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Strona 21 - NEALE. — The Unseen World; Communications with it, real or imaginary. New edition, with considerable additions. 3s.
Strona 47 - Jd., or 3s. 6d. per 100. Devotions for Easter to Ascension. Id., or 7s. per 100. Devotions for the Festival of the Ascension- Jd., or 3s.
Strona 48 - Prospects of the National Society for the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church.
Strona 10 - Selections from the, being the Psalms according to the Use of the Book of Common Prayer, set forth and arranged to upwards of five hundred Chants.
Strona 7 - Vol. I., 5s. 6d. ; Vol. II., with Two Engravings, 5s. 6d.; Vol. III., with Seven Engravings, 6s. 6d.; Vol. IV., (New Series, I.) with Four Engravings, 8s. ; Vol. V., (NS II.) with Three Engravings, 8s. 6d. ; Vol. VI. (NS III.) with Three Engravings, price 7s.
Strona 12 - HOOPER.— Prayers for Family Worship; with a Dissertation on the Passover and the Divine Constitution of the Church. By the Rev. J. Hooper. 7s. The Prayers only, 2s. in wrapper.
Strona 23 - Ecclesiologist's Guide to the Churches within a circuit of Seven Miles round Cambridge. By FA Paley, MA 2s. PALMER.— Dissertations on some subjects relating to the " Or. thodox" Communion. By the Rev. W. Palmer, MA 10s. 6d. PARISH TALES. Reprinted from the •
Strona 56 - Restoration. 6d. Exterior View of the same (as restored by the Cambridge Camden Society). 2s. 6d. Interior View of the same, taken after its Restoration. Is. Lithograph of the Font and Cover in the Church of S. Edward, Cambridge. Is.
Strona 5 - Second Edition. Is. 3d. CONVERSATIONS WITH COUSIN RACHEL. Four Parts, 9d. each. Complete in Two Vols. 3s. COPE AND STRETTON.— Visitatio Inflrmorum; or Offices for the Clergy in Directing, Comforting, and Praying with the Sick. New edition, calf, I6s.
Strona 6 - Is. DUKE.— Systematic Analysis of Bishop Butler's Analogy, by the Rev. Henry H. Duke, BA 3s. 6d., interleaved 5s. DEACONS, Short History of some Deacons in the Church. Is. 6d. DEVOTIONS FOR THE SICK ROOM, Prayers in Sickness, &c.

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