Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, Tom 2

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A. & C. Black, 1876

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Strona 145 - The Kings of Sardinia and Naples, the Pope, and the Duke of Parma, are separated from the coalition. You have expelled the English from Leghorn, Genoa, and Corsica. Still higher destinies await you. You will prove yourselves worthy of them. Of all the foes who combined to stifle our republic in its birth, the emperor alone remains.
Strona 49 - T am come to lead you into the most fertile plains that the sun beholds. — Rich provinces, opulent towns, all shall be at your disposal. — Soldiers, with such a prospect before you, can you fail in courage and constancy...
Strona 127 - They jest with danger, and laugh at death ; and if any thing can equal their intrepidity, it is the gaiety with which, singing alternately songs of love and patriotism, they accomplish the most severe forced marches. When they arrive at their bivouac, it is not to take their repose, as...
Strona 223 - They were escorted to the sand-hills to the south-east of Jaffa, divided there into small bodies, and put to death by musketry. The execution lasted a considerable time, and the wounded, as in the fusillades of the Revolution, were despatched with the bayonet.
Strona 211 - The Mamelukes advanced with the utmost speed, and corresponding fury, and charged with horrible yells. They disordered one of the French squares of infantry, which would have been sabred in an instant, but that the mass of this fiery militia was a little behind the advanced guard. The French had a moment to restore order, and used it. The combat then in some degree resembled that, which nearly twenty years afterwards, took place at...
Strona 295 - France and England, by the abuse of their strength, may still for a long time, for the misfortune of all nations, retard the period of their being exhausted. But, I will venture to say it, the fate of all civilized nations is attached to the termination of a war which involves the whole world.
Strona 241 - ... the countries which he had left behind, than the part which he was to play in that to which he was hastening. At length, they ventured to stand northward, and on the 30th September, they entered, by singular chance, the port of Ajaccio in Corsica, and...
Strona 295 - Called by the wishes of the French nation to occupy the first magistracy of the Republic, I think it proper, on entering into office, to make a direct communication of it to your Majesty.
Strona 207 - have no idea of children's play : they either kill or are killed. The Bedouins are an invincible people, inhabiting a burning desert, mounted on the fleetest horses in the world, and full of courage. — They live, with their wives and children, in flying camps, which are never pitched two nights together in the same place. They are horrible savages, and yet they have some notion of gold ! A small quantity of it serves to excite their admiration.
Strona 215 - ... every thing. Mankind appear colder and more selfish than they really are. In this situation we feel that, if nothing obliged us to live, it would be much best to die ; but when, after this first thought, we press our children to our hearts, tears and tender...

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