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(INSTITUTED Dec. 2, 1825.)



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Right Hon, and Most Rev. His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Right Hon, the Earl of Chichester.

The Lord Archbishop of York The Lord Bishop of Barbadoes
The Duke of Devonshire

The Lord Bishop of Guiana
The Duke of Marlborough

The Lord Bishop of Colombo
The Marquess of Cholmondeley The Lord Bishop Chapman
The Earl of Aberdeen

The Bishop of the United Church of
The Earl of Bandon

England and Ireland in Jerusalem The Earl of Cavan

The Lord Bishop of Cape Town The Earl of Ducie

The Lord Bishop of Melbourne
The Earl of Effingham

The Lord Bishop Smith
The Earl of Gainsborough

The Lord Bishop of Goulburn
The Earl of Galloway

The Lord Bishop of Rupert's Land
The Earl of Harrowby

The Lord Bishop Anderson
The Earl of Radnor

The Lord Bishop of Nova Scotia
The Earl of Roden

The Lord Bishop of Sydney
The Earl of Shaftesbury

The Lord Bishop of the Mauritius
The Very Rev. Viscount Midleton The Lord Bishop of Graham's Town
The Rev. Lord Wriothesley Russell The Lord Bishop of Perth
The Lord Henry Cholmondeley The Lord Bishop of Sierra Leone
The Lord Bishop of London The Lord Bishop of Columbia
The Lord Bishop of Winchester The Lord Calthorpe
The Lord Bishop of Durham The Lord Glenelg.
The Lord Auckland, Bishop of Bath The Lord Teignmouth
and Wells

Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, Bart.
The Lord Bishop of Bangor Very Rev. F. Close, D.D. Dean of
The Lord Bishop of Carlisle

The Lord Bishop of Cashel

Rev. Richard Lynch Cotton, D.D.
The Lord Bishop of Chester

Provost of Worcester Coll. Oxford
The Lord Bishop of Chichester Hon. Sydney Roper Curzon
The Lord Bishop of Ely

Right Hon. Thomas Erskine
The Lord Bp. of Gloucester & Bristol George Finch, Esq.
The Lord Bisbop of Lichfield Very Rev. William Goode, D.D.
The Lord Bishop of Lincoln

Dean of Ripon
The Lord Bishop of Llandaff Rt. Hon. Sir G. Grey, Bart. M.P.
The Lord Bishop of Meath

Sir H. Hill,Knt. one of H.M.Justices
The Lord Bishop of Manchester of the Court of Queen's Bench
The Lord Bishop of Norwich Hon. Arthur Kinnaird, M.P.
The Lord Bishop of Ossory Very Rev. H. Law, M.A. Dean of
The Lord Bishop of Oxford

The Lord Bishop of Peterborough Right Hon. Sir J. Lawrence, Bt.
The Lord Bishop of Ripon

The Lord Bishop of Rochester J. D. Macbride, Esq. D.C.L. Prin-
The Lord Bishop of St. Asaph cipal of Magdalen Hall, Oxford
The Lord Bishop of Salisbury Capt. the Hon. F. Maude, R. N.
The Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man Sir Robert Montgomery, K.C.B.
The Lord Bishop of Worcester C. A. Moody, Esq. M.P.
The Lord Bishop of Calcutta Right Hon. Joseph Napier
The Lord Bishop of Madras Very Rev. H. T. Newman, M.A.
The Lord Bishop Spencer

Dean of Cork
The Lord Bishop of Bombay Hon. and Very Rev. H. Pakenham,
The Lord Bishop of Quebec

D.D. Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin
The Lord Bishop of New Zealand Rev. B. P. Symons, D.D. Warden
The Lord Bishop of Waiapu

of Wadham College, Oxford

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The Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Oxford.

His Grace the Duke of Marlborough.
The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Peterborough.
The Principal of Magdalen Hall.
The Rev. the Provost of Worcester College.
Rev. John Tucker, B.D. late Fellow of C.C.C.
Rev. T. V. French, m. A. late Fellow of University College.

The Rev. the Warden of Wadham College.
The Warden of Merton College.
Rev. Ch. P. Golightly, M.A. Oriel College.
Rev. R. C. Hales, M. A. Magdalen Hall.
Rev. H. Lipton, M.A. Rector of St. Peter-le-Bailey.
Edward Owen, Esq.
Frederick Symonds, Esq.
John Taylor, Esq.
William Thorp, Esq.
Rev. R. P. G. Tiddeman, M. A. Magdalen Hall.
Rev. H. Tyndale, M. A. Rector of Holton.
Rev. J. West, M. A. New College.
William Ward, Esq.

Messrs. Parsons and Thomson, Old Bank.

Rev. E. A. Litton, M.A. late Fellow of Oriel College.
Rev. R. Gandell, m. A. Laudian Professor of Arabic.
Rev. A. M. W. Christopher, M. A. Rector of St. Aldate's.

Subscriptions and Donations are received by the TREASURERS.



I. This Association shall be denominated “The Church Missionary Association for Oxford and its vicinity."

II. The Members of this Association shall consist of all who are constituted such by the Regulations of the Parent Society; viz.

“ Annual Subscribers of One Guinea and upwards, and, if Clergymen, Half a Guinea, with Collectors of Fifty-two Shillings and upwards per annum, shall be Members during the continuance of such Subscriptions or Collections. Benefactions of Ten Guineas or upwards, Clergymen making Congregational Collections to the amount of Twenty Guineas, and Executors paying to the amount of Fifty Pounds, shall be Members for life.

" Annual Subscribers of Five Guineas shall be Governors during the continuance of such Subscription; and Benefactors of Fifty Pounds and upwards shall be Governors for life.

“ Members and Governors of Associations who contribute the above sums shall be considered as Members and Governors of the Parent Society.

III. The business of the Association shall be conducted by a Committee chosen from among the Members; a Treasurer; and Secretaries: all being Members of the Established Church.

IV. All Clergymen who are Members of this Association shall be entitled to attend and vote at the Meetings of the Committee.

V. The Committee shall meet Quarterly, and at such other times as the Secretaries, or any three of the Committee, shall appoint. Three Members, of whom one at the least shall be a Secretary, shall be competent to act. Previous notice of the Meetings of the Committee sball be given by the Secretaries.

VI. The Committee shall communicate to the Members of the Association an Annual Statement of their proceedings, in the month of February; at which time also the Committee and Secretaries for the ensuing year shall be appointed.

VII. The Secretaries shall provide all the Members of the Association with the Annual Reports of the Parent Society; and all Collectors of one Shilling and upwards per week, with a Copy of each monthly number of the “ Church Missionary Record.”


If the reports of our Missionaries contain nothing of a very striking character during the past year, it must not on that account be supposed that the great work in which they are engaged has not been making progress. But this progress has been more internal than external; more in the consolidation of existing Missions, and raising Native Churches to a due estimate of their responsibilities and duties, than in the extension of the Mission Field. Indeed the short interval of a year affords little scope for remarkable changes. In the Apostolic age, the Gospel, aided by a Pentecostal effusion of the Holy Spirit and miraculous powers, made a rapid and sudden advance; and possibly it may be the future privilege of the Church to witness a similar extraordinary expansion of her boundaries : meanwhile we seem left to ordinary means and ordinary expectations; and no one who recollects the obstacles to be overcome, and the inadequacy of the human resources placed at our disposal, will be surprised to learn that, after many years of patient toil, we have done little more than plant a few centres of religious light, in the midst of the vast expanse of surrounding darkness. Yet, if these burn brightly and continuously, who can tell what the ultimate result will be ?

The urch Missionary Society supports, at the present time, 148 Stations in various parts of the world. The number of European labourers is the same as last year, viz. 201; while that of Ordained Native Ministers has risen to 79. Of European Catechists there are 24, and of Native Teachers 2,112. The Communicants in connexion with the Society

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