Puppet Show, Tom 1

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J. Dover, 1848

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Strona 82 - There came to the beach a poor exile of Erin, The dew on his thin robe was heavy and chill : For his country he sighed when at twilight repairing To wander alone by the wind-beaten hill. But the day-star attracted his eye's sad devotion, For it rose o'er his own native isle of the ocean...
Strona 119 - I WAS an infant when my mother went To see an atheist burned. She took me there : The dark-robed priests were met around the pile; The multitude was gazing silently; And as the culprit passed with dauntless mien, Tempered disdain in his unaltering eye, Mixed with a quiet smile, shone calmly forth : The thirsty fire crept round his manly limbs; His resolute eyes...
Strona 137 - We want no aid of barricade To show a front to wrong ; We have a citadel in truth, More durable and strong. Calm words, great thoughts, unflinching faith, Have never striv'n in vain ; They've won our battles many a time, And so they shall again.
Strona 142 - Yes, yes, if you reckon, we reckon ; if you pay your debts, we pay ours ; if you fly, we conquer and are content.
Strona 142 - I took a single captive, and having first shut him up in his dungeon, I then looked through the twilight of his grated door to take his picture.
Strona 137 - WE want no flag, no flaunting rag, For LIBERTY to fight ; We want no blaze of murderous guns, To struggle for the right. Our spears and swords are printed words, The mind our battle-plain ; We've won such victories before, And so we shall again.
Strona 195 - Premier says, that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
Strona 86 - With desperate sorrow wild, the affrighted man Thrice sigh'd; thrice struck his breast; and thus began: " Sad was the hour, and luckless was the day, " When first from Schiraz
Strona 170 - Whene'er a woman vows to love you In Fortune's spite ; Makes protestations that would prove you Her soul's delight ; Swears that no other love shall win her By passion stirred ; Believe her not, the charming sinner Will break her word.
Strona 159 - From deep thought himself he rouses, Says to her that loves him well, "Let us see these handsome houses Where the wealthy nobles dwell." So she goes by him attended, Hears him lovingly converse, Sees whatever fair and splendid Lay betwixt his home and hers; Parks with oak and chestnut shady, Parks and...

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