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Calendar of Saints and Beatified Members





With the Date and Place of their Decease.

N.B. Conformably with the decree of Urban VIII., we declare that the title of Blessed, given to the servants of God not yet canonised or beatified, has nothing more than a purely human authority. However, the Congregation of Rites is at the present moment occupied with the beatification of many of those whose names are given below. The names of such as have an office in their honour are marked thus *. The letter S. indicates such as have been canonised.


1 B. Dominic of St. Francis, Conf. 3d Order.

2 B. Liberius de Laure, Conf. 1st Order. About 1258. 3 B. Gualterius, Conf. Bishop of Poitiers, 1st Order. About 1255.

4 B. Angela of Foligny, V. 3d Order. 1486, at Segory. 5 B. Martin Guzman, Chamberlain to Charles V., afterwards Conf. 1st Order. 1575, in Romagna.

6 *B. Paul of Ambrosia, Priest, Conf. 3d Order. 24 Jan. 1489, at Scavigna, in Italy.

7 B. Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England, wife of Henry VIII., 3d Order. 6 Jan. 1535.

8 B. Catherine of St. Marie, V. 3d Order. 29 Jan. 1596. B. Magdalin Budrisig, Countess of Cétine, W. 3d Order. 12 May 1532.

10 *B. John of Massacio, Conf. 3d Order. About 1399.


11 B. Leonora of St. John, V. 3d Order. 10 Jan. 1563, at Granada.

12 B.John of Bentivengo, Priest and Hermit, 3d Order. 6Jan., about 1500, in the diocese of Cortona.

13 B. Bienvenue, W. 3d Order. About 1282, at Ancona. 14 B. Vincencia of Sabatre, W. 3d Order. 1664, at Vinozo, in Spain.

15 B. James of Pieve, Priest and Martyr, 3d Order. 1304, in Tuscany.

16 SS. Berard and Companions, 1st Martyrs of the 1st Order in Morocco.


17 B. Lucy, V. 3d Order. 1355, at Venice.

18 B. Charles, Duke of Blois, Conf. 3d Order. 1260, at Guingampe, in Brittany.

19 B. Joseph of Avola, Conf. 3d Order. 15 Jan. 1647, in Sicily.

20 B. Amadeus, Bishop and Cardinal, 3d Order. 13 Jan. 1451, at Lausanne.

21 B. Robert, King of Sicily, Conf. 3d Order. 16 Jan. 1348, at Naples.

22 B. Jacquette de Bachelier, V. 3d Order. 25 Jan. 1635, at Beziers, in Languedoc.

23 B. Jane of St. Marie, V. 3d Order. 1360, in Etruria. 24 B. Maximilianna, Princess of Wurtemberg, V. 3d Order. 14 Jan. 1638, at Munich.

25 B. Bartholomew, Conf. 3d Order. 3 Jan. 1223, at Barry, in Italy.

26 B. Archangel of Tardarius, V. 3d Order. 8 Feb. 1598, in Sicily.

27 B. Constance Norrontia, Duchess of Braganza, W. 3d Order. 26 Jan. 1480.

28 *B. Matthew, Bishop of Agrigentum, Conf. 1st Order. 1 Jan. 1451, at Palermo.

29 S. Hyacintha of Mariscotti, V. 2d Order. 31 Jan. 1640, at Viterbo.

30 B. Frances Clare of St. Levin, V. 3d Order. 31 Jan. 1652, at Ghent.

31 *B. Louisa of Albertoni, W. 3d Order. 31 Jan. 1530, at Rome.


1 *B. Andrew of Conti, Count of Segni, Conf. 1st Order. About 1302, at Anagni, near Rome.

2 *B. Viridianna, Recluse, V. 3d Order. 1 Feb. 1242, at St. Florentine, Etruria.

3 B. Oderic, Conf. 1st Order. 14 Jan. 1331, at Udine, Italy.


4 S. Jane of Valois, Queen of France, W. 2d Order, Foundress of the Annunciades. 1504, at Bourges.

5 BB. Peter Baptista, Francis, Blanco, Philip of Jesus, Martin of the Ascension, Gonsalvo Garcia and Francis of St. Michael, 1st Order, with 17 Brothers of the 3d Order. Martyred 5th Feb. 1597, at Naganzac, in Japan.

6 B. Robert of France, Son of St. Louis, 3d Order. 11 Feb. 1317.

7 B. John Baron of Burgo, Martyr 3d Order. 11 Sept. 1610, at Limerick, Ireland.

8 B. Elizabeth of Ciraule, Penitent 3d Order, V. 7 Feb. 1627, in Sicily.

9 B. Sigismond, Duke of Bavaria, Conf. 3d Order. 2 Feb. 1501, at Munich.

10 *B. Clare Agolante, W. 2d Order. 1346, at Rimini. 11 B. Theodoric of Munster, Conf. 1st Order. 2 Feb. 1515, at Louvain. His body reposes at St. Trond.

12 B. Pascaline, V. 3d Order. 4 Feb. 1313, at Foligny. 13 B. Mary Guzman, V. 2d Order. 15 Feb. 1515, at Abdara,


14 B. Pudentiana Zagnoni, V. 3d Order. 1608, at Boulogne. 15 B. Edmund de Garan, Archbishop of Armagh in Ireland, Martyr 3d Order. 1598.

16 *B. Philippa Mareri, V. 2d Order. 13 Feb. 1236, near Assi


17 *B. William of Cuffitella, Hermit 3d Order. 4 April 1450, at Xicile, in Sicily.

18 *B. Davanzat, Curé of Barberino, 3d Order. 7 July 1295, at Tuscany.

19 *B. Conrad, Knight of Plaisance, Conf. 3d Order. 1351, at Noto, in Sicily.

20 B. Jerome of Messina, W. and Recluse, 3d Order. 16 Feb. 1590, at Palermo.

21 B. Philippa of Gueldre, Queen of Sicily, W. 2d Order. 25 Feb. 1547, at Pont-Mousson, France.

22 St. Margaret of Cortona, Penitent, 3d Order. 1297. 23 B. Gertrude, Baroness of Ortenberg, W. 3d Order, at Offenberg, Germany.

24 B. Thirasie, W. 3d Order. 26 Jan. 1503, at Villeneuve. 25 *B. Sebastien of the Apparition, W. Conf. 1st Order. 1600,

in Mexico.

26 B. Marie, Empress of Austria, daughter of Charles V., and wife of Max. II., 2d Order. 1603.

27 *B. Eustochia of Calafato, V. 2d Order. 20 Jan. 1729, at Messina.

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