18 B. John of Ravenna, Conf. 3d Order. 16 June 1242, at Romandiole.

19 *B. Micheline, W. 3d Order.

Marche of Ancona.

1356, at Pezaro, in La

20 B. Cecilia Joannelli de Castella, W. 3d Order. 1641, at Gandino, in Venetie.

21 B. Leonard de Gallice, Conf. 3d Order. 11 June 1634, at Palermo.

22 B. Michael of the Holy Angels, Hermit, 3d Order. 18 June 1628, at Cuidad-Rodriguez, in Spain.

23 B. Cecilia Portaro, V.3d Order. 19 June 1640, at Palermo. 24 B. Clare of Catana, W. 3d Order. 20 June 1617, at Palermo.

25 B. Sancia Martinez de Montalvo, W. 3d Order. 27 June 1440, at Areval.

26 B. Orlando, or Rowland, Count of Catana, Conf. 3d Order. 30 June 1213, at Spire, in Germany.

27 *B. Bienvenu, Conf. 1st Order. 1232, at Corneto, in Naples.

28 B. Charles Martel, King of Hungary, 3d Order. 1242, at Alba, aged 24 years.

29 B. Martin d'Alonzo, Conf. 3d Order.


About 1644, at

30 B. Raymond Lulli, Martyr, 3d Order. 29 March 1315, at Mauritania, in Africa.


About 1470.

1 B. William de Siclene, Conf. 3d Order. 2 B. Angelica Tadeschi, W. 3d Order. 27 Jan. 1753, at Messa, in Tuscany.

3 B. Elie, Count of Bourdeille, Archbishop of Tours and Cardinal, Conf. 1st Order. 1484, at the Chateau of Artane.

4 B. Bonice, Conf. 3d Order. 11 July 1242, in Tuscany. 5 B. Archangel de Calatafime, Conf. 1st Order. 1640, in


6 B. Margaret of the Cross, daughter of the Emperor Max. II. of Austria, V. 2d Order. 5 July 1633.

7 *B. Laurence de Brindes, Conf. 1st Order. 22 July 1619,

at Lisbon.

8 S. Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal, W. 3d Order. 4 July 1336, at Conimbre.

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