House Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Executive Documents: 13th Congress, 2d Session-49th Congress, 1st Session, Tom 9

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Strona 3 - To make by-laws, not inconsistent with any existing law, for the management of its property, the regulation of its affairs, and for the transfer of its stock; 7.
Strona 1 - ... the present republican system of the United States into an absolute, or at best, a mixed monarchy.
Strona 48 - ... proof being had of her admeasurement') shall not be employed in any trade, while this license shall continue in force, whereby the revenue of the United States...
Strona 48 - The master of any vessel of the United States documented to engage in the foreign and coasting trade on the northern, northeastern, and northwestern frontiers shall, upon arrival from a foreign contiguous territory, file...
Strona 3 - Buffalo also contains 15,000 inhabitants. The public authorities, it is true, gave no countenance to those flagrant acts, but it did not prevent them or in the slightest degree obstruct them further than by issuing proclamations, which were disregarded. Perhaps they could not, but in either case the insult and injury to the inhabitants of Canada were the same and their right to defend themselves equally unquestionable. No wanton injury was committed by the party who gallantly effected this service....
Strona 3 - ... the inn, at Fort Schlosser. In the inn there was a guard of armed men to protect her — part of the pirate force, or acting in their support ; on her deck there was an armed party, and a sentinel who demanded the countersign. Thus identified, as she was, with the force which, in defiance of the...

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