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1516 persons were vaccinated. The whom but one case of failure, in preresult was, that though one gentle- venting the Small Pox, (and the cirman, whose child the Faculty refused cumstances of this case render it very to inoculate, procured matter of Small doubtful) has occurred, in the great Pox, which he applied himself, and numbers which he has seen. from this source seven persons took At the Cape of Good Hope the the infection, yet by means of this Small Pox is dreaded as much as the seasonable Vaccination not a life was Plague, and it has proved there litle lost.

less destructive to human life. Lord This result, so different from the Caledon, the late Governor, establishevents of 1807, cannot but make an ed at Cape Town a Vaccine Instituimpression on every mind open to con- tion, which was soon called into acti. viction: when Vaccination was not per- vity under his successor Sir J. Craformed 1,200 persons took the Small dock. The colony consists of a po Pox, of which number 203 died: pulation of s0 or 100,000 individuals, when speedy recourse was had to Vac- of which number it was supposed cination there was not a single victim 15,000 were subject to take the into the disease.

fection of the Small Pox, which apBut it is not at home only that peared there on the 12th March 1812. lessons, so much to the credit of this Between that time and the 4th July new art, inay be learned.

The following 233 persons caught the dis Board have abundant communications ease, of which number 100 died. The from every quarter of the world remaining part of the inhabitants lia equally to its advantage. To detail ble to the disorder were preserved by all the evidence which they may have an active Vaccination, in which ai received as to its efficacy, not only in the Faculty in the place, as well as preventing the Smail Pox, but its the regimental and garrison Surgeons power to suppress its ravages under strenuously exerted ihemselves. the most unfavourable and threaten- From the various details will ing circumstances, would extend this which the Board have been favoured. Report to an improper and an unusual we think it our duty to select one ir length. They will content them- stance, as tending to show in a most selves with mentioning a few particu- pointed manner the power of the Vaclars, which they trust will recom- cine Lymph to arrest the contagion d' mend it to the favour and confidence the Small Pox. of their countrymen, and to the foster- Four hundred Negroes from Noing care of Government.

sambique were on the 1st of March On the continent of India Vaccin- landed at Cape Town, one of wher, ation has been hailed as the greatest a woman, was on the 5th succeedia blessing, and has been practised with afliicted with the confluent Small the greatest success, and in the most Pox in its most virulent form. This extensive manner.

feinale was at that time inhabiting In the Islands of Ceylon and Bour- large room, in common with 900 bon is has been received in a manner more of her companions, not sepiano less favourable, and been practised rated either by day or by night. On with an effect no less beneficial. In the

report of this case the whole of the Isle of Ceylon, since its first in- these victims of " avarice and cupiditroduction, more than 200,000 per- ty,” as the surgeon terms them, were sons have been vaccinated ; 30;491 immediately subjected to Vaccination, in the year 1811 only, as appears by and on the follorsing day removed to the table received from Mr Ander- a small island (Paarden Island) at: con, the Superintendant General, to little distance from the Town. A


few days after this the woman fell a which latter place for many years the sacrifice to the most aggravated cha- average mortality from it had amountracter of that dreadful disease. Of ed to 800. the aggregate number of Negroes, 78 From Malta information has been individuals received the Vaccine dis- received, that not only His Majesty's order, and underwent the regular Ships are supplied with Lymph to course of its action. From these sub- vaccinate such sailors as may not jects the renaining portion were vac have had the Small Pox, but that the cinated. “They remained on the Children of the Artificers of the " Island 50 days, during which no Dock-yard, and nearly 3,000 Mal" further case of Small Pox made its tese Children, have been vaccinated

appearance, although they had been by the Institution there (gratis:) and

exposed to the whole strength of it is added by Mr Allen, the Sur" the contagious atmosphere, nor is geon of the Dock-yard, that during a "there a single instance wherein any residence of seven years at Malta, he " of this large proportion of persons has never known an instance of one of " became subject to the Small Pox.” them being afterwards afficted with It is added by the professional gentle. the Small Pox. man who writes this account, that Russia has likewise participated in throughout the entire course of this the benefit of Vaccination. It was ** arduous struggle," (the general introduced into the Russian Empire Vaccination) not a single instance in 1804 ; and since that time, in its had come to his knowledge of the various provinces, 1,235,637 have failure of Vaccination in protecting been vaccinated ; and so uniformly the individual from the Small Pox, successful has Vaccination been, that where the former was ascertained to it has been termed, in the Language have taken effect.

of that Country, the Pock of Surety. At the Havannah, by the account - Dr Crighton, Physician to the Emwritten by Dr Thomas Romey, Se- peror of all the Russias, to whom we cretary to the Committee of Vaccin. are indebted for the accurate table ation, 13,447 persons were vaccinated subjoined, observes, supposing (acin 1810 ; 9,315 of these persons had cording to a well-founded rule of calbeen vaccinated in the City of Ha- culation) that before the introduction vannah alone, with so good an effect, ef Vaccination every seventh child that for two years not a single person died annually of the Small Pox, Vachad been interred in the public bury- cination has saved the lives, in the ing ground of that City who died of Russian Empire, of 176,519 Children, the Small Pox, which before was a since the year 1804. great cause of mortality in it.

The government of France appears In the Caraccas, and in Spanish to have taken the greatest pains to America, the Small Pox has been ex secure to the People all the advantatinguished by Vaccination. For the ges which could be derived from this means which were taken by the Span- discovery. A Central Institution ish Government, and its subjects, we was soon established at Paris, to enmust refer to the subjoined papers, courage and to promote the practice furnished by some Spanish gentlemen of Vaccination, and a similar plan for now in London,

the same purpose was adopted in The accounts from various parts of every considerable provincial town. Europe are almost as favourable. In These Provincial Institutions were the report of last year it was obser- not long ago ordered to make a reved, that the Small Pox was extin- turn to the Government, of the state guished at Milan, and at Vienna, in of Vaccination in their several dis


tricts. From these documents a re The National Vaccine Establish. port has been drawn up by Mr Ber- ment have recommended the imitathollet, Percé, and Halle, Philosophers tion of such examples to the members of the first reputation, and submitted of the profession in every part of these to the class of Physical Sciences of dominions, and they have no doubt the Imperial Institute ; in which it is but that the good effects of such adaffirmed, that of 2,671,662 subjects, vice will soon appear, in the dimi. properly vaccinated in France, only nished mortality and the increased seven cases appear of patients having population of the country. afterwards taken the Small Pox; It may be proper to add, that the which is as 1 to 381,666. It is ad- Surgeons at nine stations of this Meded, that the well-authenticated in- tropolis reported to us on the 14th of stances of persons taking the Small last January, that they had no comPox after inoculation for that disease plaint of any Person vaccinated by had perfectly succeeded, are propor- them having afterwards had the tionably far more numerous; and also Small Pax. that in Geneva, Rouen, and several The Board have again the pleasure other large cities, where the Jennerian of stating, that the money granted by System has not been circumscribed Parliament during the last Session by popular prejudice, the Small Pox has been sufficient to defray the exis no longer known; and the Regis- penses of the year 1812 ; and they are ters exhibit strong evidence of conse of opinion that the same sum will be quent increasing population. The adequate to the expenditure of the report concludes with expressing current year. great hopes that this pestilential dis

FR. MILMAN, President. order will ultimately disappear from By Order of the Board, society.

J. HERVEY, M. D. Register. This object will doubtless be greatly forwarded by the line of conduct adopted by the Royal College of Sur.

APPENDIX. geons in London ; in which city, not

ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS. withstanding the artifices practised, WE, whose names are hereunder and the falsehoods * even propagated, subscribed, deeply impressed with the to discredit Vaccination, it is even

many fatal instances of the Small now gaining ground. The Royal Pox wbich have lately happened, and College of Surgeons have resolved which daily occur in the Metropolis not to inoculate with variolous mat- and in various towns of the Kingdom, ter, The College of Surgeons of convinced that such events are, in ? Dublin have formed the same resolu

great degree, consequences of the tion. In Gloucestershire sixty-three support and propagation of that disSurgeons, convinced of the pernicious case by Inoculation; and fully satistendency of inoculation to support and fied of the safety and the security of propagate the Small Pox, associated, Vaccination, from a consequent sense and pledged themselves to decline the of duty to the community,—do here. practice of it.

by engage ourselves to each other, and * In the bills of mortality for the last

to the public, not to inoculate the year, the death of two persons was said to

Small Pox, unless for some special have been occasioned by the Cow Pock, but, reason, after Vaccination; but to purupon investigation by the Board of the Na. sue, and, to the utmost of our power, tional Vaccine Establishment, they were

promote, the practice of Vaccination. found to have died from other causes, and the assertion was proved to be without

And further, we do recommend to foundation.

all the Members of the College, of


correspondent opinions, and senti- nished confidence in the security ments of duty, to enter into similar which Vaccination affords against the engagements.

Small Pox. They have also every Dated, Lincolns-Inn-fields,

reason to believe that the Public con7th day of April 1813.

fidence remains undiminished. A(Signed) T. FORSTER, Master. mong the higher ranks, Vaccination

continues to be universally practised, EVERARD HOME, WILLIAM BLIZARD, S

Governors. and though among the lower orders

it has rather diminished for the last Assistants.

two or three years, the College attri. J. Earle, W. Norris

bute this entirely to the absence of G. Chandler, J. Ware,

any alarm from Small Pox, and in C. Blicke, J. A. Hawkins, no degree to a want of confidence T. Keath, F. Knight.

in Vaccination ; for want of such confiJ. Heaviside. L. Harvey, dence would naturally have led to apH. Cline, W. Lynin,

plications for variolous Inoculation,and D. Dundas, J. Abernethy. this has not occurred within the know. J. Charlton,

ledge of any Member of the College.

The College regret that from the Copy of a LETTER from the Presi- want of regular public Registers they

dent of the Royal College of Phy- are unable to give any account of the sicians, Edinburgh.

mortality from Small Pox in ScotFebruary 20th 1813. land, or the proportion of the Popu.

lation that has been secured against Sir, IN reply to your Letter of the 5th

Small Pox by Vaccination. They January, I am directed by the Royal beg leave to suggest the propriety and College of Physicians to inform you, importance of adopting some plan that during the year 1812 Vaccina. by which this knowledge may be obtion has continued to be practised in tained; for there is every reason to this City as formerly, with uninter- believe, that as Small Pox becomes

more rare, Vaccination will, among rupted success; that there have been very few instances where Inoculation the lower orders, be still more neg

lected. for the small Pox has been insisted

JAMES Law, President, on; and that the mortality from Natural Small Pox lias, in as far as the Edinburgh, 15th January, 1813. Royal College can judge, been very Copy of a LETTER from the Presiinconsiderable in this part of Scot

dent of the Faculty of Physicians land. I have the honour to be, Sir,

and Surgeons in Glasgow.
Your most obedient Servant,

Glasgow, 17th Feb. 1813,


Your Letter of the 5th of January To Dr Hervey, Register of the

having been laid before the Faculty National Vaccine Institution.

of Physicians and Surgeons, a Com

mitee was appointed to report thereCommunication from the Royal Col

on, and reported as follows: lege of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

The Committee appointed to reTHE Royal College of Surgeons of port to the Board of the National Edinburgh, in reply to the request of Vaccine Establishment, on the Pro the National Vaccine Board, have gress of Vaccination in Glasgow, beg. only to announce, as on former oc leave to state, that the deaths by casions, their unanimous and undimi. Small Pox in the year 1812, have in


that city amounted to 24; whereas before fresh variolous infection tras the average number of deaths from brought over, and according to Tor1801 to 1804 exceeded 100, and the quemada eight hundred thousand Indeaths for the seven years previous to dians perished. the introduction of Vaccination ex- Europe has continued to communiceed 200 yearly, though the popula- cate this scourge at intervals of thirty, tion has of late years greatly, increased; twenty, or a less number of years, that eleven hundred and sixty-two and the infeetion extending itself have been gratuitously vaccinated at from Vera Cruz to the must remote the Faculty Hall this year, besides parts, has, like a destructive plague, the private patients of all the Medi- spread terror, death, and desolation, cal Practitioners in town ; and that over' that continent. The longer it the practice of Inoculation for Small is retarded, the more fatal it becomes, Pox is totally discontinued and the con- because the danger increases with the fidence in the preventive power of age of the sufferers. Thirty-three Vaccination continues unabated." years ago there were carried off more (Signed) J. Monteath.

than ten thousand persons in the towni B. W. King.

of Mexico and Puebla alone by this W. Anderson.

contagion, which was the last but

one that has visited that kingdom, The Faculty unanimously approved and was brought there after an interof this Report, and ordered a copy of val of nineteen years. it to be transmitted by the Præses to this last attack ihat I was a sufferer

It was from the Board of the National Vaccine in my native country, Monterry, the Establishment.

capital of the new kingdom of Leon : I have the honour to be, Sir,

and there was not a family who did Your most obedient Servant,

not put on mourning. Some of these J. BALMANNO, M. D. families disappeared altogether, be Præses of Faculty. cause they were all adult persons, and

had been seized by the Epidemic in Translation of a Statement on the the City. Those who lived in the

Vaccine Disorder, by Dr Servando country were preserved from its inde Mar y Noriega, an Ecclesiastic. Aluence by banking the dunghills of Dated London 10th Jan. 1813.

the large and small cattle around their

dwellings. The Small Pox, as well as the The Small Pox acts with the greatMeasles, were unknown in New

est virulence upon those parts of the Spain before the conquest. They were body most exposed to the sun,

such hrought there, says Torquemada, as the face and hands; and as the loby a Negro from Pamfilo of Narvaez, dians are more exposed by their habit and they occasioned such destruction, of life and manner of clothing, the that he does not hesitate to affirm, havoc which it makes among them is that the greatest part of the Indians

more horrible. died, among whom was the Emperor

Torquemada says, speaking of the Cuitlahuatzin, who succeeded Mon- first introduction of the infection, that tezume. It is stated, that according the reason why it killed so many, to the reports, which Cortes ordered was, because the Indians were igno. to be made to him, there died in the

rant of the nature of the disease, and Empire of Mexico alone three mil- bathed and scratched themselves. lions and a half. It was not long

In the nerv kingdom of Leon there

were several wandering nations, w * A Spanish historian. warlike that the Spaniards could not

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