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June 8. At Edinburgh, Sir Thomas Step At Edinburgh, David Monro Binning, nev, Bart. to Mrs Russel Manners.

Esq. of Softlaw, to Miss Isabella Blair, se- At Cartside, J. Hyde, Esq. to Susan, cond daughter of the late Right Honourable eldest daughter of Colin Campbell, Esq.

Robert Blair, of Avonton, Lord President At Northfield, by the Rev. Mr Prim of the College of Justice. rose, William Kemyss, Esq. to Christina, eldest daughter of James Syme, Esq. of Northfiel!.

DEATHS. 11. At Edinburgh, William Patison, lisq. merchant in Leith, to Miss Phind, daughter Jan. 19. Lost, in the West Indies, Mr of John Rhind, Esq. Gaytield Square. Walter Ruddiman, midshipman of the Ve

14. At the Banks of Terregles, Mr James nus frigate, second son of Mr Thomas RudCannon, of Barlay, to Miss Janet Tinnin, diman, printer, Edinburgh. daughter of the late Mr John Tinnin, of Alarch 2+. At Portobello, William Gra. Nunholin.

cie, Esq. writer to the signet. 17. At Leith Walk, Edinburgh, Mr John 26. At Hallhill, W. Alexander Sawers, Jackson, merchant, Leith, to Beatrix, daugh- town-clerk of Dunbar. ter of the late Reverend Mr Cray, of 28. At the inanse of Dunlop, Mrs CaBroughton, Tireeddale.

tharine Cunningham, spouse of the Rev. 16. At Yusselburgh, Agnes, daughter of Thomas Brisbane, minister there. Captain James Boyle, of Tillybody, to Mr 29. At Major House, Suffolk, Elizabeth Charles Stewart, younger of Sweethope. Dunlop, Dowager of Chandos, widow of

17. At Edinburgh, the Reverend Mr Ait Henry II. Duke of Chandos. chison of Leith, Robert F. Bell, Esq. sugar 31. At Romanno, Adam Kennedy, Esq. refiner, Leith, to Hannah, eldest daughter of Romanno. of the late Robert Bruce, Esq. writer in April 1. At Edinburgh, Captain John Edinburgh.

Baugh, late of the 58th foot. 18. By the Reverend Dr Grant, Hendy Mr Thomas Cowan, Flesher, Mus. Otto, Esq. surgeon, Path-head-Ford, to selburgtı. Jane, eldest daughter of John M.Kenzie, 2. At Falkirk, Daniel M‘Kinnon, an old Esq. postmaster, Path-head.

pensioner, aged 10% - At Edinburgh, Mr William Lindsay, At Edinburgh, Mrs Ester Cunninge j. merchant Leith, to Miss Jean Gray, ham, spouse of Joseph Cauvin, Esq. W. S.: youngest daughter of the late Alexander 5. At Bishop's Court, Isle of Mann, Dr Gray, Esq. Lyne.

Cladius Cugan, Bishop of Sodor and Mann. 20. At Knole, in Kent, the Earl of De 6. At Cupar, John, eldest son of Mr Laware, to Lady Elizabeth Sackville, young Horsburgh. est daughter of the late, and sister to the 7. At Lochie heads, John Arnot, Esq. of pretent Duke of Dorset.

Lumquhat. 22. At Forganban, by the Reverend Dr 11. At London, Lady Harewood. Wilson, Mr Archibald Allardice, bookseller, 12. At Great Whittingham, NorthumberLeith, w Mary, youngest daughter of the land, Sarah Robson, aged 104. late Mr Gray, Grahamstone.

At Warnz unster, Betty Cook, aged 104. At Glasgow, By the Reverend Dr 14. At London, Mrs Elizabeth Campbell, Gibb, the Reverend Dr William Muir, one widow of the late Colin Campbell, Esq. of of the ministers of that city, to Miss Hannah Carwhin, and mother of the Earl of BreadBlack, eldest daughter of James Black, Esq. albane. merchant.

22. At London, Dr Samuel Poart Sim26. At St George's, Hanover Square, mons, Physician Extraordinary to the King. London, by the Reverend W. Greenbill, 25. At London, the Right Hon. Richard the Right Honourable Lord Frederick Beau. Fitzpatrick, brother to the Earl of Upper clerk, to Miss Charlotte Dillon, daughter of Ossory, a General, and Colonel of 47th the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Dile foot. lon.

May 17. In Portugal, in consequence of At Blanerne, Berwickshire, Mr Alex. fatigue and over exertion in the discharge ander Rennie, jun. slater, Edinburgh, to Ma of his duty, Mr Eneas Gregorson, Assistant rion, daughter of the late Mr George Wilson. Commissary General to his Britannic Ma

July 2. At Edinburgh, By the Reverend jesty's forces, and son to the late Angus Mr Innes, of Yester, Sir David Hunter Gregorson, Esq. of Ardtorinish, Argyllshire, Blair, of Brownhill, Bart. to Miss Dorothy whose family have now to lament the loss Hay Mackenzie, second daughter of Ed. of three sons, of most amiable dispositions tard Hay Mackenzie, of Yewball and Cro- and superior talents, who have fallen in the marty, Esq.

cause of their King and country, in Spain


and Portugal, during the Marquis of Wel Mr Neaves, writer, Queen Street, a most lington's campaign there.

amiable and accomplished woman. 30. At the Manse of Echt, the Reverend 17. In Tradestown, Glasgow, Hugh Mr Henderson, much and justly regretted M·Intyre, at the advanced age of 102. He by his parishioners, and all his friends and was very temperate all his life, and retained acquaintances.

his faculties till within a few days of his June 2. At Dunbar, Mrs Ann Ferguson, death. spouse of the late Dr Alexander Kelly. - At Kent, in the 87th year of his age,

At Edinburgh, Burnet Bruce, Esq. after a life eminently distinguished by every advocate, youngest son of the late Lord active, public, and private virtue, the Right Kennet, and one of the Commissaries of Honourable Charles Middleton, Baron BarEdinburgh.

ham, of Barham Court, and of Teston in 3. At Glasgow, Andrew Liddell, Esq. Kent, and a Baronet, one of his Majesty's merchant.

Most Honourablc Privy Council, Admiral 4. The Honourable John de Courcy, eld of the Red squadron of his Majesty's fieet, est son of the Right Honourable Lord Kin one of the Elder Brethren of the Trinity sale, Lieutenant-Colonel of the 1st regiment House, First Lord of the Admiralty during of foot guards. His death was occasioned the important victories of Sir Robert Calby excessive fatigue with the army in Spain, der, Lord Nelson, Sir Richard Strachan, from whence he returned only a few days and Sir John Duckworth, many years previous to his decease.

Comptroller of the Navy, First Commis 6. As she was preparing to go to church, sioner of the Board instituted in 1786 for Lady Bernard, wife of Sir T. Bernard, Bart. inquiring into the state of the woods, forests, of Wimpole street, London.

and land revenues of the Crown, and of At Perth, the Reverend Daniel Mac the late Board for revising the civil affairs of kenzie, one of the ministers of that city. the Navy, and Member for Rochester in

7. At Edinburgh, Philip Dundas, only the Parliament of 1781, and one of the 'son of General Francis Dundas.

Vice-Presidents of the Lock Hospital and Thomas Cleghorn, Esq. of the Cus other Charitable Societies, &c. His Lord. toms at Port Glasgow.

ship was born at Leith, in October 1726, In London, Lord Viscount St Asaph, and was youngest son of Robert Middleton, eldest sou of the Earl of Ashburnham, in Esq. afterwards collector of the customs at the 27th year of his age.

Borrowstonness, by Helen Dundas, grand8. At Winchburg, David, eldest son of daughter of Sir James Dundas, of Arniston, Thomas Allan, Esq.

His grand-father, George Middleton, and At Shieldhall, Alex. Oswald, Esq. of great grandfather, Alexander Middleton, Shieldhall, aged 75.

were successively Principals of King's Col. 9. At the Manse of Fenwick, Mr Wil. lege, Aberdeen, the latter was younger liam Boyd, student of divinity, eldest son of brother of General John Middleton, who, the Reverend William Boyd, minister of for his eminent military services as Lieutenthat parish.

ant-General of horse in the Royal armies, 10. At Edinburgh, George Buchan, of was created Earl of Middleton, Lord ClerKello, Esq.

mont and Fettercain in 1660, which title At Ramsay Garden, John Grieve, was forfeited in 1695, in the person of tis Esq. civil engineer, a man of unblemished only son, Charles, second Earl of Middle integrity and vigorous intellect.

ton, who, after being ambassador at the 11. At Barnard Dastle, Mr Cuthbert Court of Vienna, and one of the Principal Vasey, late farmer at Raby Old Lodge, Secretaries of State to King Charles Il. fusiaged 100 years.

lowed the fortunes of James II. to Frang, At Hampton Court Palace, London, where he died in the chief management of where she was house-keeper, Lady Ann affairs at the Court of St Germains. Lord Cecil, sister to the Marquis of Salisbury. Barham, after his return from the West.

12. At Edinburgh, justly regretted by Indies in 1761, (where he eminently disa his friends and acquaintances, Bailie John tinguished himself in the command of the M•Ewan, builder, Perth.

Emerald frigate) married Margaret, daugh14. At Perth, Mr Archibald Walker, ter of James Gambier, Esq. Counsellor at merchant.

Law, and aunt of the present Admiral At Addinston, Berwickshire, aged 77 Lord Gambier, by whom he had only one years, John Simson, Esq. of Brainslia and chüd, Diana, now Baroness Barhain, the Threepwoods, Roxburghshire.

wife of Gerard Noel Noel, Esq. of Exton At Edinburgh, in the prime of life, Park, in the county of Rutland, many years deeply lamented by her family and friends, Member of Parliament for that county, neMrs Margaret Montgomery Aitken, wite of phew and beir of entail of Henry, last Earl

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of Gainsborough, and to whom the Baronet. tion, he entered with great cheerfulness into cy now descends. Of this marriage there the babits of society. His features displayare fourteen children now alive. Charles, ed the suavity of his manners and the bene the eldest son, represents the county of volence of his mind, and it may be truly Rutland in the present Parliament.

said, that few have dropped into the grave, 18. At Middleton, Charles Gardync, Esq. whose memory, within their circle of action, of Middleton.

is more entitled to esteem and veneration." At London, Lord Vernon.

28. At Sauchie House, Stirling, Gabriel At Thistle Court, Mrs Mary Rannie, Forrester, Esq. of Craigannet. widow of John Mansfield, Esq. banker in At Letham, in the 75th year of his Edinburgh.

age, Mr Thomas Scott, farmer there. At his seat, Wolverton Park, Ilants, 29. Mr William Macallum, merchant, Sir Charles Pole, Bart.

At London, Lady Elizabeth Garnier. 30. At Kilmarnock, Mrs James Muir,

At Arbroath, in the 98th year of his in the 45th year of her age. age, Mr Peter Neish, the oldest man in At Drummore, John Clark, Esq. of that burgh. On the Sunday preceding he Nunand. attended divine service, and openod his shop At Closeburn Hall, Catharine Maria next day.

Stuart Menteath, second daughter of Charles 19. At Watlands, the Reverend James Grenville Stuart Menteath, Esq. of CloseGreig, minister of the Associate Congrega- burn, in the 18th year of her age. tion of Newmilns, in the 76th year of his At Kinross, James Skelton, Esq. of age, the 49th of his ministry, and the 20th Orwell. of his administration in that congregation. - At Aberdeen, Isabella Jane, fourth

20. At Irnham, Lancashire, the Dowager daughter of the late George Ogilvie, Esq. of Lady Arundel.

Auchiries. 21. At Queensferry Street, Miss Janet The Honourable Henrietta A.M.C.B. Hope, daughter of the late Archibald Hope, Pelham, wife of the Honourable Charles A. Esq. collector of excise.

Pelham, eldest son of the Right Honourable At Hillgarden, Cupar Angus, Mr Lord Yarborough. Edward Warden, writer there, sincerely July 1. Mrs Rutherford, relict of the late and justly regretted.

Mr William Rutherford, merchant in Kelso. 21. Mr William Chalmers, bookseller in 2. At Edinburgh, aged 14, Alexander, Dumfries.

second son of the late Lieutenant-Colone! 26. Donald Macqueen, Esq. of Corry Andrew Wight. brough.

6. At his residence in the Barracks, 27. At Craigleith, David RAMSAY, Esq. Chatham, after a tedious illness, Major of Craigleith, Printer in Edinburgh. The Robert Smith, of the Royal marines, after character of this truly valuable member of a faithful service of 25 years, universally Society, can have no more appropriate re respected and regretted. cord than the following extract from the July &. At Edinburgh, thc Hon. Wil. Sun Newspaper of 30th June last:

liam Craig. Lord Craig was long a dis“ We feel more regret than we can ex. tinguished Judge in the Courts of Sespress, in having to announce the death of sion and Justiciary. His Lordship was the Mr David Ramsay, of Edinburgh. This son of the late Dr Craig, one of the minisgentleman had been long proprietor of the ters of Glasgow, an eminent divine of his Edinburgh Evening Courant, and was held day, and the author of some volumes of in the highest esteem by a numerous cir. excellent sermons, and of an essay on the cle of his friends, for the integrity, know life and character of our Saviour.-Lord ledge, judgement, and benevolence, which Craig was born in the year 1745, and called uniformly marked his character. In the to the bar in 1768. At the beginning of conduct of his journal he steered by the Mr Pitt's administration in 1784, he was light of the British Constitution, and though named cne of his Majesty's Advocates-debe was firmly attached to its monarchical pute, along with the late celebrated charac form, and ardent in his loyalty to our belov. ters, President Blair and Lord Abercromby, ed Sovereign, he never displayed any servile at the time Sir Ilay Campbell was appointed devotion to the Ministers of the day, but Lord Advocate, and the present Chief Baron only gave them his support, while he deem Dundas Solicitor-General, and he continued ed their measures essential to the interests in this office till 1787, when he was nomi of the state. He was peculiarly mild and nated Sheriff of Ayr. In the 1792 he was composed in his temper, but capable of en promoted to the Bench of the Court of Sese joying and promoting sallies of humour; sion, on the death of Lord Hailes, and sucand though naturally of a pensive disposi- ceeded, in the 1795, to Lord Henderland,

as a judge of the Justiciary Court. This lace, in the 89th year of her age, the Righ last situation Lord Craig lately resigned, Honourable Lady Charlotte Finch, the last from bad health, but retained his seat in the surviving daughter of Thomas, first Earl of civil court to his death.

Pomfret, by Henrietta Louisa, enle daughter When at the bar, Mr Craig was consider and heiress of John, Lord Jeffreys.--Her ed as an able and sensible Counsel, though ladyship was married, in 1746, to the Right his practice never was extensive. He was lionourable William Finch, Vice Chamber. rather remarked as a man of literary pur lain to his late Majesty, George II. and suit, and particularly attached to the Belles brother to Daniel, iate Earl of Winchelsta Lettres. He wrote a variety of papers in and Nottingham, whose honours and estates the Mirror and Lounger, which shew the derolved upon her son, the present Fari. elegance of his taste, and, we believe, his In 1762, Lady Charlotte Finch was nomin papers in those well-known works are more nated to the important and distinguished numerous than those of any author engaged station of governess to the Royal nursery. in it, except those from the celebrated pen In Seyinour Street, London, of his intimate friend Mr M.Kenzie. It Orby Hunter, sen. She was to have been was principally in his department of a Judge at home at ten o'clock that evening, but that Lord Craig distinguished himself as a died at eight. public character. To a mind highly upright At Broughty Ferry, near Dundee, and honourable excellent business talents, James Campbell, Esq.-lo his death the and knowledge of his profession, he joined world of science has lost an eminent pillar, the most persevering exertion; and, we more particularly in nautical mathenatics; believe, there were few who dispatched more an aptness of understanding, and a versatilibusiness, or with greater precision, than ty of genius, rendered most things easy to Lord Craig. His judgments, formed after him, and as an honest man he will be long careful and anxious consideration, were ge- remembered and deeply regretted. nerally perspicuous, sensible, and decided.

At Edinburgh, aged 77, Mr Francis In private life, Lord Craig was remarked Metcalf, who, for a long series of years, for many of the most aimable qualities of sustained various active public situation, in mind ;-he was gentle, aftable,' and unas this city, the duties of which he discharged suming, and, in an eminent degree, hospita- with judgment, probity, and zeal, reflecting ble and benevolent. He possessed the warm bonour to himself, and advantage to the esteem of a select circle of friends, to whom community. he was extremely attached : and by the Latchy, At Whitby, aged upwards of 100 public was highly respected and revered.- years, Mrs Rudyerd, relict of LieutenantHis Lordship has been 21 years upon the Colonel Rudyerd, many years town-171ajor Bench.

of Gibraltar, and of the 36th regiment of fi. At her apartments in St James's Pa foot. Prices of Stocks.

Prices of Grain per quarter Corn Ercharge, Bank

London. 1813. Stock. Omnium. Consols.

1813. | Wheat. | Barley. | Oats. Peaxe. July 5. 21415 prem. 563

S. $


July 5.

59 135 29 59 20 45 65 73 19. 219

12. 60 134 | 28 56 19 43 65 72 26. 2181

prem. 57
19. 57 195 28 5/16 44

63 73

26. 56 13 28 5520 44 65 72 Prices of Oat, Pease, and Barley Meal, in Edinburgh Market, per peck.

Prices of Grain at Haddington.
Pease and

Barley Meal. 1813. Wheat. Barley. | Oats. Pease.
Bolls. | Price. | Bolls. | Price.
July 6.
420 29 00 65 21 23

per cent.

5) prem.


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July 2.47 bar

64 36 48 31 43 31 45 13 300 28 00 63 21 23

9. 46 34 7 | 28 4030 43 20. 470

28 00

21 23

16. 40 61 34 4828 40 29 49 27. 400 27 00 70 21 22 23. | 45 63 36 42 28 33 33 42





Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,


With a View of the AQUEDUCT Bridge over the River Kelvin.


page 494...


Page Register of the Weather for August... 562

SCOTTISH REVIEW. High Water at Leith for September..... ib. 1. A General Account of thc HunteDescription of the Aqueduct Bridge rian Museum, Glasgou. By Captain over the river Kelvin........ 563 J. Laskcy,..........

607 Strictures on the Erection of the New II. Poems on several Occasions. By Police Office, Edinburgh......

ib. the late Rev. William Cameron, MiCommercial Intelligence....

564 nister of Kirknewton..... ...... 612 Memoirs of the Progress of Manufac

tures, Chemistry, Science, and the New Works puWished in Edinburgh... 614 fine Arts....... 566 Literary Intelligence.........

ib. Monthly Memoranda in Natural His

POETRY. tory 567 To a Young Lady........

616 Report of the National Vaccine Estab The Power of Love........

ib. lishment, 22d April 1813............. 569 PROCEEDINGS OF PARLIAMENT. State of Scotland during the Seven House of Lords,...........

617 teenth Century. Continued from -Thanks to Field Marshal Lord Wel576 lington ........

ib. Specimens of Eminent Germun Poets, House of Commons...

. ib. whose Works have not been transla -Orange Lodges........

619 ted. Continued from page 360...... 582

HISTORICAL AFFAIRS. Account of the Expences of his Majes Americi.......

621 ty's Household and Kitchen, from -Meeting of Congress.-- President's 1505 to 1811......... 584 Message......

ib. - View of sinilar Expences in ancient -Naval Operations on the Coasts of Times..... 585 America ......

622 _In the time of Edteard IV... ...... ib. War in Canada.......

623 Queen Elizabeth.... 586 Spain.......

627 -King IV'illion and Queen Maryj...... ib. -Splendid Victories over the French Sixth Report of the Commissioners for

in the valley of Bastan........

ib. making Roads and building Bridges -Unsuccessful Attempt to storm St in the Highlands of Scotland. Con.


630 tinued from page 50+...... ib. The Northern War.........................

632 Abstract of the Edinburgh Jail Bill..... 590 South America.........

ib. Thoughts on the Choice of Military

SCOTTISH CHRONICLE. Commanders........ 591 High Court of Justiciary,.

633 Anecdotes of the Spanish Court and Thunder Storms.....

63+ Ministry under the Bourbons......... 592 Game Certificates.....

635 -Elizabeth Farnese and the Princess Weights and Measures.........

ib. Orsini....

ib. Appointinents for the ensuing Autumn -Cardinal Slbcroni... .......

597 Circuits. Chamber of Commerce... ib. Description of Volcanoes in the Island Appointinents..........

636 of sz leluoc!, one of the Azores...... 600 Lancastrian School Society............... 637 Anecdotes, &c. Historical and Literary, 605 Births and Marriages...........

638 - Jealousy of Artists........

606 Deaths..........

.............. 639 --Female Viarket........... ib, Stocks and Markets, ..........


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