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How numberless these bounties are,

How rich, how various, and how fair! 2 But O what poor return I make!

What lifeless thanks I pay thee back!
Lord! I confess with humble shame,

My off'rings scarce deserve the name. 3 Fain would my lab'ring heart devise,

To bring some nobler sacrifice ;
It sinks beneath the mighty load :

What shall I render to my God! 4 In deep abasement, Lord ! I see

My emptiness and poverty:
Give me a likeness more divine,

And make me worthier to be thine. 5 Give me at length an angel's tongue,

That heaven may echo with my song;
The theme, too great for time, shall be
My joy throughout eternity.

[blocks in formation]

1 My God! my King ! thy various praise

Shall fill the remnant of my days;
Thy grace employ my humble tongue,
And after death exalt my song!

2 The wings of every hour shall bear

Some thankful tribute to thine ear;
And every setting sun still see

New works of duty done for thee! 3 Thy works with boundless glory shine,

And speak thy majesty divine ;
Let land to land aloud proclaim

The matchless honor of thy name. 4 But who can speak thy wondrous deeds!

Thy greatness all our thoughts exceeds :
Vast and unsearchable thy ways;
Vast and immortal be thy praise.


Care and compassion of God. 1 Praise ye the Lord! O let the grateful

song From morn to evening's shade the theme

prolong; Praise ye the Lord! and let the blest

employ Inspire in every breast a sacred joy. 2 He heals each broken heart, binds every

wound, O let his praise from earth to heaven re


He names the stars, whose num'rous orbs

on high Spangle with beams of light the sombre


3 His showers refreshing fertilize the plain, And make, on mountain tops, fresh ver

dure reign; Sing to the Lord a grateful hymn of praise, Let each glad heart its song

of rapture raise.

4 He hears the ravens cry, he gives them

food, And feeds with care the tenants of the

wood, Unmark'd by him no humble lilies fade,

Nor will the falling sparrow want his aid. 5 Praise ye the Lord! and let the grateful

song From morn to eve the sacred theme pro

long; Let the blest theme employ our fleeting

days, Till in his courts immortal strains we

raise !


H. M.

Universal praise.
1 Ye boundless realms of joy,

Exalt your Maker's fame;
His praise your song employ

Above the starry frame;
Your voices raise, Ye Cherubim,
And Seraphim, To sing his praise.

2 Thou moon, that rul'st the night,

And sun, that guid'st the day,
Ye glitt'ring stars of light,

To him your homage pay;
His praise declare, Ye heav'ns above,
And clouds that move In liquid air.

3 Let them adore the Lord,

And praise his holy name,
By whose almighty word

They all from nothing came :
And all shall last, From changes free;
His firm decree Stands ever fast.

4 Let earth her tribute pay ;

Praise him, ye dreadful whales,
And fish that through the sea

Glide swift with glittring scales;
Fire, hail, and snow, And misty air,
And winds that, where He bids them, blow.

5 By hills and mountains, all

In grateful concert join'd,
By cedars stately tall,

And trees for fruit design'd;
By ev'ry beast, And creeping thing,
And fowl of wing, His name be blest.

6 United zeal be shown,

His wond'rous fame to raise ;
Whose glorious name alone

Deserves our endless praise ;
Earth's utmost ends His pow'r obey;
His glorious sway The sky transcends.


The same subject. 1 Begin, my soul, th' exalted lay; Let each enraptur'd thought obey,

And praise th' almighty name; Lo! heaven, and earth, and seas, and

skies, In one melodious concert rise,

To swell th’inspiring theme. 2 Ye angels, spread the joyful sound, While all th' adoring throngs around

His wondrous mercy sing ; Let every listening saint above Wake all the tuneful soul of love And touch the loudest string.

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