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Eutered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1845, by



In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York.

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THE object of the present work is clearly announced in its title. It is to collect within a small compass the instructions of unerring wisdom upon a great variety of subjects which relate to the present and eternal interests of men, and comprising the doctrines and duties of a super natural revelation. A reference to the list of subjects which the work contains, will show that the author's researches have been extensive; while a comparison of the work with others of the same general character evinces patient labor, and cannot fail to give it pre-eminence. While the track pursued is not new, it is more thorough, and more easily followed than that marked out by any previous compiler known o myself. The work contains not merely the proof texts on the subjects to which it refers; but, what appears to my own mind one of its excellences, the texts that illustrate these great subjects. The work is truly an epitome of the Bible, presenting its great truths in that order in which they will be most easily found by the reader. Though the arrangement of the subjects is alphaDetical, in the illustration of the subjects themselves the author has observed that connection between one truth and another which gives to each its proper place. To ministers, Sabbath School teachers, Sabbath Schools, and families the work is of great value. It is fit on every account that the author should be encouraged in this production; but chiefly for its own intrinsic worth. The work is an unpresuming, yet dignified tribute to the word of God, worthy the acceptance of the church, and one which every man may prize.



From Dr. Woods.

DEAR SIR-After attending very carefully to your Scripture Manual, I am free to say, that the work appears to me to be one of uncommon importance; and I shall be much gratified, if the thought and time I have devoted to it may contribute to render it more acceptable to the public, and more permanently useful. I consider your Text Book to be remarkably well suited to the object in view, and likely to be the book which will satisfy not only common people, but ministers, and all men of logical minds and a cultivated taste. It is my confident opinion, that it will take the place of all other works of the kind, and that nothing else will be called for or attempted for a great while to come.


Theol. Seminary, Andover, Feb. 3, 1845.

From Dr. Weeks.

Having spent considerable time in a careful examination of the third edition of Mr. Simmons's Scripture Manual, I am happy to state, that I think it contains important improvements upon the former editions. The statement and arrangement of the great subjects of doctrine and duty, and the selection of the most appropriate texts on each subject, cannot fail, I think, to render this work highly acceptable and useful. Ministers of the gospel, instructors in Sabbath Schools, and all who make the Bible their study, will find their labors greatly facilitated by it. As a family book, I know of no work of human compilation so full of instruction, admonition, and consolation, and so worthy of a place in every house. WM. R. WEEKS.

Newark, Feb. 1845.

From a Notice by Dr. Ide of Medway, Ms.

The diligent author of the Scripture Manual deserves the thanks of the Christian public, for his seasonable and valuable work, so well suited, not only to aid Christians and ministers in the investigation and defence of the truth, but to meet and counteract a host of destructive errors, now prevalent in our land. It is hoped that he will receive the liberal patronage of the public in this very commendable effort to do good.

From a Notice by Dr. Storrs, Braintree, Ms.

The Scripture Manual is a work of unquestionable value. None of the questions it proposes are unimportant, and the answers given to them in the words of the Holy Spirit are select, full, and judicious. I know of no other compilation of God's truth, prepared by uninspired mind, that I should so heartily rejoice to find in the hands of every family of my charge-indeed, in every family in the land.

From Dr. Pond

I have run my eye over your Scripture Manual, and think it an excellent book of reference for ministers and private Christians. As a help in the selection of proof texts, on almost any subject in the Bible, I know of nothing of equal value. ENOCH POND

Theo. Seminary, Bangor Me.

From Rev. A. Rankin, W. Stewartstown, N. H., Feb. 1851.

The general circulation of the Scripture Manual should be among the first objects before the American church. Every pastor and missionary should endeavor to put it in every family in their respective fields. The plan of the work was wisely conceived, and has been admirably executed. The more it is known, the more it will be desired. All need it, and great multitudes will have it, as soon as they discover its plan and value. Christians should see that the whole world has it. I think it will ultimately find a place in the library of almost every believer in the divinity of the Bible.

From Rev. D, McEwen, of New London, Ct.

In order and symmetry, I think the Scripture Manual is not surpassed by any other work. The importance of the book, and the ingenuity of the author in treating articles of theology, and prevalent questions in ethics, will be more and more apparent to the reader, as he progresses in reading the volume.

From Rev. Mr. Spring, E. Hartjor2, Ct.

The Scripture Manual is one of the few books which I can heartily commend. It is an able and judicious arrangement of those passages which teach the doctrines and inculcate the duties of the word of God. To the diligent, and especially to the systematic reader of the Bible, and to the Sabbath school teacher, the aid it will render is above price.

From Professor Goodrich, of New Haven.

I have examined your Scripture Manual, and am pleased with the plan. There is a great deal of judgment and discrimination in the selection of topics, and the development of truth. You have succeeded excellently in avoiding the trammels of human systems, and bringing out the mind of God on almost every important topic.

From Rev. Dr. Edwards, of New London, Cr.

The Scripture Manual is remarkable for its order, its adaptedness to the times, and the practical aspect in which it presents the great truths of God's word. On all important subjects it is an ample concordance of the Scriptures, and a clear and authoritative commentary of the Bible upon itself; and in the selection and arrangement of its topics, it goes further than any similar work towards presenting the teachings of Revelation as a well-digested science. I know of no work of the kind as thoroughly and judiciously prepared, or as well fitted to interest and profit in the study, the closet, the family, or the Sabbath School.

From Zion's Herald, (Methodist,) Oct., 1850.

SCRIPTURE MANUAL.-The undersigned begs leave to call atten tion to this work; and by doing so he feels that he is conferring a special favor upon all lovers of the Bible, but especially upon ministers and Sabbath School instructors. Many similar works have been published, but I doubt if there is one so valuable as this. Certainly, I know of none. Great labor has been bestowed on this effort of Mr. Simmons. His study and research have been patient and accurate, and bating a little doctrinal peculiarity in the arrangement of topics, no discount can be found on the result of his labors. It is all Scripture, systematically arranged. In an important and good sense, it is a labor-saving and a time-saving book. I certainly would not be without it on any account. The edition I would recommend is that of 1850. This notice is entirely unsolicited, and induced by a desire to have others share in the pleasure and profit which I am enjoying in the consultation of the book. J. D. BRIDGE.

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