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Newry Borough-General Need- independent in their choice, and seham derives considerable interest from turn the man whom they consider his being owner of the turbary adjoin- most worthy of their confidence. ing to the town ; but it is not suffi- FERMANAGH County.-There are cient to command the return.

in this county, three immense terriDownpatrick Borough.m Inhabi- torial possessions, which belong to the tants who occupy tenements of five Earl of Enniskillen, Mr Brooke, and pounds per annum, and freeholders Mr Archdall. These families may of forty shillings, all have votes. Lord contest the representation among de Clifford is owner of the principal themselves ; but no other influence part of the town, and is also the pa- can interfere with their views; if untron: his lordship, however, has been animous, they may return whom they unfortunate in the choice of his agents, choose. The freeholders amount to whose families have now acquired 5,000. property and influence sufficient to Enniskillen Borough.-There are enable them to form a commanding twelve self-elected burgesses. The opposition to his interest at every Earl of Enniskillen is patron. election.

GALWAY County. Here there is LOUTH County.--The influence of no commanding territorial influence. the Earl of Roden, and the Right The Roman catholic landed property Hon. John Foster, certainly com- is very extensive, and will always remands the return in this county.

turn members disposed to support that Drogheda Borough contains a

interest. The freeholders amount to large corporation, and a numerous 4,000. body of freeholders, subject to no Galway Borough.-The freehold other control than that which must ers within this borough and the memalways arise from gentlemen spending bers of the corporation elect its retheir incomes in a liberal manner a.

The corporators are mong the people.

chosen at will, and are at present unDundalk Borough is a close cor- der the patronage of the Right Hon. poration, The Earl of Roden the pa- Denis B. Daly, and James Daly, Esq. tron.

of Dunsandale ; consequently these DUBLIN County.–The freehold. gentlemen return the member alterers of this metropolitan county are too nately. Respecting this borough, the numerous, and too opulent, to be sub- following anecdote has been related ject to the influence of any indivi- to me; I do not, however, vouch for dual.

its authenticity:- The patron, on the DUBLIN City.-The corporation approach of an election, finding that forming a large body of wealthy citi- an opposition was to be made to his zens, and the freeholders being nu- interest, marched a regiment of solmerous and respectable, they are in diers into the town, from Loughrea the same situation as the electors of where they were quartered, and where the county, and cannot be controlled. he caused them to be elected free

DUBLIN University.-- The member These military freemen votec for the University is required to exhi- for his friend, who was, of course, se bit ne landed qualification, and is tumed. chosen by the fellows and students : KERRY County. The influence the latter form by far the majority. of Lord Kenmare retums both th. Being young men of liberal education, members for this county. I do no inspired with that honest boldness, mean to insinuate, that any two gen and warmed with that patriotic zeal, tlemen nominated by him will, of ne which are peculiar to youth, they are cessity, be elected; but his lordshi



being nearly related to Mr Herbert, interest is concerned, must command and in intimate habits of friendship the return of the members. Without with Earl Glandore, no individual detracting from the merit of the prewould consider it prudent to oppose a

sent representatives, with one of candidate supported by so formidable whom, Mr Quin, I have the honour an interest, which could influence the of being acquainted, and for whom, numerous freeholders on the estates of from my knowledge of his excellent these three great proprietors. character, I entertain as favourable

Tralee Borough.—This borough an opinion as his constituents; I has twelve self-elected burgesses. Sir cannot help regretting the loss which Edward Denny is patron.

the county has sustained, by the seKILDARE County.--The duke of cession of Mr Oliver, who has found Leinster is proprietor of 70,000 acres it inconvenient to attend to his parin this county, being one-third of the liamentary duties in England. This whole superficies.' A number of free. gentleman was returned by the voice holders, therefore, sufficient to return of independence; he served his conone member, is created, and also to stituents with fidelity ; and, with an give the proprietor a considerable in- integrity, rarely to be found in the fluence in the election of the other. present venal age ; he, consequently,

KILKENNY County.- The Earls resigned his seat rather than neglect of Ormonde and Besborough, through his duties. He is now enjoying, in their influence, each return a member the bosom of his family, the tranquil for this county.

joys of domestic life: possessed of Kilkenny Borough.-The Earls of that happiness which arises from conOrmonde and Desart are alternately scious rectitude, and followed in his the patrons, and have a commanding retreat by the good wishes of all who influence over the corporation, who know how to appreciato bis worth. can create an unlimited number of His incorruptible patriotism, and defreemen. The freeholders in the sire to promote every useful underborough, also, have the right of suf- taking, will be long remembered by frage, but their titles are derived those who looked up to him as their from tenures under Lord Ormonde. best benefactor. In him the county

King's County.—The brothers-in. of Limerick could boast of a reprelaw of the Earls of Charleville and sentative, whose character might be Ross are the present members for this ranked with those of a Martin, a Sacounty. With Lord Ashton, the ville, a Hussey, or a Beckford. In cousin of the former, they have large this county there are 3,000 frecholdterritorial possessions here, on which ers. a majority of the freeholders deriye LIMERICK City.—The corporation their titles.

of the city possess the power of makLEITRIM County. There are no ing an indefinite number of freemen, gentlemen of large fortune resident which throws it under the influence in this county; the members are re- of Mr Pendergrast Smyth, whose tenturned by the successful influence of ants at Gort, in the county of Galextensive territorial property, in the way, are freemen of Limerick. This families of Clements and Latouche. gentleman is, of course, the patron.

LIMERICK County. -The Earl of LONDONDERRY County. - The Clare can recommend one member; greater part of this county has been the other may be considered as in- granted to the twelve companies of dependent, except as far as relates to the corporation of London, who have the influence of the Roman Catholic again iet their estates on freehold party, which, in questions where their leases. At present, the Beresford fa

mily mily have on lease three of these pro- MEATH County contains 4,000 portions, which enables them to re- freehoiders. The Marquis of Headturn one member. The Earl of Lon- fort and the Earl of Darnley, when donderry, and his brother, Mr A. their influence is united, can return Stewart, possess two more, and have one member. The election of the hitherto succeeded in returning the other will depend on the Roman caother ; but a Mr Ogilby has created tholic interest, which is powerful, as so great a number of freeholders, on many gentlemen of that persuasion a lease granted to him by the Skin. reside here, at the head of whom is ner's company, that, combined with that justly-respected nobleman, the the interest he can procure from the Earl of Fingal. According to prePonsonby family, who hold another sent circumstances (April 1812,) it of these proportions, and from Sir is most probable that the catholics William Rowley, he will succeed, will support the friend of the Earl of most probably, in the representation Darnley, in preference to the son of of the county.

the Marquis of Headfort; the Earl of LONDONDERRY City belongs to Darnley having refused an appointthe London Society.-Mr J.C, Be- ment under an administration which resford is their agent ; Sir George is inimical to catholic emancipation ; Hill married his sister, and is mem- whilst the Marquis of Headfort has ber for the city. It is, however, open accepted one. Should the catholics to a strong contest ; but the Beres- bc divided in their support of one ford influence is so powerful, that I candidate, it will, perhaps, enable the have no doubt it will eventually pre- protestant interest to start a new one, vail.

who may be successful, whilst the Coleraine Borough belongs to the other interest is divided. London Society, but the Beresford MONAGHAN County.—Tho' the interest has a decisive influence over majority of the population is Roman the corporation, and returns the mem- catholic, this county, as is the case in ber.

Cavan, is controlled in the choice of LONGFORD County. - The Ox- representatives, by protestant land. mantown estate returns one member; owners, who return gentlemen whose the election of the other is liable to political opinions are known to be un. be contested between Sir Thomas favourable to the catholic cause. Newcomen and the Earl of Granard. There is no individual prevailing inLord Longford has large property in terest in the county. this county, but does not attempt to QUEEN's County.-Lord de Vesexercise any political influence. ci, Lord Portarlington, and Mr Hen

Mayo County.- The Marquis of ry Parnell, are all related, and have Sligo, and Lord Viscount Dillon, upon their estates a band of freeholdhave each estates large enough to ers sufficient to return one member.create freeholders sufficiently nume- The other is independent. The freerous to elect one member. Lord holders amount to 2,600 ; of these, Tyrawly had a powerful interest in 250 belong to Lord de Vesci, and 400 this county, but it appears to bave to Lord Portarlington; so that with gradually declined: his son, Mr Cuffe, the number under the Parnell influbears a

most honourable charac- ence, they can count altogether ter; and, I believe, there are many 2,000. in the county who would be happy to Portarlington Borough has twelve see him filling that public situation, self-eleeted burgesses. Lord Portarto which it was expected he would be lington is the patron. At the time raised by the suffrages of the electors. of the Union, Mr Trench, now Lord


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Ashtown, was the member : on his prietor, he spreads civilization around being created a peer, the Right Hon. him by residing on his estate, and Isaac Corry, the then Chancellor of spending a princely income among the Exchequer, was returned. This his tenants; as a father, in the bosom gentleman should have been elected of a numerous and happy family, who for Armagh, in the room of Dr Duige- respect and adore him, he sets an exnan, who was disposed and perfectly ample which cannot fail of having a ready to resign his seat. This was beneficial influence on his servants, one of those political maneuvres neighbours, and dependents ; as which are so frequently practised to magistrate, 'discharging the duties of answer certain purposes ; and I could that important office with strict atunveil the whole mystery, did not mo tention to impartial justice, he is enatives of delicacy 'restrain me from bled to repress disorder, and to mainwounding the feelings of some, whose tain peace and tranquillity. Happy gray hairs shall be suffered to sink in- would it be for Ireland, if all her to the grave undisturbed by any ani- wealthy sons were guided by the madversion from my pen.

same principles, and actuated by the RosCOMMON County.-Here the like zeal! If the absentees of the Roman catholic interest again pre- county of Sligo, who have freeholdvails, and is increasing. Mr French ers at command, were sensible of their has an immense property ; but his in own interest, they would not be long fluence arises rather from the liberali- in deliberating to whom they ought ty of his conduct in his intercourse to give their influence and support, with society, than from the number when a vacancy in their representa of freeholders created on his estates. tion takes place.

SLIGO county is chiefly absentec Sligo Borough,-Has twelye burproperty. Mr Cowper and Mr gesses self-elected. Mr Wynne is paWynne possess very powerful influ- tron. ence in this county ; but Mr O'Hara TIPPERARY County.--Lord Lanwas started on an independent inter- daff has £.26,000 per annum in this est : he is a gentleman of ancient fa- county, and can return one member. mily in this part of Ireland, which United as are his lordship’s opinions gives him so much weight, that he is with the Roman Catholic interest, he continued representative, in prefer- can greatly assist in bringing in anoence to the rich and powerful families ther. Mr Prittie, the other member, above-named. Without derogating now votes with the catholic interest. from the merit of either of the pre. His family, and that of Lord Donalsent representatives, I must state that ly, formerly supported the protestant Mr Wynne is as proper a choice for a party; and his return, notwithstandcounty member as any person in the ing his numerous family connexions in united empire. If a high and digni- this extensive county, was produced fied sense of honour; inflexible inte more by the opposition to Mr Baggrity; close application to business; an well, than by any prevailing interest ardent zeal for the interest of one's which he possesses. The freeholders native country, displayed in cultivat are 12,000, ing its soil, and improving its inhabi Clormell Borough.-A close cortants, can create esteem and respect, poration under the influence of Mr then ought this gentleman to have a Bagwell, who is the patron of the boseat in parliament, where the assist- rough. ance of his talents and experience, at Cash'al City.—Twelve self-elec this perilous time, might be of essen ed burgesses. Patron Mr Pennefatial service. As a great landed




TYRONE County.-In this county notwithstanding which, Mr Rochfort there are 20,000 freeholders. The and the protestant interest are, pero independent interest prevails in re- haps, more certain of success with the turning one member, and the Mar- other seat. quis of Abercorn hopes to nominate Athlone Borough.-Twelve self. the other.

elected burgesses. Patron, the Right Dungannon Borough has twelve Hon. William Handcock. burgesses. Patron Lord Viscount WEXFORD County.- Lord Mount. Northland, whose son at present re- morris has great intiuence in the elecpresents the county.

tion of the representatives of this counWATERFORD County.-The in- ty. The case is the same with the fluence of the Marquis of Waterford Marquis of Ely.— The Roman Cathohas succeeded in returning his kins- lics, however, are numerous, powerman, the gallant Marshai Beresford, ful, and active ; and, of course, impa. who has not a place of residence in tiently submit to the thraldom of havo the county. The Roman Catholicing their representatives nominated by interest elects the other. The Duke protestant peers; but I am sorry to of Devonshire, whose estate is very say, that their intemperate zeal has, extensive, might, were it under only on some occasions, been carried to extolerable management, return both On the vacancy occasioned by members. The freeholders are 3,000. the present Marquis of Ely coming

WATERFORD City. The corpo- to that title, they succeeded in returnration of this city, like those of Lim. ing Mr Cæsar Colclough, tho' great erick, Galway, &c. was supposed to doubt still exists, whether there was possess the power of creating an un- any such person in being ; if he were limited number of freemen; and, in alive, he was then a prisoner in France, that case, the representation of the On the next vacancy, they returned city would have been under the alter- Mr Carew, a choice which reflects nate influence of Mr Bolton and Mr honour on their discernment, as the Alcock. Sir John Newport, a bank- talents and integrity of this gentleer in this city, who was never a mem- man wouid render him an ornament ber of the Irish parliament, prevailed to any assembly. This county is the in a petition against Mr Alcock, the only one in Ireland where the tenants votes being confined to resident free. have displayed the courage to act in men and freeholders.

opposition to their landlords. On Dungarvon Borough. - The Duke some occasions this has been the case; of Devonshire and the Marquis of but it is merely from a religious prin. Waterford have cach large property ciple, as they have no other political in this town, and the right of suffrage system to support, than that which being vested in the freeholders on promotes the interest and success of their estates, the elections give rise to the Catholic faith. violent contests between these noble New Ross Borough.—There are families.

twelve burgesses self-elected. Pa. WESTMEATH County.—The pro- trons, Mr Tottenham and Mr Lee testant land-owners, in this county, alternately. command the Roman Catholic tenan- Wexford Borough.--Twelve selftry. The residence of Lord Long. elected burgesses. Patrons, the Mar. ford, his great popularity, and the quis of Ely and Mr Neville alterhigh esteem in which the Pakenham nately. The latter is teller of the family are held, adds so much weight exchequer. to his so honourably acquired infu- Wicklow County,-- Earl Fitzwil. ence, that he returns one member, liam's estate returns both the members,


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