The Scientific Monthly, Tom 12

Przednia okładka
James McKeen Cattell
American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1920

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Strona 151 - At half past nine by the meet'n'-house clock,— Just the hour of the Earthquake shock! —What do you think the parson found, When he got up and stared around? The poor old chaise in a heap or mound, As if it had been to the mill and ground! You see, of course, if you're not a dunce, How it went to pieces all at once,— All at once, and nothing first,— Just as bubbles do when they burst.
Strona 151 - n' all the kentry raoun'; It should be so built that it couldn' break daown: — "Fur," said the Deacon, "'t's mighty plain Thut the weakes' place mus' Stan' the strain; 'N' the way t' fix it, uz I maintain, Is only jest T' make that place uz strong uz the rest.
Strona 140 - Spanish sailors with bearded lips, And the beauty and mystery of the ships, And the magic of the sea. And the voice of that wayward song Is singing and saying still: 'A boy's will is the wind's will, And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts.
Strona 280 - As many more individuals of each species are born than can possibly survive; and as, consequently, there is a frequently recurring struggle for existence, it follows that any being, if it vary however slightly in any manner profitable to itself, under the complex and sometimes varying conditions of life, will have a better chance of surviving, and thus be naturally selected. From the strong principle of inheritance, any selected variety will tend to propagate its new and modified form.
Strona 259 - ... ruptured, through the excessive charge of blood, unless the blood should somehow find its way from the arteries into the veins, and so return to the right side of the heart ; I began to think whether there might not be A MOTION, AS IT WERE, IN A CIRCLE.
Strona 146 - Ef you're arter folks o' gumption, You've a darned long row to hoe. Take them editors thet's crowin' Like a cockerel three months old, — Don't ketch any on 'em goin', Though they be so blasted bold; Aint they a prime lot o' fellers? 'Fore they think on't guess they'l sprout (Like a peach thet's got the yellers), With the meanness bustin' out. Wai, go 'long to help 'em stealin' Bigger pens to cram with slaves, Help the men thet's oilers dealin
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Strona 142 - And further, by these, my son, be admonished : of making many books there is no end ; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.
Strona 259 - ... not finding it possible that this could be supplied by the juices of the ingested aliment without the veins on the one hand becoming drained, and the arteries on the other...

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