XX Century Cyclopaedia and Atlas: Biography, History, Art, Science and Gazeteer of the World, Tom 6

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Ainsworth Rand Spofford, Charles Annandale
Gebbie & Company, 1901

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Strona 90 - States, and to renounce forever all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, and particularly, by name, to the prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of which the alien may be at the time a citizen or subject.
Strona 116 - ... Secondly, not to permit or suffer either belligerent to make use of its ports or waters as the. base of naval operations against the other, or for the purpose of the renewal or augmentation of military supplies or arms, or the recruitment of men. Thirdly, to exercise due diligence in its own ports and waters, and, as to all persons within its jurisdiction, to prevent any violation of the foregoing obligations and duties.
Strona 514 - LET it be granted that a straight line may be drawn from any one point to any other point.
Strona 116 - Neutral goods, with the exception of contraband of war, are not liable to capture under the enemy's flag. 4. Blockades, in order to be binding, must be effective, that is to say, maintained by a force sufficient really to prevent access to the coast of the enemy.
Strona 243 - It is inclined to believe, that he was in use to supply chasms and to give connection by inserting passages which he did not find, and to add what he conceived to be dignity and delicacy to the original composition by striking out passages, by softening incidents, by refining the language — in short, by changing what he considered as too simple or too rude for a modern ear, and elevating what in his opinion was below the standard of good poetry.
Strona 340 - The former is built in the shape of a parallelogram, and consists of three inclosures, one within the other, each surrounded by its own wall. The innermost inclosure...
Strona 69 - Whether in the Vedas, in the Platonists, or in the Hegelians, mysticism is neither more nor less than ascribing objective existence to the subjective creations of our own faculties, to ideas or feelings of the mind ; and believing that by watching and contemplating these ideas of its own making, it can read in them what takes place in the world without.
Strona 48 - ... properly speaking, began. The whole body was then steeped in balsam, and wrapped up in linen bandages ; each finger and toe was separately enveloped, or sometimes sheathed in a gold case, and the nails were often gilded. The bandages were then folded round each of the limbs, and finally round the whole body, to the number of fifteen or twenty thicknesses.
Strona 12 - It may still be deemed one of the most popular books in the French language. The essays embrace a great variety of topics, which are touched upon in a lively, entertaining manner, with all the raciness of strong, native good sense, careless of system or regularity. Sentences and anecdotes from the ancients are interspersed at random ' with his own remarks and opinions, and with stories of himself, in a pleasant strain of egotism, and with an occasional license, to which severer casuists can with...
Strona 509 - In the Positive stage, the mind, convinced of the futility of all inquiry into causes and essences, applies itself to the observation and classification of laws which regulate effects : that is to say, the invariable relations of succession and similitude which all things bear to each other. The highest condition of this stage would be, to be able to represent all phenomena as the various particulars of one general view.

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