What Liberals Believe: The Best Progressive Quotes Ever

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William Martin
Skyhorse Publishing, Inc., 1 wrz 2012 - 688
From Abortion to Wing Nuts—the largest collection of reformist quotes ever published and “an invaluable resource for spreading the word” (Tom Hayden, author and activist).
Let’s hear it from Anna Quindlen, Theodore Roosevelt, Michael Moore, Oscar Wilde, Bill Clinton, Howard Dean, Rosa Parks, Toni Morrison, George Orwell, John F. Kennedy, Margaret Sanger, Carl Sagan, Walter Cronkite, Jesse Jackson, and many, many more. Read them. Share them. And raise your voice.
In a political and media environment dominated by conservative interests, liberals need to be heard, without distortion and in their own words. Compiled from speeches, memoirs, biographies, blogs, historical manifestos, and many other sources, this arsenal against the encroaching conservative mindset offers wisdom, perspective, advice, and humor from the keenest progressive minds, both past and present, and from around the world.
This one-of-a-kind book includes insightful quotations covering hundreds of critical issues including: Big Business, Homophobia, Misogyny, Darwinism, the Patriot Act, Racism, Fundamentalism, Obamacare, War, Education, and the Environment. It also includes “Callous and Clueless Quotes from the Right” to remind readers just how dangerous right-wing discourse has become.
A perfect resource for writers, bloggers, researchers, activists, speechwriters, teachers, and students, What Liberals Believe will appeal to anyone who has grown weary of the extremism of the shameless right.

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Informacje o autorze (2012)

William Martin is the author of seven books and the owner of Zabby Books, an online bookstore. He has been a professor of education at both Temple University and Monmouth University. While at Monmouth University, Martin was the director of the Governor's School on Public Issues, a selective residential summer program for New Jersey gifted and talented teenagers. His career in Pennsylvania state government includes stints as a press secretary, speechwriter, management consultant, group facilitator, and special advisor to the lieutenant governor. He has a Doctoral degree in education and a Master's degree in journalism. 

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