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SINGLE SERMONS, PAMPHLETS, &c. Advance of Tractarianism, Four Letters, reprinted, by re

quest, from Aris's Birmingham Gazette. 3d. Alderson (Baron).-On the Reform of Youthful Criminals by

means of Reformatory Schools, under 17 and 18 Vict. c. 86, being part of the Charge of Mr. Baron Alderson to the Grand Jury of

Yorkshire, at the Winter Assize, 1854. 6d. Andrewes, Bp.-The Duty of a Nation and its Members in time of

War. A Sermon preached before Queen Elizabeth, by Bishop

Andrewes. 6d. Beaufort and Neale.- Proposed New Church in Liverpool for

Daily Prayers, Weekly Communions, and Offertory. Two Sermons preached in S. Martin's, Liverpool, by the Rev. D. A. Beaufort,

M.A., and the Rev. J. M. Neale, M.A. is. Blunt.-Ecclesiastical Restoration and Reform. No. 1. Suggestions

on Church Rates, Parish Officers, &c. No. 2. The Education Ques. tion Practically considered. By the Rev. W. Blunt, M.A. 18.

each. Blunt.-Use and Abuse of Church Bells. 60. Brechin, Bp.-- Plea for Sisterhoods, by the Bp. of Brechin. 3d. Chamberlain.-The Glories of Christ and His Church. A Sermon.

By the Rev. T. Chamberlain. 6d Courtenay.-The Presence of CARIst with His ministry, and in

Holy Places. Two Sermons. By the Rev. the Hon. C. L. Courtenay.

Price ls. Denison.-The Church and School. Two Sermons, by the Ven.

Archdeacon Denison. Denison.-Primary Charge to the Clergy, &c., of the Archdeaconry

of Taunton, May, 1852. By G. A. Denison, Archdeacon. Is. 6d. Denison.-Why should the Bishops continne to sit in the House of

Lords? Is. Denison.-The Position and Prospects of the National Society for

the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church. A Letter to the Rev. Canon Wordsworth, and to the Schoolmasters of the Church of England. With Appendix upon the Preparation and Examination of Candidates for Holy Orders.

Price js. Denison.-National Unthankfulness: its Fruits and Punishment.

A Sermon, preached in Wells Cathedral on November 5, 1854.

Second Edition. Price Is. 6d. Doane, Bp.--Ancient Charity the Rule and the Reproof of Modern,

A Sermon and Pastoral Letter, by the Right Rev. G. W. Doane,

Bishop of New Jersey. 8d. Documents relating to the Jerusalem Bishopric. Price 1s. Edmonstone.-Letter to the Lord Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway


on Church Matters, by Sir A. Edmonstone, Bart. Flower.-Stand Fast in the Faith. A Sermon, by the Rev. W. B.

Flower. 18.


Flower.-The Glories of the Church of CHRIST. A Sermon. Bd. Flower.--The Works of the LORD are Great. A Sermon. 6d. Flower.-The Work we have to do. A Farewell Sermon preached

at Christ Church, Plymouth. ls. Flower.-Choral Service: a Sermon, preached at the Consecration

of S. John's, Bovey Tracey. 6d. Flower.-Revival of Old Church of England Principles no New

Faith, by the Rev. W. B. Flower, B.A. 6d. Flower.- Plea for Musical Services. 6d. Flower.- What shall be Done to Regain the Lost? a Plea for the

Poor. 4d., by post 6d. Flower.-Non-Episcopal Orders. A Letter to the Rev. W. Goode.

2s. 6d. Flower.-On the Church and Sacraments. A Letter to Rev. R. W.

Needham. 6d. Flower.-The National Society Vindicated. Is. Forbes.-Loose him and let him go; or, the Benefit of Absolution.

A Sermon. By the Rev. G. H. Forbes, B.A. 6d. Forbes.-The Way of Sorrows. A Sermon. is. Forbes." Jesus Wept.” A Sermon. is. Ford.—Holy Communion at a Visitation. A Sermon, by the Rev.

James Ford. 6d. Fowler.—The Church the Bond of Brotherhood. A Club Sermon.

By the Rev. C. Fowler. 6d. Fraser.-The Constitutional Nature of the Convocations of the

Church of England. With an Appendix. By the Rev. W. Fraser,

B.C.L., of Worcester Coll. is. Goodwin.-The Duty of Offering to Gon. A Sermon preached at

the Re-opening of Little Hallingbury Church, Bishop's Stortford.

By the Rev. H. Goodwin. 6d. Gresley.-The Real Danger of the Church of England. 9d. Gresley.-Second Statement of the Real Danger of the Church. 18. Gresley.-Third Statement of the Real Danger of the Church. 18.

The above three pamphlets in one vol., 28. 6d. Gresley.-Word of Remonstrance with the Evangelicals. 6d. Gresley.--Second Word of Remonstrance with the Evangelicals.

Price 6d. Gresley.-Letter to the Dean of Bristol on Tractarianism. is. Gresley.-Some Account of the Church. A Sermon, preached in

S. Paul's, Brighton, January 6, 1854. Gresley.--Stand Fast and Hope: a Letter. ls. Gresley.-Sermon on Church Music. Is. Gresley.--Sermon on the Unity of the Church. 18. Grueber.-Holy Baptism: a Complete Statement of the Church's

Doctrine. By the Rev. C. S. Grueber, M.A. Is. 6d.

Grueber.-Plain Discourse on the One Faith. Is.
Hughes.-The Sabbath made for Man. A Sermon. By the Rev. J.

Hughes. 6d.
Ingle.-Ritual Beauty no mark of Romanism. A Letter to the Rev.

J. Rogers, M.A., (of Penrose, Porthleven, Cornwall,) Canon

Residentiary of Exeter. By the Rev. John Ingle, M.A. 6d. Jones.-A Letter to his Parishioners on the Royal Supremacy, and

the Relations of Church and State, past and present. By Theo

philus Jones, M.A. Part II. 3d. Keble.-The Strength of Christ's Little Ones. A Sermon by the

Rev. J. Keble, M.A. 60. Loughborough.-Times of Restoration ; a Caution for the Times.

A Sermon, with Notes and Illustrations. By R. L. Loughborough,

F.S.A. Demy 8vo. Mill.-Human Policy and Divine Truth. A Sermon, before the Uni.

versity. Is. 6d. Milner.-Few Words on Baptismal Regeneration. By the Rev. J.

Milner, B.A. 6d. Morris.-GOD wonderful in His Holy Places. A Sermon. By the

Rev. T. E. Morris, M.A. 3d. Murray.-A Sermon preached at the Church of S. Andrew, Wells

Street, on the Feast of that Apostle, 1854. By the Rev. J. Murray.

6d. Neale.-Confession and Absolution. A Lectore written for delivery

in the Town Hall, Birmingham. Second edition, 3d. Neale.-On Private Devotion in Churches. ls. Neale.-Statement of Proceedings by the Lord Bishop of Chi

chester against the Warden of Sackville College, East Grinsted.

Price 6d. Newland.-Memorial of the Church wardens of the Parish of West,

bourne to the Lord Bishop of Chichester; with a Letter from the

Rev. H. Newland to the Lord Bishop. 8d. Newland.-" One and All;" or, the Disintegration of Society and

some of its remedies. A Lecture, by the Rev. H. Newland. 2d. Newland.--The Two-Edged Sword of God. A Sermon preached

on the Day of Humiliation. 3d., by post 4d. Newland.-The Lord is at hand. An Advent Sermon. 4d. Paget.—The Idolatry of Covetousness. is. Pearson.-Apostolic Treatment of Divisions in the Church. A

Sermon. By W. H. Pearson, M.A. ls. Pratt.-Sermon preached in the Cathedral of S. Ninian's, Perth,

at the FUNERAL OF THE LATE BISHOP TORRY. By the Rev. J. Pratt, M.A. To which is prefixed a Short Biographical Memoir of

the Bishop. 18. Prevost.-The Restoration of Churches, and the Walk in the Spirit.

Two Sermons, by the Rev. Sir George Prevost, Bart., M.A., and the Rev. C. E. Kennaway, M.A. 6d.

Prynne.- Private Confession, Perance, and Absolution, as authori.

tatively taught in the Church of England. A Letter, by G. R.

Prynne, B.A. 6d. Purchas.-Christ in His Ordinances. A Farewell Sermon. By the

Rev. John Purchas, M.A. 6d. Pusey.-Increased Communions. A Sermon, by the Rev. E. B.

Pusey, D.D. 3d. Pusey.-Do all to the LORD Jesus. A Sermon. 3d., or 8s. per

hundred for Parochial distribution. Pusey.--A Lecture, on laying the Foundation Stone of All Saints,

Margaret Street, Marylebone, 1850. 6d. Rawes.-The Golden Image. A Sermon. By the Rev. H. A. Rawes,

M.A., Warden of the House of Charity, Soho. Price 3d. Remarks on the present aspect of the Turkish Question.

By a Member of the University of Oxford, who visited Constantinople in the Summers of 1850 and 1851.

1s. Richardson.-God's Call of His Ministers, in a Sermon, preached

in S. Mary, Whitechapel, on Sunday, September 16, 1711. By William Richardson, lately a Dissenting Preacher in Pinmaker's Hall, and S. John, Clerkenwell, London, but now canonically

ordained a Presbyter of the Church of England. (Reprinted.) 4d. Russell.-Obedience to the Church in things Ritual. A Sermon, by

the Rev. J. F. Russell, B.C.L. 6d. Russell.-Anglican Ordination Valid. A Refutation of certain State

ments in the Second and Third Chapters of " The Validity of Angli. can Ordinations Examined. By the Very Reverend Peter Richard

Kenrick, V. G." ls. Russia and Turkey: the Present Crisis Foreseen and Foretold.

Price ls. S. Andrew an Example to encourage us in the Duty of imparting a

Knowledge of the Gospel to our Kindred. A Sermon preached in the Parish Church of S. James the Great, Devonport, on S. Au

drew's Day, 1854. Price id. Scott.-Apostolical Succession Canon

Reply to the Rev. W. Goode, by the Rev. W. R. Scott. Is. 6d. Sellon.- Essay on Sisterhoods in the English Church, by the Rev.

W. E. Sellon. 18. Sellon.-Reply to a Tract by the Rev. J. Spurrell, containing cer.

tain charges concerning the Society of the Sisters of Mercy of Devonport and Plymouth. By the Superior of the Society. iith

edition, 6d. Singleton.-Uncleanness, the Ruin of Body and Soul. Two Ser

mons to Boys, by the Rev. R. C. Singleton, M.A. 8d. Sisters of Bethany. Three Sermons preached at the Chapel Royal,

Windsor Great Park. 6d.

Skinner.-The Stewards of the Mysteries of God. A Sermon for

Ember Days. By the Rev. J. Skinner, M.A. 2d. Skinner.—The Priest's Call. A Sermon for Ember Days. Intended

for Parochial distribution, 7s. per 100. Stuart.-The Pew System, the chief hindrance to the Church's

Work in Towns. By the Rev. E. Stuart, M.A. 6d. The Truth of " Things to be Remembered” vindicated by

evidence from Holy Scripture, the Prayer Book, and chief Divines

of the Church of England. 4d. Todd.-Whose is the Bible? answered from the Bible, or “Scrip

tural" Reasons for not taking part in the Jubilee of the British and Foreign Bible Society. A Letter to Lord Shaftesbury. By

the Rev. T. Todd. Second edition. 6d. Todd.- The British and Foreign Bible Society, "The Bible without

the Church." A Second Letter to Lord Shaftesbury. 60. Watson.-The People, Education, and the Church: a Letter to the

Lord Bishop of Exeter, by the Rev. A. Watson, M.A. ls. Watson.-Letter to all Members of the Church of England, on

the “One Baptism for the Remission of Sins.” 8d. Watson.-Public Ordinances an Effectual Ministration of Divine

Pardon. Preached at the Consecration of S. Mary's, Devonport. ls." Wilson, (Bp.)-Sunday Trading: The Duty of Magistrates. A

Sermon by the Right Rev. Thomas Wilson, D.D., Lord Bishop of

Sodor and Man. Demy 8vo. 3d. Women and their work.- Reprinted from the “Ecclesiastic"

of January, 1855. 60. Woodford.—"The Kingdom of Priests,” and “Time and Eternity.”

Two Sermons, on behalf of the Funds for building Parochial
Schools at S. Mark's, Easton. By J. R. Woodford, Incumbent.

Price Is.
Woodford.—The Building of Gold and of Stubble. A Sermon

preached at a general Ordination of Deacons. Is. Woods.- Premonition to the Priesthood touching the Use of the

Holy Scriptures as an Elementary Book, by the Rev. R. Woods. 6d. Wray.-Moral Consequences of a False Faith. By the Rev. Cecil

Wray, M.A. 6d. Wray:-Congregational Independents: an Inquiry into their Faith

and Practice. By the Rev. H. Wray, M.A. 3d.

SMALL PAMPHLETS, ETC. A Prose Hymn for Children, pointed for Chanting. By the Rev. W. J.

Jenkins, M.A. id., or 7s. per 100. A Few Words of Hope on the Present Crisis of the English Church.

By the Rev. J. M. Neale. 3d., by post 4d. A Few Words to some of the Women of the Church of God in England.

By Lydia, Mother Superior of the Sisters of Mercy of Devonport and Plymouth. 3d., by post 5d.

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