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ter," in the former part of her life, and be suspected would connive at iinher own confession, " that she once, posture.

He admitted no persons THROUGH IMPOSITION, passed for a but such as most vehemently objected religious person, merely for the sake of to the verity of the fact."'" Ár H. worldly gain."--These are strong ob- Jackson," we are further assured, jections to the reception of her testi- “ having a thorough knowledge of the mony, whatever degree of “calmness inhabitants, took upon himself the and serenity" may mark “her pre. trouble of setting the watch; and be sent state of mind," however “ clear being of the most invincible increduliand unimpeachable her doctrinal ty, was well qualified for the purpose. knowledge” may now prove, and when it was known that Nanny had however * pleasing it must be to eve- been under watch for forty hours, and ry lover of religion to converse with was challenging the investigation, her.” If she once played the hypo- great numbers of people, merely from crite “ for the sake of worldly inter- curiosity, came to offer their service, so est,” the presumption is, that she that there was not the least difficulty would not scruple to act that, or any'u. in procuring a sufficient number for ther part again, from the same motive. the purpose. The principal care that

6. The obvious interest which she remained to Mr Jackson, was the and her attendants have in supporting matching of people of different qualithe deception. From the published fications together, in such a manner accounts of her



that as to afford a greater security, and before she began to attract the atten- that the wateh should be constantly tion of the public, she had been “la. and faithfully kept. In order to bouring under the greatest distresses,” which, such as man and wife, brother And had not even sufficient clothes to and sister, &c. were never suffered cover her bed : but, when we saw to attend at the same tine, nor any her, she seemed to be in very com. persons that were likely to be influ. fortable circumstances; and we were enced in her favour. The watch was informed by a gentleman of the place, generally changed every four hours, that she has turned the exhibition of and, for farther satisfaction, placards her person to such account, as to be were stuck up in different parts of able, in the course of the present year, the town, announcing, This is to to place the sum of £.400 in the maintain, that Ann Moore has taken stocks.

no nourishment since Tuesday after7. The imperfect manner in which noon, at three o'clock, and is truly she has been watched.--As much and constantly watched. All persons stress has been laid on the proof af- are hereby challenged to disprove the forded by the watching of her person fact, and may watch for themselves, during sixteen days, it may be worth during the further period of time that while to inquire in what manner it was shall, by medical consultation, be deperformed. The author of the “ Ac- termined to establish the same.' " count" tells us, that Ann Moore, The truth is, that almost every one, “ having consented to be removed, who “came to offer” his service, was Mr Taylor (a surgeon of the neigh- permitted to undertake the task ; and bourhood) went round the town to during the sixteen days that the watch procure a number of the most respec- continued, not fewer, as we were cretable inhabitants for the watch ;. and dibly informed, than from 80 to 90 be made it his first principle, to ex- different persons officiated. Among punge those who, in his opinion, were this number, is it not highly probain the least degree liable to be impo- ble, that there may have been some sed on, or of a disposition that might of Ann Moore's private friends, who


supplied her with food, and connived ance, except twice, during 50 days, at her eating and drinking? We are at the end of which period she died. not told what were the respective In the case which is detailed by Dr sharacters of the individuals employ Eccles, in the 5th volume of the ed; whether they were persons of Edinburgh Medical Essays, the paknown probity and veracity; no se tient continued first 34 days, and af. curity is given for their vigilance ; no terwards 54 days, without either eatinformation is afforded as to the mode ing or drinking. It is true, that, duin which they were superintended; ring part of this time, nourishing inbut we are called upon to place unli- jections were used; but, for the last mited confidence in Mr Taylor's 20 days of the second fast, even that “ opinion” of their liability to be im- mode of supply was cut off, and the posed upon, in Mr Jackson's “know. abstinence was complete in every ledge” of their characters, and his sense of the word. In Dr Willan's skill in “ matching them together :" case, the patient persevered in the disin other words, we are called upon to use of solid food till the 61st day, tabelieve an improbable fact upon the king only small quantities of water most suspicious of all testimony, upon slightly flavoured with juice of oranthe opinion which A has of the dispo- ges, to moisten his mouth. These sitions of B, C, D, E, &c. and of the two last cases also terminated fatally. knowledge and care which X has dis The madman, mentioned by Pouplayed in matching B with D, C with teau, lived 47 days, without taking E, and so on. Can any thing be any thing but a pint and a half of more unsatisfactory? But granting, water in the day, and stood constantfor a moment, that the proof was as ly in the same position during 38 perfect as it was possible for it to be, days of that time : the return to food and that this trial of Ann Moore was was followed by a temporary cure of conducted with the utmost strictness his insanity. That Ann Moore did and regularity,—what would the in. not altogether refrain from drinking ference amount to? Why, that she during the watch of 16 days, is adhad fasted sixteen days and nights, a mitted even by Mr Taylor. “In period of time during which it is cer. the course of the first three days of tainly not impossible that she may have the investigation," says that gentleendured the privation; not that she has men," she swallowed a very small lived five whole years and odd months quantity of water ; but happening without any nutriment whatever. to step into the room while she was

That the human body can be swallowing it, the extreme misery of brought to subsist, for a considerable deglutition, and the violent rising of time, on very small quantities of food, wind resisting its passage to a degree has been long known; and, if we that almost seemed to threaten suffo. consult the records of medicine, we cation, induced me to dissuade her shall find, that there are not wanting from taking any more, while the exwell-authenticated instances of even periment that was to vindicate her more protracted abstinence than was veracity continued." The only fact, exhibited on the occasion in question. therefore, that can be learned from Thus Doebel gives the history of a this imperfect trial, is, that Ann hypochondriac, who fasted during a Moore was not seen taking any solid period of 40 days, but died soon after food during the space of 16 days and his return to food. And Morgagni, nights. Before that time, it is acon the authority of Fantonus, men- knowledged, that “ she had abundant Lions the instance of a woman, who opportunities” of eating ; and since ebstinately refused to take any susten. the watching, which has since so un


accountably allayed all suspicions with bed, to lessen the perceptibility of regard to her proceedings, she can be which, is probably the reason of her at no loss to procure sufficient aliment, insisting upon the window being kept from the quantity that is introduced always open. into the house for her daughter, and These circumstances I mention the the other female who lives with her. more particularly, as they led to the

8. Her dread of a repetition of the detection of a similar imposture, waiching. On Mr Thompson's pro- which was practised by a girl in Gerposing a second watching, she said, many, about twelve years ago, and of is that she had been upon her trial which a minute relation has been furonce, which she would not then have nished by Gruner. Like Ann Moore, submitted to, but to oblige the minis- this girl submitted to a watching of ter, and for no body in the world would two or three weeks; and, like her, she undergo a repetition of it. Her too, she passed the ordeal with her attendant," Mr I. adds, “ who is as integrity unimpeached. If I rememwell-educated a hypocrite as her mis. ber right, she was even subjected to tress, was pleased to style it, ' a trial it a second time, without any discofor her life.'

very taking place. But, some time 9. Her dread of all experiments afterwards, a bystander observing that whatever. Thus, on one occasion, she her linen was generally in a damp refused to allow Dr D. to hold a mir- state, and had an urinous smell, (to ror before her face, in order to examine conceal which, she used to have heather respiration ; exclaiming, “ No ed stones introduced into her bed, more experiments for me! I have suf- under pretence of cold at the pit of fered enough already from experi- her stomach, and would never allow ments."

At another time, she con- the window to be shut, affecting to trived to break a thermometer, which faint the moment it was closed,) was a gentlemen had put into her hand, led to a train of investigation, which in order to ascertain the heat of her ended in the complete exposure of the body. It is probably from a similar various artifices to which she had remotive, that she now keeps her mouth sorted for the concealment of her shut; apprehending, either that her evacuations. visitors might put her powers of de- 11. Her saying, " that she believes glutition to the test, or that the mere a time may come, when God will perinspection of her tongue might prove mit her to eat.” She is thus prepared the recent introduction of food. for any discovery that may take place,

, 10. Her concealment of the evacua- and can never be surprised at her tion of urine. At the time of the meals or potations, without a ready watching, it is admitted, that she passed urine to the amount of a pint in 12. The acknowleged fact, that she every two days ; she has since found it is now in the same, or nearly the same convenient gradually to diminish the condition of body as when she commenquantity, till at last she voids none at ced her alleged fast. “ It is apparent, all. But there were several pretty says your correspondent Mr Granger, strong presumptive proofs of the fals that abstinence qu'a abstinence has no sity of this assertion. One of us, in effect upon her system. The exist. approaching her bed, happened to ence of the patient, after having fastoverturn a utensil, which was placed ed two years with a countenance not under it, obviously for her use, and far removed from the appearance of which was partly filled with urine.- health, will not be looked upon as an There was also, as I have before re- effect of abstinence. For many montl.s marked, an offensive smell about the together, no wasting is observed.”.



Nay, what is more extraordinary, if able pressure, without expressing the the descriptions which have been gi- least uneasiness. On the contrary, ven of her person, by Mr Granger she repeatedly assured us, that we and others, be correct, it will follow gave her no pain by the force which that latterly she must have increased we employed. considerably in bulk; for we did not 14. The inconsistency of her actions find the abdomen " so remarkably with her statements.

If the attempt sunk in," as Mr G. saw it; we did to eat and drink really caused her not succeed, like Mr Taylor, in tra “ such misery of deglutition," as Mr cing, with the finger, the grand trunk Taylor expresses it, why did she do of the aorta, “ from the place most either ; especially as she had lost all immediately under the ensiform pro- desire of food so early as November cess of the sternum, where the loose 1806? Her deceit respecting the integumeni is drawn upon it, nearly contraction of the middle finger of to its bifurcation,” in drawing it her left hand, and inability to use it, " from its situation over the spine," has been already noticed. To Mr and " holding the skin across it,” so Thompson she preter.ded to be in a as to shew « both its shape and pal state of such weakness, as made it sation;" nor did Ann Moore appear great labour, and even pain for her to to us, as she did to J. L., “ the most attempt to move ; but upon his threaemaciated creature that ever existed.” tening her with a repetition of the Now, it has been shewn, that a consi- watching, “ she so completely forgot derable evaporation is constantly ta. her situation,” says Mr T. “ that she king place from her lungs and skin; raised herself upright in bed, a posinothing, therefore, short of an actual tion in which, we had previously miracle, can solve the problem of the learned, she had not been for more increased size of her body, under such than a year, griped her fists, threw circumstances. •

her arms and head about with as much 13. The variations and contradictions strength and ease as the most healthy in her statements. It would appear, woman of an equal age could possibly from Mr Taylor's narrative, that she do, and talked at the same time most continued the use of solid food in loudly and incessantly, from the effect small quantities till the end of June of violent passion.” These inconsiste 1807, but to us she positively aver encies are alone sufficient to throw red, that she had taken nothing since discredit on every thing she says. the week before Easter of that year. Other facts and arguments might When Mr Thompson saw her, she be adduced; but I trust, that I have acknowledged, that she passed a small collected a sufficient body of evidence quantity of urine once a-weck, and to prove, that there are no solid he understood this to be the case at grounds for supposing, that the order the time when he wrote, (August of nature is subverted in the person 1809;) but to us she declared, that of Ann Moore ; but, on the contrary, she had voided none since the end of that there is every reason to believe, August 1898. In reply to a question that her abstinence is feigned, and by Mr Corn, she asserted, that she ne- her sufferings, in a great measure siser perspired; but to us she admitted, mulated. Such an inference Mr Granthat she perspired freely, when she ger is pleased to denominate an hypohad fits. To the gentleman whose thesis ; but the hypothesis appears to thermometer she demolished, she com me to be on the part of those who plained of pain, and cried out upon imagine that a human being can exist, the slightest touch of the abdomen; in a state of comparative health and whilst she allowed us to use consider. strength, during a term of months


and years, without any of the ordi- the stranger, I was expected to move nary means of nutrition; and the only first. Does not this seem a little barwonder remaining in my mind, is, barous ? I found our fair companions, that medical men should be found to like the ladies of all the country lend their sanction to such extraordi towns I know, under-bred and overnary attestations as

we have seen dressed, and, with the exception of concerning the case in question. one or two, very ignorant and very Golden Square, 2

grossiére. The men are, in general, November 25th, 1812.

what a Hindoo would call of a higher caste than the women; and I general. ly find the merchants the most ration,

al companions. Having, at a very ear. Account of the Inhabitants and State ly age, to depend on their own mental of Society in BOMBAY. exertions, they acquire a steadiness

and sagacity which prepare their From Journal of a Residence in India. By minds for the acquisition of a variety

Maria Graham, 4to. Constable & Co.

of information, to which their com

mercial intercourse leads. WITH regard to the Europeans

The civil servants to government in Bombay, the manners of the being, in Bombay, for the most part inhabitants of a foreign colony are in young men, are so taken up with their general so well represented by those own imaginary importance, that they of a country town at home, that it is disdain to learn, and have nothing to hopeless to attempt making a descrip-teach. Among the military I have tion of them very interesting. How met with many well-informed and ever, as it may be gratifying to know gentleman-like persons, but still, the how little there is to satisfy curiosity, great number of men, and the small I shall endeavour to describe our co number of rational companions, make lonists. On our arrival we dined a deplorable prospect to one who anwith the governor, and found almost ticipates a long residence here. all the English of the settlement in The parties in Bombay are the vited to meet us. There were a good most dull and uncomfortable meetings many very pretty and very well dres one can imagine. Forty or fifty persed women, a few ancient belles, and sons assemble at seven o'clock, and at least three men for every woman. stare at one another till dinner is anWhen dinner was announced, I, as nounced, when the ladies are handed the stranger, though an unmarried to table, according to the strictest woman, was handed by the governor rules of precedency, by a gentleman into a magnificent dining-room, form of a rank corresponding to their own. merly the chapel of the Jesuits col. At table there can be no general conlege, at one end of which a tolerable versation, but the different couples band was stationed to play during din- who have been paired off, and who,

We sat down to table about on account of their rank, invariably eight o'clock, in number about fifty, sit together at every great dinner, so that conversation, unless with one's amuse themselves with remarks on the next neighbour, was out of the ques- company, as satirical as their wit will tion. After dinner, I was surprised allow; and woe be to the stranger that the ladies sat so long at the table; whose cars are certain of being regaat length, after everybody had exhi- led with the catalogue of his supposed bited repeated symptoms of weariness, imperfections and misfortunes, and one of the ladies led the way into the who has the chance of learning more saloon, and then I discovered that, as of his own history than in all proba


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