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before us,

with the Princess in the Isle of Wight; before, like people fond of each other, Mr Hood and Lord Beauclerk were a very close kiss. Her behaviour like there with her, she went there from that of a woman attached to a man, Portsmouth.

used to be by themselves at luncheon HARRIET FITZGERALD," at Southend, when Ladies were not “ Sworn at Lord Grenville's

sent for, a number of times. There house in Downing-street,

was a pony which Captain Manby the 27th day of June 1806,

used to ride. It stood in the stable ready for him, and which Sicard used

to ride. The servants used to talk “ ERSKINE, GRENVILLE,

and laugh about Captain Manby—it “ SPENCER, ELLENBOROUGH.'

was a matter of discourse amongst

thein. I lived there when Sir Sid. Robert Bidgood's farther Deposi- him appeared very familiar ; she ap;

mey Smith came-her manner with tion.

peared very attentive to him, but I “ The Princess used to go out in did not suspect any thing further. her phaeton, with coachman and hel. All the upper servants had keys of per, towards Long Reach, eight or the doors to the Park, to let Her Roy. ten times, carrying luncheon and wine al Highness in and out.

I used to with her, when Captain Manby's see Sicard receive letters from Mrs ship was at Long Reach; always Mrs Sander to put in the post instead of Fitzgerald was with her : she would the bag; this was after Captain Mango about one, and relurn about five or by had gone to sea.

I suspected six, sometimes sooner or later. The them to be for Captain Manby and day the Africaine sailed from South- others in the house supposed the same. end, the Princess ordered us to pack

“ R. BIDGOOD. up for Blackheath next morning.

“ Sworn before us in DownCaptain Manby was there three times a week, at least, whilst his ship lay

ing-street, this 3d day of for six weeks off Southend, at the

July 1806. Nore; he came as tide served; used “ ERSKINE, GRENVILLE, to come in a morning, and dine, and “ SPENCER, ELLENBOROUGH." drink tea. I have seen him next morning, by ten o'clock. I suspect. Sir Francis Milman's Deposition. ed he slept at No. 9. The Princess always put out the candles herself in “ I attended the Princess of Wales the drawing-room, at No. 9, and bid in the Spring, and latter end of the me not wait to put them up. She year 1802, i. e, in March and togave me the orders as soon as she wards the Autumn, Mr Mills, of went to Southend. I used to see Greenwich, attended her as her Royal water.jugs, basins, and towels, set Highness's apothecary, and Mr Mills out opposite the Princess's door in the and his partner, Mr Edmeades, have passage. Never saw them so left in attended since. I do not know that the passage at any other time. I sus any other medical person attended her pected he was there at those times, at that time, either as apothecary or and there was a general suspicion physician. In March 1802 I atthrough the house. Mrs and Miss tended her for a sore throat and feFitzgerald were there, and Miss Ham In 1803, in April, I attended mond, (now Lady Hood.) My suspi- her Royal Highness again with Sir picion arose from seeing them in the William Farquhar. I don't know glasses kiss each other, as mentioned whether she was blooded in 1802. She



was with difficulty persuaded to be in stating to their Lordships that I blooded in 1803, for a pain in her attended her Royal Highness the chest, saying, she had not been blood- Princess of Wales in the spring of ed before, that they could not find a 1802, and that I then met his Royal vein in her arm. I saw no mark in Highness the late Duke of Gloucester her arm of her having been blooded at Black heath. before. I observed her Royal High- “ It was in the Spring of 1801, ness's person at the end of that year, and not of 1802, that, after attending 1802, I never observed then, or at ber Royal Highness the Princess of any other time, any thing which in- Wales for 10 or 12 days, I had the duced me to think her Royal High- honour of seeing the Duke of Glouness was in a pregnant situation. I cester at her house. think it is impossible she should in “I have the honour to be, with the that year have been delivered of a greatest respect, my dear Lord, your child without my observing it. She, Lordships's most obliged and obedient during that year, and at all times, humble servant, was in the habit of receiving the vi

“ Francis MILLMAN."? sits of the Duke of Gloucester. I never attended her Royal Highness but in extraordinary illness. Her Royal Highness has for the last year Afidavit of THOMAS LAWRENCE, and a half had her prescriptions made

Esq. up at Walker and Young's, $t “ I, Thomas Lawrence, swear, James's-street. If she had been a that in the 1801, I did sleep several pregnant woman in 1802, I could nights at Montague-house, and that not have helped observing it. frequently between the close of the “ FRANCIS MILMAN. day's sitting and her Royal Highness's

dressing for dinner, I was alone with "Sworn before us, in Down

the Princess. That I saw her in the ing-street, July 3, 1806, by evening, and remained till 12, 1, or the said Sir Francis Mill

2 o'clock, but never alone, except in

one single instance, and that for a “ ERSKINE, GRENVILLE, short time, when I remained with her SPENCER, ELLENBOROUGH." Royal Highness in the blue room, as

I remember, to answer some questions that had been put to me.

I cannot Sir Francis MILLMAN 10 THE LORD recollect the particulars, but solemnly CHANCELLOR.

declare, that I have not the least ob

jection for all the world to have heard "My Lord-before your arrival in or seen what took place; that I never Downing-street, last night, I bespoke was alone with her Royal Highness in the indulgence of the Lords of his any other place; that I never Majesty's Council for inaccuracy as with the door locked, bolted, or fasto dates respecting my attendance at tened, otherwise than in the common Blackheath before 1809. Having and usual manner, which leaves it in only notice in the forenoon of an ex- the



any person on the outamination, I could not prepare myself side to open it-So help me, God. for it, to any period previous to that

« THOMAS LAWRENCE. year, and I now hasten, as fast as the examination of my papers will permit,

“ Hatton Garden, 24th Sept, 1806. to correct an error into which I fell,





before me,

The Deposition of Thomas Mandy, cess of Wales and myself, that I

tween her Royal Highness the PrinEsq. a Captain in the Royal Navy. should be in any degree unwilling Having had read to me the following

that all the world should have seen. passage from the copy of a deposition

THOMAS MANBY. of Robert Bidgood, sworn the 6th

Sworn at the Public Office, day of July last, before Lords Spencer

Hatton - Garden, London, and Grenville, viz.

the 22d day of Sept. 1806, “ I was waiting

one day in the anti-room; Captain Manby had his hat

“ THOMAS LEACH." in his hand, and appeared to be going away; he was a long time with the Princess, and as I stood on the steps The Deposition of JONATHAN PARTwaiting, I looked into the room in

RIDGE, Porter to Lord Eardly, at which they were, and in the reflection

Belvedere. of the looking-glass, I saw them salute each other. I mean, that they kissed “ I remember being informed by each other's lips. Captain Manby Mr Kenny, Lord Eardly's late then went away. I then observed steward, now dead, that I was wantthe Princess have her handkerchief in ed by Lord Moira, in town ; accordher hand, and wipe her eyes, as if she ingly, I went with Mr Kenny to was crying, and went into the draw. Lord Moira's, in St James's Place, on ing-room."

the King's birth day, in 1804. His I do solemnly, and upon my oath, Lordship asked me, if I remembered declare, that the said passage is a vile the Princess coming to Belvedere and wicked invention ; that it is some time before? I said, Yes; and wholly and absolutely false; that it told him that there were two or three is impossible he ever could have seen ladies, I think three, with her Royal in the reflection of any glass any such Highness, and a gentleman with thing, as I never, upon any occasion, them, who came on horseback ; that or in any situation, had the presump- they looked at the pictures in the tion to salute her Royal Highness in house, had their luncheon there, and any such manner, or to take any such that her Royal Highness's servants liberty, or offer any insult to her per- waited upon them, as I was in a disson. And having had read to me

habille. His Lordship asked me, another passage from the same copy whether they went up stairs ? and I of the same deposition, in which the told him that they did not. He asksaid Robert Bidgood says

ed me how long they staid ? and I “ I suspected that Captain Manby said, as far as I recollected, they did slept frequently in the house ; it was a not stay above an hour, or an hour subject of conversation in the house; and quarter; that they waited some hints were given to the servants ; and little time for the carriage, which I believe that others suspected it as had gone to the public-bouse, and, well as myself:”

till it came, they walked up and I solemnly swear that such suspicion down altogether in the portico before is wholly unfounded, and that I never the house. His Lordship, in the did, at Montague house, Southend, course of what he said to me, said, it Ramsgate, East Cliff, or any where was a subject of importance, and else, ever sleep in any house occupied might be of consequence. His Lordby, or belonging to her Royal High- ship, finding that I had nothing more ness the Princess of Wales; and that to say, told me I might go. there never did any thing pass be- “Some time afterwards, his Lord


ship sent for me again, and asked me sight of Lady Douglas and Mr Bidif I was sure of what I said being all good. that I could say respecting the Prin

“ PauliP KRACKELER. cess? I said it was; and that I was

“ Rost. EAGLESTONE. ready to take my oath of it, if his “ Sworn at the Public Office, Lordship thought proper. He said, Hatton Garden, this 27th it was very satisfactory; said I might day of Sept. 1806, before go, and he should not want me any ine,

“ Tuomas LEACH." « JONATHAN PARTRIDGE. “Sworn at the County Court

Correspondence between EARL SPENof Middlesex, in Fullwood's

CER and LORD GWYDIR. Rents, the 25th day of Sept.

66 20th June 1806. 1806, before me,


“ In consequence of certain inqui. ries directed by his Majesty, Lady

Douglas, wife of Sir John Douglas The Deposition of PHILIP KRACKEL- that she was told by her Royal High

of the marines, has deposed upon oath, ER, one of the Footmeirof her Royal ness the Princess of Wales, that at a Highness the Princess of Wales, and breakfast at Lady Willoughby's ROBERT EAGLESTON, Park-keeper house, in May or June 1802, &c.10 her Royal Highness the Princess

( Extract of Lady Douglas's Deposiof Wales

tion. See last Number p. 195.) " These deponents say, that on or

“ It being material to ascertain, as about the 20th day of June last, as far as possible, the truth of this fact, they were across together along Green- I am to request that your Lordship wich Park, they saw Robert Bidgood, will have the goodness to desire Lady one of the pages of her Royal HighWilloughby to put down in writing ness, walking in a direction, as if he every circumstance in any manner were going from the town of Green relative thereto (if any such there be) wich, towards the house of Sir John of which her ladyship has any recolDouglas, and which is a different lection ; and also to apprize me, for road from that which leads to Món his Majesty's information, whether, tague-house, and they at the same at any time, during the course of the time perceived Lady Douglas walk above - mentioned year, Lady Wiling in a direction to meet him. And loughby observed any such alteration this deponent, Philip Krackeler, then in the Princess's shape, or any other desired the other deponent to take circumstances, as might induce her notice, whether Lady Douglas and Ladyship to believe that her Royal Mr Bidgood would speak to each Highness was then pregnant. — I other; and both of these deponents am," &c.

6 SPENCER.” observed, that when Lady Douglas and Mr Pidgood met, they stopped,

Sidmouth, 21st June 1806. and conversed together for the space

" MY DEAR LORD, of about two or three minutes, whilst " In obedience to your commands, in view of these deponents; but how I lost no time in communicating to much longer their conversation last- Lady Willoughby the important subed, these deponents cannot say, as ject of your private letter, dated the they, these deponents, proceeded on 20th instant, and I have the honour their road, which took them out of of inclosing a letter to your Lordship


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from Lady Willoughby.--I have the quently done me the honour to break. honour, &c.

“ Gwydir.” fast and dine at Whitehall, and Lang

ley, in Kent. Her Royal Highness “ MY LORD,

may have been at my house in the " In obedience to the command months of May or lune 1802 ; but contained in your Lordship's letter of the periods at which I had the (communicated to me by Lord honour of receiving her, I have no Gwydir,) I have the honour to inform precise recollection. you, that I have no recollection what Q. Has her Ladyship any recolever of the fact stated to have taken lection of the circumstance of her place, during a breakfast at White. Royal Highness having retired from hall, in May or June 1802 ; nor do the company, at such breakfast or I bear in mind any particular circum- dinnet, on account, or under the prestances relative to her Royal High- tence, of having spilt any thing over ness the Princess of Wales at the her handkerchief? And if so, did period to which you allude.

Lady Willoughby attend her Royal " I have the honour, &c, Highness on that occasion, and what

“ WILLOUGHBY." then passed between them relative to June 21, 1806.

that circumstance? á Earl SPENCER."

A. I do not remember her Royal

Highness having, at any time, retired Sidmouth, July 3, 1806. from the company, either at White“ MY LORD,

hall, or at Langley, under the pretence

of having spilt any thing over her " I immediately communicated to

handkerchief. Lady Willoughby the queries transmitted to me in the envelope of a queat opportunities, in the course of

Q. Had Lady Willoughby freletter dated July the first, which I that year, to see her Royal Highness had the honour to receive this day the Princess of Wales, and at what from your Lordship. I return the

periods ? And did she, at any time queries with Lady Willoughby's an

during the year, observe any appearswers in her own hand-writing. “ We are both truly sensible of the Princess of Wales was pregnant?

ance which led her to suspect that your Lordship's kind attention in not.

A. To the best of my rememrequiring Lady Willoughby's per- brance, I had few opportunities of sonal attendance. She will most Teadily obey the order of the Council, seeing the Princess of Wales in the

, , should her presence become necessary. having observed any particular cir“ I have the honour, &c.

cumstances relative to her Royal " GWYDIR.”

Highness's appearance. To Earl SPENCER, &c. &c. &c.”

Q. Is Lady Willoughby acquaint“ A true Copy,' J. BECKET.” ed with any other circumstances lead

ing to the same conclusion, or tendQUERIES.

ing to establish the fact of a criminal Q. Does Lady Willoughby remem. intercourse, or improper familiarity ber seeing the Princess of Wales at between her Royal Highness

, and breakfast or dinner at her house, any other person whatever ? and if so, either at Whitehall or Beckenham, what are they? on or about the months of May or A. During the ten years I have June 1802 ?

had the honour of knowing the PrinA. In the course of the last ten cess of Wales, I do not bear in mind years, the Princess of Wales bas fre a single instance of her Royal High.


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