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ISIDORE, St., as quoted by Mr. Goode and Dr. Pusey

JEBB'S Choral Service, presentation of Offerings
Jewel, Bp., his controversy with Harding on the Eucharist
his "defence of the apology" quoted

did not object to "under the form of bread and wine"

Jenkyns, Dr., his opinion of John ab Ulmis

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KEBLE, Mr., his opinion of Hooker's limitations as to Real Presence Note
Kennett, Bp., his description of Documents used in Review of 1661

his notice of alterations in P. Book, 1661






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probable nature of his objections

ing with it

Cosin's explanation of it

Bishops' defence of it, in Savoy Conf.

Cranmer's Letter to P. Council on Rubric of, Oct. 7, 1552 -
John Knox the probable chief objector to Rubric on

need of resisting Knox's objection to, and Cranmer's mode of deal-


93, 97





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Knox, John, one of the Six Royal Chaplains appointed to revise Arti-
cles of 1552


93 Note 109

D. of Northumberland suggests him to Cecil for Bp. Oct. 28, 1552
his subsequent dispute with the Duke

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reference to him in Co. Book indicates that he provoked Cran-
mer's Letter to P. Council, Oct. 7, 1552


his proposed preferment to All-hallows, Bread-st, and refusal of
it, 1552-3

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his Exam. by P. Council as to Kneeling at the Lord's Table
his objection to Kneeling at Sct. prob. referred to by Weston in




the ground of his objections shewn from his own writings

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Lathbury, Mr., his opinion of Bodleian Editions of Primer of 1575, ex-



Latimer, Bp., his opinion in 1554 of P. Book 1552

his disputation at Oxford 1554

his Conference with Ridley 1555

"Remains" of, Parker Society's Ed., error as to Alesius


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used in Dec. 1549


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Note 297

Lights, Altar, not intended to be disused under P. Book 1549

Liturgies, Ancient, meaning of "the faithful therein

illustrate meaning of "So" in Prayer of Access.

MACAULAY, Lord, his account of the Harl. MS. of Bp. Burnet's "Own


Madew, Dr., Disputant at Cambridge, 1549

Marback, J., his opinion of R. Presence as stated by P. Martyr
Martyr, P., Disputation at Oxford, June 11, 1549, analysis of

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Note 402-3
Note 403

his Doctrine of Real Presence differed from Bucer's
his "Confession of the Lord's Supper, exhibited to the Senate of
Strasburgh," 1566

prob. did not object to Doctrine of P. Book of 1549

his Letter to Calvin, 1555, on Marback's opinion of R. Presence Note 406
his letter to Bullinger, June 14, 1552, on the hindrances to the

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his Letter to Bucer on Reformation of the Rituals

Morley, Bp., favoured restoration of Declaration on Kneeling

his character

his opinions on Real Presence

Morton, Bp., " of the Institution of the Sacrament," etc.

his "Catholic Appeal "

his "Defence of . . . Kneeling"

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NICHOL, his Note on Cosin's suggested alteration of Rubric "if any of

the Bread," etc.

Non-communicating presence at H. Com. allowed by Bp. Ferrar, 1553-4
Northumberland, Duke of, his Letters to Cecil about J. Knox

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OBLATION of Elements, not rejected in P. Book of 1552 -

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Offerings, posture of presenting them by Celebrant and people
Oral Manducation, remarks on

Overall, Bp., his additions to the Catechism

his opinion on Real Presence

PAGET, the Lord, his account of Gardiner's Doctrine in 1550-1

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Parker, Abp., his Letter on the form of Bread for H. C. Feb. 6, 1570-71 Note 234

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Freema. Izvine, måer the Law and the Gospel Castrated from the Sun 147-bo

Primer, reformed. Tardions in a prayer of containing the words - under

the form of bread and wine." 1545 % 157 examined

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Przystana, vize, kuva from extents of the Volume
Pratidin & Bacrament, not allowed to the Paritans

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Pary, Dr, his quotation from 8. Isidore, as noticed by Mr. Goode, EI-

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v. Pp. of 8. Deviča, referred to by Mr. Goode


bis argument from Adrt, to Homilies as noticed by Mr. Goode 250-351
his argument from Erical directions on remains of the Sacre-

ment, as noticed by Mr. Goode, defended


his remarks on reservation etc., of Sacrament (Art. 28), as comm-
plained of by Mr. Goode, considered

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Remains of Bacrament, in what posture intended to be consumed

vation for the Sick

his use of “enjoy" defended by Bucer's use of it from Mr. Goode's

Note 492-3

Reuman, Dr., his Doctrine of Real Presence, in 1548, approved by

[blocks in formation]

how anciently disposed of, stated by Bingham

Ancient Canons relating to

English Rubric on, perhaps not meant to prohibit entirely reser-

"Re-presents," meaning of considered




142, 143

146, 151



Reservation of Sacrament, probably practised under P. Bk. of 1552 Note


Cosin's opinion of


Reverence at Sacrament, prob. regarded by Cranmer as = Standing by

[blocks in formation]

Review of 1661, Instructions to Commissioners as to old Liturgies
Re-union, project for in France, 1685

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Ridley, Bp., Disputant. at Cambridge, 1549

Determination of the Disputation

his Doctrine of Real Presence in 1550-1 approved by Gardiner
his Conference in the Tower with Secy. Bourn, 1553
his Conference with Latimer, 1555

his "Brief declaration of the Lord's Supper," 1555

his Disputation at Oxford, 1555

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Rituals, reformation of in 1551, P. Martyr's account of

Rogers, John, his 2nd Exam. 1554-5

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Rubric of 1552, "if any of the bread and wine remain," etc., true

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of Celebrant's posture in Consecrating and Receiving, Cosin's

of 1604 " And upon the offering days," etc., Cosin's Note
of 1662 on publication of Banns, altered without authority
on covering remains of the Sacrament, Prof. Blunt's opinion of it
Rubrics, Sarum and Bangor, on Consumption of Sacrament

"SACRAMENT," Cranmer's Eucharistical uses of the term

irreverence in distributing it in 1603

"Sacramentally," its use objected to by Mr. Goode
Sarum Rubric on Consumption of Sacrament

Secker, Abp., on Presence in Sacrament

his opinion of the Declaration

Segewick, Master, Disputant. at Cambridge 1549

Shaxton, Bp., character of him by Bp. Burnet

his Recantation Articles, 1546

Sheldon, Bp., opposed restoration of Declaration on Kneeling
Sherlock, Dr., on Real Presence

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Somerset, Duke of; his Letter to Cardinal Pole, June 4, 1549

Sparrow, Bp., his explanation of Rubric "if any of the Bread and Wine

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5 and 6 Edw. vi. c. i. 1552

26 Geo. 2, c. 33. 1753



Strype, order for Declaration of 1552

his account of revision of Articles of 1552 by Royal Chaplains
his error as to Alesius and Knox

[blocks in formation]

his remark on Latimer's belief on Corporal Presence
his remarks on Gardiners' ref. to Catm. 1548
his notice of review of " Books of Service" in 1545
his notice of Puritan demand for prostration at Sacrament

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remain," etc.

Statute 1 Edw. vi. c. i. 1547

3 and 4 Edw. vi. c. 10. 1549-50

Sun, the, illustrations of Real Presence from it, considered
Swainson, Mr., on "Bill concerning coming to Church," etc., 1571

TAYLOR, Bp. Jer., on Real Presence



Note 363, 366, pp. 373, 375, 377

Taylor, Dr. Rowland, his opinion of Cranmer's Catm. 1548
Theodoret, on reception by the Wicked -

Townsend, Dr., his error as to Alexander Alesius
Traheron, Letter of, to Bullinger, Sept. 28, 1548
Dec. 31, 1545

Transubstantiation, abandoned by Cranmer before 1545

ULMIS, John ab, Letter to Bullinger, Nov. 27, 1548
March 2, 1549

Dr. Jenkyn's opinion of him

[blocks in formation]

- Note 155, 156, and 7

Note 155, 158

Note 156
160, 161, 187

"Under the form of Bread and Wine," the expression where used
used in Formularies and elsewhere with the sanction of Cranmer,

[blocks in formation]

Utenhovius, John, his Letter to Bullinger on (prob.) Knox, Dec. 12,



VESTMENTS, intention as to them under P. Book 1549
used in Dec. 1549

[blocks in formation]

"Violent Hands," meaning of in Rub. of Burial Service

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Walker, Obadiah, his License to print Woodhead's Books
White, John, his statement of Doctrine of Real Presence, taught in 1549
Wicked, the, on reception by -




Note 210, 216, 228

Woodhead, Abraham, Notice of

Note 359

his "Two Discourses concerning the Adoration of our B. Saviour
in the Holy Eucharist," quoted


his "Compendious Discourse on the Eucharist," quoted


Wordsworth, Dr., his error as to Alesius in Eccl. Biog.


Wynter, John, his Assertion of the Sacrament, 1551


YOUNG, John, his Letter to Cheke concerning Dr. Redman, 1551



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