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Books Printed for F. C. and I. RIVINGTON.

A COLLECTION of SONGS, Moral, Sentimental, Instructive, and Amusing; selected and revised by the Rev. JAMES PLUMPTREE, M.A. Fellow of Clare Hall. In Three large Volumes, Duodecimo, elegantly printed on a fine woven Paper, price in boards, ll. ls,

These Volumès contain the Words of upwards of Eight Hundred Songs ; some of them original, but principally selected from the Works of the most approved Writers, divested of every thing that has any Tendency to Indecency and Profaneness.

« The Collection is calculated to afford Amusement without Ribaldry. and Instruction without Tediousness.”--Anti-Jacobin Review for Feb. 1807.

“ It is impossible not to approve of the Spirit and the Principle, as well as the Taste and judgment which suggested this Collection of Songs. Every Reader of Poetry will be pleased with Mr. P.'s Collection, and be certain of finding in these Volumes all the best Songs in our Language, ex. cept some perhaps from the Pen of Mr. Dibdin, which, in due Regard to that Gentleman's literary Property, he has omitted to introduce."-British Critic for Aug. 1807.

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A MANUAL of ESSAYS, selected from various Authors, and among others from Butler, Lord Clarendon, Sir Wm. Temple, Dryden, Jer. Collier, Locke, Atterbury, Pope, &c. &c.

N. B. It has been the Object of the Editor in making this Collection to place in the Hands of the general Reader some of those detached but valuable Writings which are buried in bulky Volumes, or lost in the Mass of our Fugitive Pieces; to separate from systematic Treatises some of those Portions which are peculiarly applicable to the Purposes of common Life, and to select useful and practical Essays from those Writers whose entire Works cannot safely be trusted in the Hands of inexperienced Youth; and thus, in a small Compass, to form an elegant Manual of moral, philosophie cal, and critical Compositions in the popular Form of Essays.

This work is neatly printed in Two Volumes, in an uniform Size with the British Essayists, price in boards, Is.

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