The Forum, Tom 39

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Lorettus Sutton Metcalf, Walter Hines Page, Joseph Mayer Rice, Frederic Taber Cooper, Arthur Hooley, George Henry Payne, Henry Goddard Leach
Forum Publishing Company, 1908
Current political, social, scientific, education, and literary news written about by many famous authors and reform movements.

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Strona 248 - Shakespeare made a play that could appeal to the rabble of that Middle-Western town; but he wrote it in a verse that none of them could hear: "Not poppy, nor mandragora, Nor all the drowsy syrups of the world, Shall ever medicine thee to that sweet sleep Which thou
Strona 426 - Come away, come away, death, And in sad cypress let me be laid; Fly away, fly away, breath— I am slain by a fair cruel maid. My shroud of white, stuck all with yew, O prepare it! My part of death, no one so true
Strona 162 - the wealth of the society; and can take no active resolution whatever. It may truly be said to have neither force nor •will, but merely judgment; and must ultimately depend upon the aid of the executive arm for the efficacy of its judgments.
Strona 7 - and this three and a half years constitutes my first term. The wise custom which limits the President to two terms regards the substance, and not the form, and under no circumstances will I be a candidate for or accept another nomination. From that
Strona 127 - and consuls of the United States by the act entitled "An act to provide for the re-organization of the consular service of the United States," approved April 5, 1906, and has thereby made it practicable to extend to that branch of the civil service the aforesaid provisions of the Revised Statutes and the
Strona 22 - two representatives from each Government, and that each Government will have only one vote. That it is desirable to establish a system by which the several Governments represented shall be kept informed during the periods between the Conferences in regard to matters which have been, or may be
Strona 129 - 4. The Secretary of State, or such officer of the Department of State as the President shall designate, the Chief of the Consular Bureau, and the Chief Examiner of the Civil Service Commission, or some person whom said Commission shall designate, shall constitute a Board of Examiners for admission to the consular
Strona 22 - That it will be to the advantage of the Empire if a Conference, to be called the Imperial Conference, is held every four years, at which questions of common interest may be discussed and considered as between his Majesty's Government and his
Strona 22 - for discussion, by means of a permanent secretarial staff charged, under the direction of the Secretary of State for the Colonies, with the duty of obtaining information for the use of the Conference, of attending to its resolutions, and of conducting correspondence on matters relating to its
Strona 107 - its adjuncts the virtue by which a picture, a landscape, a fair personality in life or in a book produces this special impression of beauty or pleasure, to indicate what the source of that impression is, and under what conditions it is experienced.

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