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And I among them, went in joy-a nation
Made free by love ;-a mighty brotherhood
Linked by a jealous interchange of good;
A glorious pageant, more magnificent
Than kingly slaves arrayed in gold and

blood, When they return from carnage, and are sent In triumph bright beneath the populous battlement.

xv. Afar, the city walls were thronged on high, And myriads on each giddy turret clung, And to each spire far lessening in the sky Bright pennons on the idle winds were hung; As we approached a shout of joyance sprung At once from all the crowd, as if the vast And peopled Earth its boundless skies among

The sudden clamour of delight had cast, When from before its face some general wreck had passed.

XVI. Our armies through the City's hundred gates Were poured, like brooks which to the rocky

lair Of some deep lake, whose silence them

awaits, Throng from the mountains when the storms

are there; And as we passed through the calm sunny

air A thousand flower-inwoven crowns were shed, The token flowers of truth and freedom fair, And fairest hands bound them on many a

head, Those angels of love's heaven, that over all was



I trod as one tranced in some rapturous

vision: Those bloody bands so lately reconciled, Were, ever as they went, by the contrition Of anger turned to love from ill beguiled ; And every one on them more gently smiled, Because they had done evil :—the sweet awe Of such mild looks made their own hearts

grow mild, And did with soft attraction ever draw Their spirits to the love of freedom's equal


XVIII. And they, and all, in one loud symphony My name, with Liberty commingling, lifted, “The friend and the preserver of the free! The parent of this joy!” and fair eyes,

gifted With feelings caught from one who had up

lifted The light of a great spirit, round me shone ; And all the shapes of this grand scenery

shifted Like restless clouds before the steadfast

sun, Where was that Maid? I asked, but it was

known of none.

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Laone was the name her love had chosen, For she was nameless, and her birth none

knew : Where was Laone now ?—the words were

frozen Within my lips with fear; but to subdue

Such dreadful hope to my great task was

due; And when at length one brought reply that

she To-morrow would appear, I then withdrew To judge what need for that great throng

might be, For now the stars came thick over the twilight


xx. Yet need was none for rest or food to care, Even though that multitude was passing

Since each one for the other did prepare
All kindly succour. Therefore to the gate
Of the Imperial House, now desolate,
I passed ; and there was found, aghast,

The fallen Tyrant !-silently he sate

Upon the footstool of his golden throne, Which, starred with sunny gems, in its own

lustre shone.

XXI. Alone, but for one child, who led before him A graceful dance: the only living thing Of all the crowd, which thither to adore him Flocked yesterday, who solace sought to

bring In his abandonment !—she knew the King Had praised her dance of yore, and now she

wove Its circles, aye weeping and murmuring

'Mid her sad task of unregarded love, That to no smiles it might his speechless sad

ness move.

XXII. She fled to him and wildly clasped his feet When human steps were heard :-he moved

nor spoke, Nor changed his hue, nor raised his looks to

meet The gaze of strangers—our loud entrance

woke The echoes of the hall, which circling broke The calm of its recesses,-like a tomb Its sculptured walls vacantly to the stroke Of footfalls answered ; and the twilight's

gloom Lay like a charnel's mist within the radiant dome.

XXIII. The little child stood up when we came

nigh; Her lips and cheeks seemed very pale and

wan; But on her forehead and within her eye Lay beauty, which makes hearts that feed

thereon Sick with excess of sweetness ; on the throne She leaned ;—the King with gathered brow,

and lips Wreathed by long scorn, did inly sneer and

frown With hue like that when some great painter

· dips His pencil in the gloom of earthquake and


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She stood beside him like a rainbow braided Within some storm, when scarce its shadows From the blue paths of the swift sun have

faded ; A sweet and solemn smile, like Cythna's,

cast One moment's light, which made my heart

beat fast, O’er that child's parted lips-a gleam of

bliss, A shade of vanished days,—as the tears

passed Which wrapped it, even as with a father's

kiss I pressed those softest eyes in trembling ten


XXV. The sceptered wretch then from that solitude I drew, and, of his change compassionate, With words of sadness soothed his rugged

mood. But he, while pride and fear held deep

. debate, With sullen guile of ill-dissembled hate Glared on me as a toothless snake might

glare: Pity, not scorn I felt, though desolate

The desolator now, and unaware The curses which he mocked had caught him

by the hair.


I led him forth from that which now might

seem A gorgeous grave: through portals sculptured

deep With imagery beautiful as dream

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