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sion of the redoubt, the enemy made an at to Admiral Lord Keith, duled Oct. 21. tack, on the morning of the 13th, upon the 1913. advanced posts of the army of Andalusia, “ I have great satisfaction in reporting under Don Pedro Giron, which was repul- the capture of Le Weser, a French frigate sed by them without difficulty. Lord Wel- of the large class, mounting forty-four guns, lington speaks highly of the conduct of the and having three hundred and forty men, Spanish troops engaged, and particularly of commanded by the Captain de Vaisseau the regiment of Ordenes, under Col. Hore. Cantzlaat, Chevalier de l'ordre Imperiale

“ Nothing important had occurred in de la Reunion, by his Majesty's ship under any part of the line. The enemy had been my command, in company with the Scylla considerably reinforced by bodies of recruits and Royalist brigs. raised by the recent conscription."

" She left the Texel on the last day of Private letters from the Army, dated the September, and had captured two Swedish 9th instant, state the advance of the united vessels in the North Sea, and lost her main Spanish, Portuguese, and British Armies, and mizen-masts in a gale on the 16th of in three columns across the Nivelle and this month. Adour, with the view to continue the Inva “ Captain Macdonald's letter, which I sion of the Territory of France. Bayonne have the honour to transmit, will acquaint is blockaded both by sea and land, and the your Lord-hip with the perseverance with Marquis advances at the head of nearly the which he had watched this frigate, which whole strength of the Armies lately in the he fell in with four days ago, sixty leagues Peninsula. This advance was rendered to the west of Ushant, and of a gallant necessary by the increasing severity of the joint attack made by the Scylla and Royalweather, in consequence of which several ist on the frigate yesterday, in sight of the soldiers had been frozen to death during Rippon, and upon her weather-beam. the night duty.

“ About ten, the frigate bore up towards

the Rippon and struck her colours, having HOLLAND.

exchanged two broadsides with the Scylla, RESTORATION OF THE HOUSE OF ORANGE. and just as the Rippon and Royalist were The defeat of Bonaparte at Leipsic, and

within reach." subsequent retreat of his troops within the

Extract from Captain MDonald's Letter Rhine, has been the signal for the people of

above alluded to, dated Oct. 21. Holland to throw off the yoke of France, and

“ I have the honour to acquaint you, for return to their former government under

the information of the Lords Commissioners the House of Orange. On the 15th No.

of the Admiralty, that at one A. M. the 18th vember, the French authorities in Amster

instant, in long, 9 deg. 10 min. W. and lat. dam were dismissed, and a temporary go

47 deg. 30 min. N. I fell in with a French vernment established in the name of the

national frigate, under jury main and mizen Prince of Orange, to whom deputies were

masts, apparently making the best of her immediately dispatched to invite him to re

way for Brest, and judging it not prudent sume his ancient authority in the Republic.

to attack such superior force, as (in the event This example had been followed by the

of our being crippled) I should not have other towns of the provinces of Holland and been able to have kept sight of her, from Utrecht; and the French troops, unable to

the severity of the weather, I had the good hold the country, were evacuating the prin. fortune, on the 20th inst. to meet with his cipal places. The fortresses of Bergen-op- Majesty'sloop Royalist, when Capt. Brezoom, Breda, and Neineguen were in the

mer, in the handsornest manner, volunteerhands of the revolutionists; and Maestricht

ed to join me in attacking her. Past three was held by the burghers, until a regular

P. M. we bore up in close order, the Scylla government should be formed. This im

on her quarter, and the Royalist on her bow, portant counter-revolution has been effected

and commenced the action nearly at the without bloodshed. The Prince of Orange

same time, which continued for an hour and is about to leave Britain for Holland imme

a half, when our sails and rigging being diately, accompanied by the Dukes of Cam very much cut, and main-mast severely bridge and Brunswick, and a force of from 5

wounded, the Royalist nearly in the same to 10,000 men.

predicament, we hauled off to repair the damages, the weather being very squally,

so as to endanger our masts. A inan of NAVAL INTELLIGENCE.

war appearing to the northward, I ordered

the Royalist to apprise her of our situation ; CAPTURE OF TWO FRENCH FRIGATES.

at day-light this morning, I observed a large Ertract of a Letter from Captain Sir Chris- ship to leeward, which proved to be his Ma.

topher Cole, of his Majesty's ship Rippon, jesty' ship Rippon, and as you, Sir, were


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an eye-witness of our proceeding this morn. were unfortunately, carried the third Caxing, I beg leave to refer to you for the sub- tain Cunningham, the master, Mr Dunsequent events.

stan, and eight men were wounded; and “I am happy to say, that we have only two killed. The Americans los ther first two seamen slighted wounded ; the Royal. Lieutenant and two killed, and several eist, I am sorry to add, was not so fortunate, verely wounded. The Morgiana insulted having two killed and nine wounded. 18 guns, and bad 40 men, officers incluced Copy of Letter from Captain Tokin of the

Accounts have reached tbe Admiralty of Andromache frigate, to Admiral Lord

the loss of his Majesty's ship Latrostinus, Keith, dated Oct. 25.

Captain Graham, on the 26th August last,

off' the Bahamas. The crew, with the er. « My LORD,

ception of one man, were sared. A cresd. " As the day opened on the 23d instant, ful hurricane prevailed on the ahore day, the Andromache gave chace to a frigate un. and considerable damage was done to the der jury masts in the N. E. quarter ; about other shipping at the Bahamas. four P. M. (the Saintes bearing E. by S. fourteen leagles) che opened a fire on us

DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE. from her stern guns, which was not return. ed until a position was taken on her weath Copies of the treaties concluded between er quarter, when, after a feeblo resistance Great Britain, Russia, and Prusia, have of about fifteen minutes, she struck her been laid before Parliament. They are colours ; indeed such was the disabled state both signed and dated at Reichenbect, the of her masts previously to our meeting, that 14th and 15th June. 1813, and stipulate any further opposition would have been the that Russia shall bring 160.000 men into extreme of rashness.

the field, and Prussia 80,000; for which She is La Trave, of twenty-eight French they are to receive the fillowing subsidies eighteen-pounders and sixteen eighteen in moner, viz. to Russia, £1,333,334 pound carronades, only nine months old, Sterling, for the service of the year 1613; with a crew of three hundred and twenty- and Prussia £.666,666—both subsidies to one men, (i:carly all Dutch,) one of whom be paid monthly, and all arrears discharged was killed, and her commander, Jacob Van by the 1st Jan. 1814. Besides this money, Maren, Capitaine de Vaisseau and Member the three Powers, to supply the vant of of the Imperial Order of Reunion, the se. specie, guarantee a Federative Paper, to the cond Lieutenant, Oxholme, two midshipmen amount of £.5,000,000 Sterling-two mil(one of them since dead) and twenty-four lions and a half of which are to be dicta. seamen wounded.

ged by Great Britain, by the lat of July “ The Andromache has received no injury 1815, or six months after the condusica ai in her hull, nor aught to mention in her Peace. Great Britain, in addition, ptasails or rigging, while I lament to say, that takes the maintenance of the Russian Fleet Nr Thomas Dickinson, the first Lieuten., and the crews thereof, to be employed it ant, is severely wounded, and one seaman the European Seas, and the experza slightly.

which is estimated at half a million Stering “ I have the honour to be, &c.

In return, both Russia and Prussia engage

to co-operate towards the restoration of Ha. “ Geo. Tobin, Captain." . nover and the Hereditary States, in Lis Bus “ P. S.-It scems that La Trave had tannic Majesty, and the Ducal House de two men wounded by an English brig of

Brunswick. war, on the 19th."

Besides the above Treaties there is a Co. “ The Weser and La Trave sailed togeth vention between his Britannic Majesty and er from the Texel a few days previous to the Emperor of Russia, dated at Peterstheir capture, and were carried into Ply waldow, July 6, and by which this with mouth together as prizes.

engages to take the German Legion (u kich By ile Lady Wellington packet, arrived is not to exceed 10,000 men), into immat Falmouth from Halifax, after a passage diate pay, according to its effective streagth, of 14 days, we learn, that the Morgiana as reported from time to time, by Col. H. packet, from Falmouth for Surinam, was Lowe. This corps is now serving eo the taken 26th September, off the Banks of Continent, under Count Walmoden. The that place, by the American privateer Sa. recruiting of the Legion to be provided for ratoga, of 22 guns, and 200 men, after a by the Emperor; and the arms, clothing, very gallant action (by the American's own equipment, &c. to be at the espace account) of one hour and ten minutes, England ; by whom the General Officers within pistol-shot, in which they were re are to be appointed. The annual pos of pulsed tivice in attempting to board, but cach soldier to be £.10 , 158



Scottish Chronicle.

CIRCUIT INTELLIGENCE. thing that had been so ably stated by the

Lord Justice Clerk. West. Lord JUSTICE CLERK and LORD

James Jackson, accused of murder, was Succотн. .

then brought to the bar, when the Advocate

for the Crown deserted the diet pro loco ef Inverary, October 9.

tempore, and the prisoner was re-committed On Thursday last the Circuit Court was on a new warrant.

opened here by Lord Succoth. There William Muir, servant at Mains of Gil being no business, his Lordship, after the kerseleugh, parish of Crawfordjoho, charged necessary forms were gone tirough, ad- with the murder of Margaret Hamilton, his dressed the Sheriff and Jury, congratulating wife, by putting arsenic into a basin of meal, them upon there having been no crime of which she made porridge, which she ate committed, in 60 extensive a district, ot suf- on the morning of the 8th September 1812, ficient magnitude to be brought bufore the in consequence of which she died a few Circuit Court. He also expressed his satis- hours after. Sentence of outlawry and fufaction at the measures which the gentle gitation was passed against hiin, at the last men of the county of Argyll had sigevited Glasgow Circuit Court, for non-appearance ; their intention to adopt, for the better ac- but he was since apprehended at Kirkcaldy, commodation of the judges and the jury, as where he had assumed the name of William well as for the safe custody of prisoners. Moffat. The prisoner pleaded Not Guilty ; His Lordship then, after an address of some and, after a long examination of witnesses, length, in which he took a review of the the Jury were inclosed, and this day represent political state of Europe, dismissed. turned a verdict of Not Proven, when the the Court.

prisoner, after a suitable admonition, was Glasgow, Oct. 13.

dismissed from the bar. The Circuit Court of Justiciary was yes- John Gedues, charged with assaulting terday opened here by the Right Hon. the and throwing down, on the 8th August last, Lord Justice Clerk and Lord Succoth. The John Porter, weaver, Drygate Street, and Court was held in the elegant public build- robbing him, in Tradestown, of a shilling, ings which have just been completed, and and five pence halfpenny in copper, and which, we are proud to say, will bear com- with again knocking him down and robbing parison with any of a similar kind in the him of a silver watch, when he called for united kingdom. After the Court was fen- the assistance of the police, being put to the ced, the Lord Justice Clerk, in a short and bar, pleaded not guilty. appropriate address, expressed the satisfac. John Porter, the first witness, gave his tion he felt in secing the elegant and com. evidence in such a fashion as to provoke the modious Court-house, and other requisite incessant merriment of the audience; and apartments, which the new buildings con. the Depute-Advocate, after regretting that tained for the administration of justice. His he had not known better the worth of his Lordship observed, that nothing so complete testimony, abandoned the prosecution. with regard to magnificence and accommo- Lord Justice Clerk said he would not dation would probably be found in this hang a dog upon such evidence; and the country ; and that certuinly it was the most jury, after being charged in a very able and complete public building in Scotland. He juuicious address, delivered by Lord Succongratulated the Lord Provost and Magis. coth, found, by a great plurality of voices, trates on these spacious structures being the libel not proven. finished during the time they were in office, Thursday.-William Muir and William and concluded with a highiy merited coin. Mudie were indicted for robbing, on the pliment to the Committee under whose care 31st July, 1813, on the Kirkintilloch road, and auspices they had been elected, observ- Mr William Peebles, manufacturer, Glasing, that they had deserved and would ob- gow, of a metal watch, having a gold seal tain the thanks of all classes of the commu- and key appended thereto by a ribband; a nity, for the important services they had stick, nine shillings in silver, and a beaver rendered to the public.

hat;-on the 3d August, 1813, on the Lord Succoth said, he concurred in every banks of the Monkland Canal, acar Garteraig Nov. 1913.


bridge; John Robertson, teacher of music, with a soldier, who informed him that two of a silver watch, two gold seals and a key, men, answering the description he gave, a retired acceptance, an accepted bill, a were a little way forward. Chaloleti pushtwenty shilling note, a silver sixpence and ed on, and overtook them when about half fourpence in copper, an umbrella, a cane, a mile past Holytown, and entering into a tuning fork, and a pen-knife ;_and for conversation with them, offered them a cast assaulting, on the 14th August, near the in his cart to Glasgow, which was accepted. Hirst, on the Edinburgh and Glasgow road, When they came to the toll at the end of to the imminent danger of his life, James the town, they proposed to get out, but he Calder, residing at Shotls Iron Works. persuaded them to continue with him til

The prisoners pleaded Not Guilty. An they came to his quarters in the heart of objection was stated by Mr M‘Cormick, to the town: where they all went into a room the relevancy of the indictment, but it was to take a dram together, and where they over-ruled by the Court.

received a visit from a party of police ofiThe evidence for the assault was first ad. cers, whom Chalmers had, unperceived to duced.

the other two, dispatched a messenger for, James Calder_About two o'clock in the on his entering the house. morning of the 14th of last August, when This witness also received the marked apon his return with two carts from Glasgow probation of the Bench, for the spirited Tto the Shotts Iron Work, was attacked on Sentment he shered to the cause of an in the Hirst, near the Kirk of Shotts, by two jured friend, for his sense of public justice, men; Calder was asleep at the time in one and for the address with which he effected of the carts, which was empty, and received his purpose. several blows before he could get up to de The rest of the evidence on this count fend himself. Having, however, got out was not important. of the cart, he made a resolute defence, and Mr Robertson, music-master, identified his dog assisting him, the assailants became the prisoners as being the same mes sho intimidated, and walked off without obtain- robbed him, on the 3d of August last, on ing any plunder. He identified Muir as the banks of the Monkland Canal, after one of the two men, having distinctly seen knocking him down, by a violent blow on him, but he could say nothing as to Mudie. the face with a bludgeon, and then kicking Calder had thirty pounds of his master's and bruising him on various parts of the money upon him at the time. He was so body. Mr Robertson was particularly de severely cut and bruised, that he kept his cided as to Mudle, as he had an excellent bed four days, under the attendance of a opportunity of looking in his face, Mudže surgeon, and it was fourteen days before he holding him down by the throat with both could do any work.

hands, while Muir robbed him; be also Calder's evidence displayed much coolness, swore positively, that the pen-krife found moderation, and good sense; and he receiv. in Muir's pocket, on bis apprehension, was ed the marked compliments of the Bench the one of which he had been robbed that for the intrepidity he had shewn in defend night. ing himself, and protecting the property of Mr Peebles swore, with equal confidence, his employers.

to the prisoners being the men who robbed Calder, after his severe beating, proceed. him on thc Kirkintilloch road on the Sls ed with his carts about half a mile farther, of July, after striking him sererely and till he came to the house of one of his neigh- knocking him of his horse-he also identibours, Robert Chalmers, farmer at Hirst, fied a watch and hat found on the prisoners, who was next adduced as a witness in Conrt. as being his property, of which he was rob Chalmers was already up, preparing to go bed that night. to Glasgow that morning with his cart; Other corroborative evidence was addcand, upon seeing the condition of Calder, ced, after which the Jury was shortly ad. and hearing his story, he immediately took dressed by Mr Home Drummond, the Do him into his house, and put him to bed, pute Advocate, on the part of the Crom; sent off for a surgeon, gave directions for by Mr M-Cormick, Advocate, for Mudie; carrying home Calder’s carts; and, having and Mr Thomson, Advocate, for Muir; and obtained a tolerably accurate description the Lord Justice Clerk charged with his from the injured man, of the appearance of usual ability. The Jury being a short time his two assailants, he set off with all haste enclosed, returned a verdict of guilty, against in his cart to Glasgow, determined, if possi. both, on all the three charges ble, to secure the persons of those who had The Lord Justice Clerk, with much feel. injured his friend. Having beat up every ing, addressed the pannels to the following public house on the road, without receiving purport: apy intelligence of them, he at last met William Muir and William Motionis

now my painful duty to pronounce that present appearance, you are none of those sentence which the law of Scotland, from hardened offenders, who, short as my prac. the earliest period of its existence, has affix. tice has been, have come before me. And ed to the guilt of which you now stand ful- I would fondly Aatter myself, that the few ly convicted, by the verdict of an unanimous words I have addressed to you, will make and intelligent Jury. You stood this morn. a deep impression on your hearts. Be ing at that bar arraigned with the heinous once more exhorted to apply with earnesto crimes of robbery, committed on two sever- pess to God for his forgiveness to you, and al occasions, and, as has been justly observed for his grace and acceptance ; that, before by my brother, crimes highly aggravated by you are called out of this world to another the severity of the assaults you made on the and more awful Judge, you may find favour persons you robbed. In addition to these, with God. It is now my duty, painful as you stood charged with the wanton and un- it is, to pronounce the sentence of the law, provoked assault committed on a carrier ; that you be executed at Glasgow on the and I am sorry to observe, you have addu- 17th November, and may Almighty God, ced not the smallest evidence in exculpation of bis, infinite goodness, have mercy on of your conduct. Considering the heinous you." nature of your crimes, and the dreadful con- The pannels were extremely agitated due sequences resulting to society from them, ring this very impressive speech ; and Muir which would be the utter destruction of all fainted when taken back to prison. peace and tranquillity, it a painful duty This finished the business of the Circuit I have this evening to perform in pronoun- at Glasgow. cing the awful sentence of death. There is, I regret, no prospect left you of mercy at the hand of man. I am at present acquaint

Stirling, Nov. 2. ed with no oircumstance which could induce

The proceedings of the Circuit Court me, consistently with my duty, and even

here, which was opened on the 16th ult. by in justice to the public, to apply to the only the Right Hon. Lord Justice Clerk and fountain of mercy in this country. The

Lord Succoth, not having yet appeared, the coolness and deliberation you shewed in following is a short account of the trials your atrocious doings, and the systematic which occupied the attention of the Court: way you went to work, give me strong rea

Alexander M•Keggie, James Hastie, and son to suspect that you have fatally devia

Harry O'Neil, were put to the bar, accused ted far from rectitude, and followed too

of robbing a salt-dealer of ten pounds Ster. long a vicious course. Almighty God and ling. The Jury returned a verdict of guilty your own consciences alone know the real against the prisoners. The Court, under extent of your guilt. I have no wish, nor

the special circumstances of the case, senis it my intention to aggravate the keen tenced M.Keggie and Hastie to eighteen distress you are at present labouring under, months imprisonment in the jail of Stirling, for the guilt you have unhappily contracted and O`Neil to twelve months imprisonment, is more than sufficient to justify the awful and, after these periods, to be set at liberty. punishment about to be awarded. The

Alex. Nimmo was afterwards brought days of your sojourning here being not to the bar, accused of forging a certain numbered, let me, in the most earnest man

writing. He was found guilty, and senner, implore you to think, with true serious

tenced to six months iinprisonment in Stirness, of your eternal condition ; and from ling jail ; and, on the 5th November, to the bottom of my soul, I conjure you not

stand on the pillory of the town of Stirling, to waste your valuable moments in the idle, from twelve mid-day till one afternoon, hopeless prospeet of mercy. I recommend

with the following label on his breast : to you the duty of applying, with the ut.

“ For using and uttering a forged and falsimost diligence, resignation, and true contri

fied writing, knowing it to be forged." tion, to your eternal prospects. Almighty

There was no other criininal business beGod, in his holy religion, has taught us, fore the Court, which finished the Western that the most hardened and aggravated sin

Circuit. ner may, on a proper and fervent application for pardon, be forgiven. Through the Saturday morning the 6th of November merits alone of our Saviour Jesus Christ the guns of the Castle were fired and the can we entertain these hopes. I therefore bells of the city were rung in honour of the earnestly implore of you to be truly diligent victories obtained in Germany. On Mon. in this great work of repentance, and to day evening the city was brilliantly illumi. avail yourselves of the labours of the Minis- nated. Suitable devices in variegated ters of this city, who will give you every Jamps were exhibited in front of the Royal aid. I am happy to observe, from your Exchange, Parliament-house, Bank of Scot.


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