The beauties and antiquities of the county of Sussex, 149 lithogr. views accompanied by historical and explanatory notices, Tom 1

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Strona 80 - English, who, maintaining themselves in firm array, seemed determined to dispute the victory to the last extremity. He ordered his heavy-armed infantry to make an assault upon them ; while his archers placed behind, should gall the enemy, who were exposed by the situation of the ground, and who were intent on defending themselves against the swords and spears of the assailants. By this disposition he at last prevailed...
Strona 362 - Who join'd pure faith to strong poetic powers, Who, in reviving Reason's lucid hours, Sought on one Book his troubled mind to rest, And rightly deem'd the Book of God the best.
Strona 295 - We beat them into the castle, and entered the first gate with them; the second they made good and barricadoed; and they are there welcome to stay. I am resolved to block them up, for I know they are in a necessitous condition. God hath been pleased to...
Strona 196 - Every one of these attendeth to his own office : ten of them heweth the walls, about the which are the three carpenters. These made props to underset where the others cut away ; the others brake and cut the walls. These men are exercised much better than other men we find in the countrie.
Strona 80 - ... defending themselves against the swords and spears of the assailants. By this disposition he at last prevailed: Harold was slain by an arrow while he was combating with great bravery at the head of his men : his two brothers shared the same fate: and the English, discouraged by the fall of those princes, gave ground on all sides, and were pursued with great slaughter by the victorious Normans.
Strona 81 - William had three horses killed under him ; and there fell near fifteen thousand men on the side of the Normans ; the loss was still more considerable on that of the vanquished ; besides the death of the king and his two brothers. The dead body of Harold was brought to William, and was generously restored without ransom to his mother. The Norman...
Strona 362 - Ye who the merits of the dead revere, Who hold misfortune sacred, genius dear, Regard this tomb, where Collins, hapless name, Solicits kindness with a double claim. Though nature gave him, and though science taught, The fire of fancy, and the reach of thought, Severely doom'd to penury's extreme, He pass'd in...
Strona 265 - Let vanity adorn the marble tomb With trophies, rhymes, and scutcheons of renown, In the deep dungeon of some Gothic dome, Where night and desolation ever frown. Mine be the breezy hill that skirts the down; Where a green grassy turf is all I crave, With here and there a violet bestrewn, Fast by a brook or fountain's murmuring wave; And many an evening sun shine sweetly on my grave.
Strona 295 - ... Lieut,General the Earl of Essex : — " My Lord, on Thursday the enemy sent a drummer to me, signifying their willingness to surrender the Castle, if they might have honourable conditions. I returned answer, that, when I first possessed myself of the town, I summoned them into the Castle to yield upon fair quarter; I now took them at their word, and bid them yield to mercy. That night I heard no more of them ; but the next morning the drummer came to me again, with another letter, wherein they...
Strona 400 - ... with various old paintings on subjects religious and military, brought from Battle Abbey ; the spoils of which had been assigned to sir Anthony Brown as that share of the general plunder of the monasteries to which his long and faithful service had entitled him from the bounty of his master. Amongst other particulars of the visit of her majesty at Coudray, we are told that on the morning after her arrival she rode in the park, where " a delicate bower" was prepared ; and a nymph with a sweet...

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