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colliery, lying at the bottoin in a shock all of three guineas to £.3 u 13. 6. There ingly mangled condition, her head nearly is also an addition to the duties on dogs severed from her body, which was stabbed greyhounds will now be 20s. annually ; in different parts, and the whole of her per- spaniels, pointers, &c. 2s. 6d. in addition son exhibiting a most frightful appearance. to the former duty, and on other dogs ls. In the shade, or lodge, as it is called, at the additional ; 40s. are also added to the com. mouth of the pit, a considerable quantity of position for a pack of hounds. blood, some hair, a comb, and other articles belorging to the deceased were found, which

WEIGHTS AND DEASURES. plainly showed, that the unfortunate woman, who had been missing since ten o'clock the We are happy to find, that a notice has preceding evening, had inade considerable recently been given by the Right Hon. resistance before she was subdued. We have George Rose, in the House of Commons, only to add, that James Jackson, to whom that the subject of an equalization of weights Agness Watson was far advanced in preg

and measures is to be brought forward in nancy, is in custody on suspicion of the Parliament early next session. murder, and will stand trial for this crime The following is an accurate statement at the ensuing Glasgow circuit.

of the price of the necessaries of life in 1760 On Monday the 12th of July, the mem

and 1813: bers of several Orange Lodges in Belfast,


1813. walked in procession through the town, in

Wheat, per quarhonour of the anniversary of the battle of


£.3 0 0 -£.6 10 0 Boyne. A considerable number of people



4 12 0 who had asseinbled in the streets, expres.

Flour, per bushel 0 5 10 1 2 6 sed their disapprobation of the exhibition, Bread, per quarby hooting, throwing of mud, &c. and

ter loaf

008 0 1 6 broke some windows of a house into which Pork, per lib. 0 0 4 0 1 1 the Orangemen liad retired. A few minutes

Butchers' Meat 0 0

0 1 0 after, some persons came out of the house, Cheese, per lb. 0 0 4 0 1 1 and fired several muskets among the mob



1 10 in the street. The consequences, we are


0 0 8 0 1 sorry to say, proved fatal. One young man

Pair of Shoes 0 5 0 0 12 0 was shot through the head, and expired im. Soap and Candles, mediately; a second was wounded in the

006 0 1 13 belly so severely, that part of his bowels The following are the appointments for came out, and he is since dead ; a third

the ensuing autumn Circuits :was wounded severely in the thigh ; and the fourth in the arm.

WEST_The LORD JUSTICE CLERK and A person of the

LORD SUCCOTH. name of David Morgan, and some others, were apprehended of being guilty of these

Inverary........ Thursday........October 7. murders. They have since been tried, and Glasgow ........ Tuesday.........October 12. found guilty of manslaughter. Sentence Stirling.........Saturday......... October 16. six months imprisonment.

SOUTH-Lord MEADOWBANK and LORD A regulation has been issued from the

PITMILLY. War Office, directing, that in all regiments Ayr.............. Wednesday....September 15. of infantry, whose services are not subject Dumfries.......Monday........September 20. to limitation, the pay of the serjeant-major Jedburgh........Saturday...... September 25. shall be raised in future to 3s. per day ; and that the pay of one serjeant in cach

NORTI.Lord HERMAND and Lord GIL. company shall be raised to 25. 4d. per

LIES. day; such sérjeants to wear above their Inverness...

....... Thursd........ September 16. chevron, the honourable badge of a regi

Aberdeen........ Wednesday... September 22. mental colour, supported by two


.. September 27. swords; but of this mark of distinction, and of the advantages attending it, they

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. may, in case of misconduct, be deprived by

The election of Chairman, Directors, &c. a court martial, or at the direction of the for the Chamber of Commerce and Manucommanding officer of their regiment. : factures for the city of Edinburgh, took

place on Monday the 12th of July, when

the following were elected, viz : GAME CERTIFICATES.

Thomas Williamson, Esq. Chairman. By a late act, the certificates for killing Robert Allan, Esq. Ist Depute Chairman. game will be liable to additional duties; all William Gallaway, Esq. 20 Depute Chairof one guinea are increased to £.11 5$, and


per 1b.




Esq. to be one of the Clerks of his Majesty's Mes. A. Henderson Sir William Forbes, Most Honourable Privy Council in ExtraJ. Watson Bart.

ordinary, he this day took the oaths requiJ. Waugh Sir J. Hay, Bart.

red to be taken thereupon. A. White Mes. E. Gilchrist

Foreign Office, July 3.-His Royal HighW. Laing

J. A. Bertran ness the Prince Regent was this day pleaA. Constable

D. Jamison

sed to appoint Andrew Snape Douglas, Esq. C. Baxter

J. Innes

to be his Majesty's Secretary of Legation to J. Pitcairn

R. Buchan

the Court of Palermo. W. Braidwood, A. Henderson,

Whitehall, July 3.- His Royal Highness jun.


the Prince Regent has been pleased to noJ. Wardrobe A. Wauchope

minate and appoint Major-General Henry Wm. Calder

W. Sibbald

Clinton, Colonel of the 1st battalion 60th D. Willison J. Haig, Loch. regiment, to be an Extra Knight of the J. Skirving


Most Honourable Order of the Bath. W. Henderson T. Strong

War-Office, July 3.-His Royal Highness J. Grieve

J. Anderson

the Prince Regent has been pleased to apJ.Kirkwood, sen. R. Johnstone

point the under-mentioned Officers to take Mes. Alex. Wardrobe

rank by Brevet as under-mentioned; COINJames Ker Auditors of AC

missions to be dated 21st June 1813.
Wm. Trotter, & counts

J. Thomson, jun.

Arthur the Marquis of Wellington, L G.
Mr Robert Allan, Treasurer.

To be Field-Marshal in the Army. Mr David Steuart, Secretary.


Bryan O'Tool, of 39th foot Saturday the 10th of July his Majesty's Alexander Du Hautóy, of Chasseurs Britar:prize was shot for by the Royal Company

niques of Archers, on Burntsfield Links, and gained Aug. Farer, of royal artillery by John Kennedy, Esq. jun. of Underwood. R. J. Harvey, of the Portuguese Staff

David Roberts, of 51st foot
The Convention of Royal Burghs, on
Wednesday last, unanimously appointed Mr

Hew D. Ross, of royal artillery

Honourable William Stewart, of the 90th Robert Stevenson, engineer for the northern

foot light-houses, to be engineer for the Royal Dudley St Leger Hill, of royal West India Burghs of Scotland. The Marischal College of Aberdeen has

rangers conferred the degree of Doctor in Divinity

George Marquis of Tweeddale, of 41st foo on the Reverend John Stewart, of Liver

J. P. Hawkins, of 68th foot

E. K. Williams, of 31st foot pool.

To be Lieutenant-Colonels in the Army. On Thursday the 15th instant, the As. sociate Congregation of Lochmaben gave an

Carleton House, July 13.—This day the unanimous call to Mr Andrew Young,

Prince Regent appointed the Earl of Deko preacher, to be their minister. The Rev. ware and Lord Graves to be Lords of his William Glen, of Annan, preached and pre- Majesty's Bed-Chamber. sided.

Carleton House, July 15.—This day the At Leslie, the 15th inst. the Associate

Prince Regent appointed the Right Hon. Burgher congregation gave a very harmo

Thomas Maitland Governor and Commandnious call to Mr Robert Balmer, preacher.

er in Chief of the Island of Malta. On the 29th of July the Rev. Mr Charles

This day the Prince Regent conferred Matheson was admitted Minister of the

the honour of Knighthood on Henry Dan. new Gælic and English Chapel

, Horse pier, Esq. one of the Justices of the Court Wynd, Edinburgh.

of King's Bench, and also on John Hamil. ton, Esq. a Lieutenant-General of his Ma. jesty's forces.

Št James's, July 24.--His Royal Higt. APPOINTMENTS.

ness the Duke of Cumberland has been [From the London Gazette.)

pleased to appoint Lieutenant-Colonel Char

les Wade Thornton to be one of the Grooms At the Council Chamber, Whitehall, the of the Bedchamber to his Royal Highness,

Ist of July 1813.-Present, The Lords in the room of the late Lieutenant-General of his Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Whetham. Council

Carleton House, July 27.-His Royal His Majesty having been pleased to ap- Highness the Prince Regent has been plea. point Charles Cavendish Fulke Greville, sed, by a commission under the Great Seal


of the Order, to eonstitute and appoint the

VICE-PRESIDNTS, Right Honourable William Viscount Cathcart, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most The most noble the Marquis of QUEENSNoble Order of the Thistle, a General of

BERRY. the Forces, one of his Majesty's Privy Coun- The right hon. the Earl of SELKIRK. cil, and his Majesty's Ambassador Extraor

The right hon, the LORD CHIEF BARON. dinary and Plenipotentiary to the Emperor JOHN FRANCIS ERSKINE of Mar, Esq. of all the Russias; Sir Issac Heard, Knight, Garter Principal King of Arms, (or his De- EXTRAORDINARY DIRECTORS. puty pro hac vice ;) and Sir Thomas Tyr.

The Lord. Provost, Baron Sir J. Steuart whitt, Knight, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, to be his Majesty's Plenipoten

Sir G. Mkenzie, Bart. Sir J. Hay, Bart. tiaries for investing his Imperial Majesty

Adam Rolland, Esq. Alex. Bonar, Esq.

Rt. Scott Moncrieff, Jas. Gibson, Esq. the Emperor of all the Russias with the ensigns and the whole habit of the Most No.


J. Waugh, Esq. ble Order of the Garter.

J. Wauchope, Esq. T. Dallas, Esq. His Royal Highness was pleased, previ.

J. Campbell, Esq. Lord Alloway,

Lord Primrose ous to the Chapter held this day, to approve

Rev. Sir H. Moncrieff

Wellwood that Francis Townsend, Esq. Windsor He

Major Miller. rald, be Deputy to Garter Principal King

F. Jeffrey, Esq. Rev. Dr Sandford,

H. Cockburn, Esq. General Dundas of Arms for this especial service. His Royal Highness has also been pleased

H. Jardine, Esq, Rev. Dr Macknight to approve that George Frederick Beltz,

A. Hutchison, Esq. 'Hay Donaldson, Esq. Esq. Secretary to the Garter Principal King

ORDINARY DIRECTORS. of Arms, be Secretary to the said Commise con. (The Gazette also contains an account

Ninian Lowis, Esq. A. Constable, Esq. of the election of the Emperor of Russia to

A. Murray, Esq. T. Allan, Esq. be a Knight of the Most Noble Order of Dr T. Cochrane J. Moncrieff, Esq. the Garter, on the 27th of July.)

Rev. D. Dickson W. Brown, Esq.
Rev. A Thomson J. Robertson, Esq.

A. Cruickshanks Esq. Sir W. Forbes, Bart. LANCASTRIAN SCHOOL SOCIETY. Mr W. Pattison Rev. Mr Alison

Rt. Dundas, Esq. J. Tod, Esq.
Edinburgh, July 2d 1813.

W. Inglis, Esq. R. Johnston, Esq. The annụal general meeting of the E

Rev. A. Brunton J. Cheap, Esq. dinburgh Lancastrian School Society was

J. Bonar, Esq.

D. Anderson, Esq. C. Tait, Esq.

W. Pattison, Esq. heid, this day, in the Assembly-Rooms, George-Street. The Lord Chief Baron hav.

Reverend Dr Fleming, and

Secretaries. ing been detained in the Court of Exchequer, George Lyon, Esq. W. S. Sir George Mackenzie, Bart. was suggested

William Braidwood, jun. Esq. Treasurer to take the chair.

PATRONESSES OF THE FEMALE SCHOCL. The report of the proceedings of the Di. rectors since the date of last general meeting Her Grace the Duchess of Buccleuch and was read; and, having been approved of,

Queensberry was ordered to be printed.

Her Grace the Duchess of Bedford A number of resolutions being then mov. Her Grace the Duchess of Roxburgh ed and adopted, the meeting voted thanks

The most noble the Marchioness of Queens. to the reverend Dr Sandford, for his excel.

berry lent sermon preached and published for the

The right hon. the Countess of Buchan benefit of the scociety ; to the Presidents and

The right hon. the Countess of Kellie Vice-Presidents of the scociety; to the Di.

The right hon. the Countess of Moray rectors ordinary and extraordinary; to the Se.

The right hon. the Countess of Haddington sretaries and Treasurer; to the Ladies Pa.

The right hon. the Countess of Wemyss tronesses of the female school; to the Ladies

The right hon. the Countess of Leven Visitors of the female school, and to Joseph The right hon. the Countess of Breadalbane Lancaster.

The right hon. the Countess of Glasgow The following noblemen and gentlemen The right hon. Viscountess Duncan (Dowa. were elected office-bearers for the following

ger) year:

The right hon. Viscountess Cathcart

The hon. Lady Helen Hall
His Grace the Duke of BUCCLEUCH and The hon. Mrs Dundas.

Lady Bairde



MARRIAGES. Lady Campbell of Mrs Doctor Yule June 25. At Alyth, James Whitson, Esq. Ardkinlass Mrs Borthwick Gil.

of Mudhall, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter Mrs Fletcher, Castle- crist

of the Reverend James Hay, Alyth. Street

Mrs Duncan, Minto- 29. At Mousewald, Mi Robert Dickson, Mrs Ross, Howe-Strt.


son of the Reverend Jacob Dickson, to EliMrs Hamilton Mrs Halliday

zabeth Dickson, second daughter of the late Mrs Campbell, Aber- Mrs Small, Dundas- Thomas Dickson, Esq. Mouse wald Towncromby Place Street

foot. Mrs Tait, Park-Place Miss Erskine of Mar At Monmouth, Lord William George Mrs Inglis, Queen- Miss Vans Agnew Henry Somerset, brother to his Grace the Street

Miss Ch. Campbell Duke of Beaufort, to Elizabeth, eldest daughi. Mrs Moncrieff, Dun- Mrs General Dyce ter of Major-General Molyneux, of that

das-Strect Miss Ann Hope town, and niece to Sir Capel Molyneux, Bart. Mrs Brunton, Alba Miss Thomson

At Glasgow, John Young, Esq. of the ny-Street Mrs Cruickshank island of Jamaica, to Mrs Robb. Donations and subcriptions received by

At Danston, Mr James Thom, second the Treasurer, No. 6, Hunter Square; and

son of Mr Archibald Thoin, of Hillfoot to *Mrs Campbell, Abercromby Pluce, for the

Miss Elizabeth Campbell, only daughter of girls school.

Mr John Campbell, Danston.

July 1. At Ardmady, Peter Morrison, Esq.

supervisor of Excise, to Miss Ann M'Andres BIRTHS.

daughter of John M'Andrew, Esq. of ArdMay 4. At Malta, Mrs Macbean, a son. mady.

June 15. at Gottenburg, the Lady of 2. At Kirtown Manse, the Reverend David Scott, Esq. Portuguese Consul, a William Brown, of Greenlees, minister of daughter.

Bedrule, to Miss Janet Henderson, eldest 26. At Stonehaven, Mrs Arthur Farquhar, daughter of Mr Archibald Henderson, Macka daughter.

side. July 1. At Lasswade, Mrs Blair, a son. 5. At St Andrew's, the Reverend Dr John

4. In Castle Street, the Lady of Sir John Lee, Professor of Ecclesiastical History is Pringle, Part. of Stitchel, a daughter. St Mary's College, to Miss Rose Mason,

The Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Knight daughter of the late Reverend Dr Thomas Erskine, of Pittodrie, a son.

Mason, minister of Dunnichen.
Mrs Francis Carteret Scott, a daugh-

At Dumfries, Mr Andrew Hunter, ter.

merchant, Dumfries, to Miss Margaret CrosMrs Forrest, of Comiston, a son. bie daughter of James Crosbic, Esq. late 5 At Orton-house, Lady Ann Wharton merchant in Dumfries. Duff, a daughter.

- John Ewing, Esq. Advocate, Aber. Mrs George Bell, St Andrew's Square, deen, to Miss Elspit Aiken, youngest daugh. a son.

ter of the late Mr John Aiken of that place 9. At Gilmore Place, Mrs Irvine, of Bon- At Belgrave Place, Glasgow, Mr J. shaw, a son.

Speirs, to Miss Christian Maria, daughter At Portchester Barracks, Hants, the of the late Mr James Ross. Lady of Alexander Mackenzie, Esq. of 6. At Edinburgh, Mr William Forkes, Scotsburn, Captain in the 5th regiment of Keeper of the Records of Council, to Miss British militia, a son.

Chieslie, daughter of the late Reverend John 13. In Queen Street, the Right Honour- Chieslie, minister of Corstorphine. able Lady Ann Wardlaw, a son.

At Paisley, Mr John Scales, merchant 17 At Elderslie House, the Honourable in Glasgow, to Agnes, only daughter of the Mrs Speirs, a daughter.

late Mr William Rodger, of Wester Craigs, 21. Mrs Turnbull, Dundas Street, a 7. At Wamphray Manse, Mr Johu Rogerdaughter.

son, of Fingland, to Miss Isabella Kirkp326. At Sorn Manse, Mrs Balfour, a son. trick, daughter of the Reverend Joseph

29. At Duddingstone Lodge, Mrs Mitch- Kirkpatrick of Rashgill, minister of Wam. ell, a son.

phray. Lately, At London, the Lady of the Ho- 9. At Leith, Mr James Howden, to Viss nourable John Thornton Leslie Melville, a Jessy Balleny. daughter

10. At Edinburgh, Hart Davis, Esq. M.P. At Martin, near Penrith, the wife for Colchester, to Charlotte, fourth daughter of Mr John Barton, three daughters, who are of the late Major-General Dundas, of Finlikely to do well.


his age.

July 12. Hugh James Rollo, Esq. to Miss Thomas Knox, to Miss Hope, sister of James Richardson, eldest daughter of the late Wil. Hope Weir, Esq. of Cragiehall. liam Richardson, Esq. of Kethock.

- At Manchester Mr John Maxwell, late of Balmaclellan, to Miss Mary Jardine,

DEATHS. sister - in-law to Thomas Maxwell, Esq.

April 17. At, New York aged 76, ME of Drampark.

Samuel Campbell, formerly of Edinburgh. 13. Major M‘Gregor, of the 70th regi.

18. At Tolcross, Niiss Lillias Dunlop, elment, to Miss Mercer, daughter of the late

dest daughter of Jaines Dunlop, Esq. Captain William Mercer.

May 28. At St Kitts, James Fraser, EsqAt Edinburgh, Mr Charles Darlıy of Fingask. Wells, Hepscott, Northumberland, to Ange, June 27. At Ballindoch, Gilbert Hay, Esq. daughter of Mr H. Anderson, merchant, of Ballindoch. Edinburgh.

July 3. At Holland, Orkney, Thomas At Oxendean, Colonel Ord of Long. Trail, Esq. of Holland, in the 84th year of ridge, county of Durham, to Miss Auchin. leck, of Woodcockdale, daughter of the late 6. At Wellfield, Elizabeth, youngest James Auchinleck, Esq. of Woodcockdale.

daughter of George Cheape, Esq. of Wellfield. 14. At Edinburgh, William Penston

At Fulhain, aged 79, Granville Sharp, O'Reilly, Esq. of the 16th regiment of foot,

Esq. youngest son of the late Dr Thomas to Anne Sempile, eldest daughter of the Sharp, Archdeacon of Northumberland, and late Captain Daniel Macgregor, of the Ho

only surviving grandsen of the late Dr John nourable East India Company's service.

Sharp, Archbishop of York. 15 At Hawkslee, Mr William Brockie,

At Adamswell aged 20, James Carse, farmer, Bemersyde, to Mrs Mean, Dowager Esq. of Orchardtown, of Hawkslee. The bride was led to the

7. William Hamilton, Esq. of Bothweli hymeneal altar by the bridegroom's eldest

Park, aged 80. grandson; twenty-two of his grandchildren 8. At Fenwick, Mr Thomas Brown, stuwere expected to have attended their vene

dent in Divinity, and fourth son of Mr Alu rable sire on this occasion, but some were lan Brown, of Beanscroft. prevented by indisposition.

At Inverness, inthe 45th year of hisage, 16. At Edinburgh Mr William Hill, far. Mr John Imray, of the Inverness Brewery. mer, Saughton, to Flora, second daughter of At Tower Hill, London, Mr George Mr Pretsell, Drummelzier.

Thom, formerly of Stonehaven, in the 47th 19. At Bogrie, Mr Robert Crocket, grain

year of his age. dealer, to Helen, youngest daughter of Mr 9. At Union Street, Mrs Elizabeth Boog, Jolin Kirkpatrick of Bogrie.

relict of Mr Thomas Kinnear, banker in 20. At the Dowager Viscountess Duncan's, Edinburgh. James Dundas, Esq. of Dundas, to the Ho

10. At Nunraw, James Hay, Esq. of Nunnourable Mary Tufton Duncan, daughter of the late Lord Viscount Duncan.

11. At Hamilton, Mr Thomas Naismith, 26. At Kircudbright, William Ken, Esq. merchant in Glasgow, merchant, Manchester, to Miss Mary War

At Edinburgh, at her mother's house, wick, Kirkeudbright.

Pilrig Street, Mary, slaughter of the late 27. At Muss Iburgh, Mr James William John Stewart, Esq. Kilmuir. son, merchant, Leith, to Jane, second daugh.

13. Anne, eldest daughter of Mr John ter of Mr Taylor, rector of the grammar Steele, confectioner, Prince's Street. school, Musselburgh.

At Cupar, Mrs Aitken, of Thornton. At Edinburgh, Captain Alexander 14. Miss Nimmo, daughter of the late Rev. Fraser, 42d regiment, to Margaret, eldest Mr Nimmo, Bothkemmar. daughter of Captain Fyffe, Fifeshire militia. 15. At Newington, Edmond Henry Syd

28. John Cunninghame, Esq. Advocate, to ney Kerr, youngest son of Lord Robert Kerr. Miss 'I rotter, eldest daughter of Lieutenant At Buccleuch Place, in her 97th year, General Trotter.

Mrs Euphemia Schaw, relict of Mr DoLately, At Bath, Daniel Stuart, Esq. of bie, formerly rector of the grammar school Kilburn House, to Mary Napier Schalch, at Kelso. only daughter of the late Major Schalch, At Dumfries, Mr Paxton, of Raggieof the Royal Artillery.

what. Sir Lucas Pepys, Bart. to Miss Askew 16. At Campbelton, Mr James Smith, sister of Adam Askew, Esq. of Redheugh. master of the sloop Friends,

At London, Captain Edmond Knox At Acblouchy, John Ogilvey, Esq. of Royal Navy, second son of the Honourable, Inshewan,


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